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  1. And it looks like Mitch McConnell will chiP in with a bit of help just after Labor Day.
  2. Mount Rushmore, unseeded Lakota Territory that still belongs to the Lakota nation under treaty with the US and as upheld by the SCOTUS in their 1980 ruling. So who gave permission for the statues and what on earth is Trump ranting about other people erasing history while he’s in somebody else’s territory?! He’s an utter disgrace to the office he holds.
  3. In the light of Russia paying bounties to Afghan insurgents to kill US troops Congress puts a stop to Trump’s attempt to gift Russia a US troop withdrawal from the region.
  4. What matters is the age of consent in the jurisdiction to which the investigation relates and the ages of all those allegedly raped or sexually abused.
  5. It’s not my fault you don’t know the duties of various branches of the US Government.
  6. Three markers for you: Trump’s next rally. Trump’s polling numbers. What happens immediately after Labor Day.
  7. It is now being reported that Mitch McConnell has drawn a line in the sand and that Trump has until Labor Day to turn his abysmal polling around or face withdrawal of GOP support. And as if to make matters worse for Trump, there is talk of canceling his next ‘Rally’ so as to avoid a repeat of his Tulsa embarrassment. https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/07/trump-despondent-as-numbers-crater-loser-label-looms
  8. He’s not likely to be a target of an investigation into Corruption in Public Office (the specific duty of the Unit that arrested Maxwell), and even less likely yo Ever set foot in the US again; I suspect he might never again leave the UK. Be assured, at least one person holding a Federal public office in the US is indeed sweating.
  9. The Democrats have zero control over the military or Intelligence services, these organizations are under the direct control of the President, it was/is for the President to respond. Members of Congressional/Senate Intelligence committed (both Republican and Democrat) may have had access to this information but they have no means to control any military or Intelligence service response - Those powers reside with the President. You cannot logically lay the blame on Democrat members of Intelligence Committees without also blaming the Republicans who also sit on those same committees and receive the very same briefings. wrt your accusation of hypocrisy re-Benghazi/Bountygate, you’ve detected the hypocrisy but are 180 degrees wrong on where it is.
  10. Not entirely correct. The ‘Public Figures’ need to be holders of public office.
  11. The women who have given testimony against him were children a true the time they were raped and sexually abused. If they received telephone calls from him at that time then they were also children when they received those calls. Do be aware of this when laying your allegations against the child victims of organized sexual abise.
  12. Perhaps this arrest explains why AG Barr tried to oust the SDNY AG and replace him with his own hand picked ‘appointee’. Interestingly, Maxwell was arrested by the SDNY Public Corruption Unit’, this strongly suggests her arrest is linked to a case(s) of corruption of someone or some people who hold public office. Oh and Berman, the SDNY AG Billy Barr tried to oust in favor of his own hand picked choice, is testifying before Congress next week.
  13. Now that Trump has doubled down on his denials and called the whole thing a hoax, he has no reason at all to withhold witnesses called to give testimony before the Intelligence Committees.
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