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  1. Captain Jack, sir, one of the best posts I’ve read on TV with much good council. Given your emotional strings being pulled, my heart goes out to you. (I must say certain of the ignorant negative responding posts are somewhat uncalled for and certainly UNHELPFUL. If one has nothing good to say, perhaps silence is the better option). It’s maybe not practical for you or many others but I’ve adopted the flyin-flyout principle, thereby guaranteeing the bypassing of draconian “beaurocrazy” which Thailand has mastered as an artform. I run between Australia and Thailand and have the odd side trip to neighbouring countries. As a tourist the treatment is a lot better and I use a great travel insurance deal that I get for just A$350/year and it’s good for trips up to 3months long. I rent a room in Bangkok which costs me peanuts and regularly go around the countryside too. Sure it’s not even close to permanent residence but that’s what I decided works best for me. When I get wound up or sick of some BS going on there, I just get the hell out. It’s cathartic sitting on the runway knowing I have the best of both worlds. Keep us posted on the rest of your story and a comparison reflection with Panama would be interesting I’m sure for many of us here on TV.
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