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  1. An outcome of this is Corbyn can no longer apply the whip to these MPs, they remain MPs. So Corbyn's position has been weakened. He needs to decide does he want to continue supporting the Tory Brexit or offer an alternative. Brexit is not going to hand him power.
  2. The threat of deselection is definitely an issue in these resignations but it has nothing to do with Brexit. ’Momentum’ are positioning to oust anyone who is not absolutely loyal to Corbyn. The Labour Party has morphed into the ‘Corbyn Party’. The Tories will be delighted. And so they should be, a competent Labour leader would have ripped this failing government to pieces, as it is Corbyn has torn Labour appart.
  3. For most Presidents completing their first term is a certainty, you seem to have some doubts this one will, or at least if he does it’s some kind of special achievement.
  4. Trump would be well advised to start building a reputation as being pro-human rights, humanitarianism etc. A good place for him to star would be prison reform. He’s bound to benefit from doing so.
  5. I wouldn’t dwell on ‘related reports, Morch. None meet the standard of an open and transparent public inquiry. Another day, more killings all hidden under a cloak of reports given by the people doing the killing.
  6. “Trump using executive power to secure the nations borders and the sovereignty of our rebublic is “brazen” and “flaunting of power”? “ And without an ounce of introspection a few lines for their in the same post: “Spare me the hyperbole.“ Doh!
  7. Perhaps you can give us examples of previous Presidents declaring a National Emergency in order to bypass Congress having rejected the Presidents policy?
  8. A truly horrifying experience and you have my sincere sympathies. We all of hear to little of the real experiences of hate crimes, so thank you for sharing. That said, gay people in (by example the UK) do not live in fear haters wielding guns. Guns don’t solve crime.
  9. Not just the courts, also Congress and the Senate. Though I do accept that as a Trump supporter you don’t have much use for the separation of powers established by the Constitution.
  10. The topic is not your ‘stranger on the internet economic assessment of the State of California’, uninteresting is that may be. Trump’s legal challenges are mounting.
  11. Given the legal jeopardy the NRA is facing right now, we can expect some insights into the ‘gun lobby’. It’s going to be ugly and it will change public opinion.
  12. The GOP are Right to start looking for another candidate. Trump is heading for the slammer.
  13. It was explained in the debates before the referendum that the process of getting a deal with Europe was reliant upon getting every single one of the 27 EU members to cast their sovereign and and independent vote in the UK’s favour. Perhaps you had a mental block over the idea that each EU member has a sovereign and independent vote.
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