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  1. “MigrationWatch, a group that wants less immigration” Migration Watch does nothing to reduce immigration but does a great deal to fan the flames of xenophobia.
  2. On the presumption that as an ‘asylum seeker’ he hasn’t yet been awarded asylum, make him serve his time, then deport him back to Syria.
  3. I suggest you read your post and see if you can spot the nonsense argument. Here’s a clue: You recognize a nation’s stance on the sanctity of human life, then bang on about the death sentence.
  4. You mean you recall your own rightwing spin on the matter. People of all political persuasions did not march with rightwing thugs parading their Hitler salute. Away with your nonsense revision of the facts.
  5. Liar who’s lies and being caught out lying are a matter of public record says he’s not a liar. Learn from the past. As somebody with a close up personal view of a lying and philandering politician once said. ’Well he would say that, wouldn’t he’.
  6. I suspect you might be right, but then because it’s Johnson who knows. Members of the ERG have stated they will voted against the deal, backstop or not. https://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/1158030/Brexit-news-boris-johnson-erg-bbc-newsnight-no-deal-leave-eu-jacob-rees-mogg Which begs the question, who’s running the show. I’d be careful hoping I’m right, my assessment of Johnson includes the expectation he’ll dump Brexit altogether or opt for a second referendum if he believes that is best for Johnson. He’s a liar, he can’t be trusted.
  7. Or alternatively he’s making demands/promises that he knows can’t be met, choose any reason you wish for why. Trying to discern Johnson’s intentions is made problematic by the fact he’s an inveterate liar. His habit of not telling the truth is not the only concern, don’t dismiss the very real possibility that he simply does not know what he’s doing. With Johnson fronting* this it is anyone’s guess what will happen, his words are not a reliable guide to his intentions. (* it’s also anybody’s guess who’s actually running the show).
  8. Your life long friend isn’t telling you the truth. The million plus people who recently protested in London against Brexit ought to have raised a question over your life long friend’s claim of ‘everyone want’s this over and done with’. Perhaps they do, or perhaps you heard what you wanted to hear. ’Over and done with’ very logically includes, dumped. Best wishes to your life long friend for a wonderful time in Thailand, s/he’ll undoubtedly notice the exchange rate, I hope it doesn’t dampen the fun.
  9. More red meat for the racists and white supremacists in his base. And another nail in the coffin of his post El Passo speech.
  10. ‘Welcome the safety’ you say: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/27/us/immigrant-children-sexual-abuse.html
  11. You stated, without these stats you claim to use, that the protestors where German. I asked you if it crossed your mind that they are almost certainly British expats (a question for you to consider) and provided you a logical reason why that might be the case. Stop digging, stop selecting and stop accusing me of making the false arguments you yourself made. Just do the right thing, admit your error, we’ll understand.
  12. Oh look I called you out for posting nonsense and you throw in an attempt at deflection. We all make mistakes, we’ll all understand if you admit yours.
  13. Marvelous, so you make reference to a Hague Convention (there are many Hague Conventions), so I ask you which one and how do you think it applies, you then tell me to look it up. You are correct, you are not my ‘joey’ you’re a troll. Away with your nonsense references that you can’t provide a reference to.
  14. It will be defeated in the courts, but that’s not the point. He’s telegraphing cruelty and racism to the racist and white supremicists in his base. His post El Paso speech long dead empty words.
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