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  1. His performance record is irrelevant to the investigation into the allegations.
  2. The demand is not ‘illegal’. It’s Cuomo who is under investigation, not his accusers.
  3. Self harm to the whole nation, and as usual those at the bottom of the pile suffer the most. Brexit, the Pandemic and a corrupt incompetent government, the perfect storm.
  4. Righty-o. Have a read of this and see how far you can get without upsetting your world: https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/voices/stop-using-phony-science-to-justify-transphobia/
  5. The vitriol served up on this couple, and particularly on Meghan is deserving of an explanation. Well somebody has nailed it. Search for ‘James O’Brien reveals the most insightful commentary on Harry and Meghan’. and know thyself.
  6. All spending that boosts the economy. Infrastructure investment is on its way, President Biden and the Democrats simply chose to put ordinary Americans first.
  7. Having supported Brexit, and you tell us, voted for Brexit you now tell those of us who warned Brexit would damage the UK economy and that people would lose their jobs, should: ”try sparing a thought to those who are resident here and having a hard time”. Voting and indeed not voting has consequences, a lesson millions of Britons are once again learning. Will of the people and all that, then why the need to spare a thought for anyone, other perhaps for those who voted against the obvious self-harm of Brexit. The people who voted or chose not to v
  8. Under the assumption of a United Ireland they would have recourse to the British Embassy in Dublin should the need arise.
  9. Losing £1.3 Trillion from the UK’s financial services industry is not by any stretch of the imagination ‘an investment’. It’s a loss, a Brexit generates loss.
  10. My sister came to Thailand last year after an absence of over ten years, she commented on how shocked she was at seeing so many fat and overweight Thai people. As you point out, the diet of many has changed and it’s not just western food, yesterday evening I went to the local night market where I bought some delicious grilled chicken, but most stalls we’re selling deep fried foods and as you say much of it is sugar laden. A second culprit is sweet coffee drinks, I’m a coffee addict, an Americano with breakfast and then an espresso sometime mid morning at one of a few o
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