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  1. It’s a shame he’s destroyed transcripts of his meetings with his favorite foreign leader.
  2. The businesses not impacted by Brexit aren’t making any money for the UK.
  3. Reuters are reporting concerns raised by Britain’s Treasury Committee. I accept that might be the bottom of the barrel but not one of Reuters’ barrels.
  4. I look forward to joining you. Don’t go wandering off will you.
  5. Feel free to ignore the political reality that most Americans do not want the SC judge to be appointed before the next President takes office and on November 3 get an opportunity to express their opinion with their vote.
  6. So you make a line of argument laced around accusations of ‘far left’ but when asked to explain what you mean by ‘far left’ you refuse to provide your own definition and direct us to conduct a ‘Google search’. A ‘Google search’ has a habit of returning millions of hits, often tens of millions. I guess by sheer quantity of hits something equating to your idea of ‘far left’ is in there somewhere. The question is, would you yourself recognize it, or are you simply trotting out pre-canned ‘talking points’ that you are demonstrably unable to defend?!
  7. Well Trump was continuously sniffing, so maybe you’re onto something.
  8. Both the Democrats and the Republicans each have a base support of approximately 40% of the vote, that is 40% who will always vote Democrat and 40 % who will always vote Republican. Around 5% of voters always return an uncommitted response to questioning their voter intention, and likely don’t always vote. In any election the result is therefore decided by the 15% swing voters. Biden has a 10% lead, the absolute best he could achieve is around 15%, we’ll find out on the day. Nothing Trump has said or done during his campaign suggests he is even a
  9. Let’s come back to this when Trump no longer has control of the DoJ.
  10. The claim that this is raw footage needs verification. There is only one reason why Trump would release this footage, to get ahead of the footage that will be broadcast on Sunday. So let’s see who’s edited what.
  11. Joe Biden is an American, he has every business running for President. Away with you and your habitual agism.
  12. Quote of the day from Biden referring to Trump whining on about Obama, Clinton and others: ”He’s a very confused guy. He thinks he’s running against somebody else. He’s running against Joe Biden”
  13. Addressing your ‘whataboutary’ for a moment. If Clapper, Brennan and Comey has lied under oath, where are the perjury charges? Is Bill Barr protecting these people or is your ‘whataboutary’ accusation of perjury groundless?
  14. Acting in direct contradiction of the wishes of the majority of Americans in the days before an election is going to have vote consequences.
  15. There are a number of ‘Constitutional Crisis’ on the horizon, none of the rooted in this transparent smear campaign.
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