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  1. Everyone who's buying their coffee by the kg and having it preground , how are you keeping the coffee fresh and at its best? I buy a 250 bag maybe once every ten days, or when needed, and hand grind when required. A couple days after opening it the freshness starts to drop and the change in taste noticeable.
  2. Eyes of the international media are on Thailand reporting about this poor sea animal. PM is just trying to save face here, he couldn't give two ducks in reality.
  3. Just wait till they bring in the law where locals have to report a foreigner is to stay in their house ahead of time and the local government approves or disapproves. From what I hear, this is exactly what the Chinese do in Tibet. The more I see of Thailand the more it becomes like their comrades in China and North Korea.
  4. I'm sure there's a few retired army hotshots with a foot in the grave and medals popping out their ears who'll be able to take control of education. They're the exact people capable of reforming education so the next few generations of thais will be well educated and aware of the world around them.
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