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  1. Nothing against the gender but countries need a person with morals and empathy in charge not people with strong ties in the business world. No one like trump for example
  2. Do you wish to tell us more about anti-social and law breaking CYCLISTS? Maybe a link to a story about bad boy cyclists going round and running people over, deafening neighborhood's with their loud bells, disregarding the law, cutting up other cyclists, etc. Your comment is lame.
  3. Blanket ban on beer because of a Buddhist holiday in a country that is supposedly open to all. The hypocrisy. The real reason for these bans is because they don't want the locals to gather round, have a few bevies and then start talking about the problems in the country. That's my view.
  4. In the north, not only will it be polluted, it will also be hot and there's not going to be any water. Only going to get worse unless people change there ways.
  5. All those who love to bad mouth cyclists and pedestrians, have you ever asked yourself who is responsible for most of Thailand's issues? Be it deaths, traffic, pollution. Ever tried to walk on the pavement in BKK at anytime of the any day? You'll get scooters beeping at you to get out of their way whilst walking on the pavement. Ever tried to cross at zebra crossing? Motorists are the cause for most of Thailand's issues.
  6. You seem to know far too much about this coup training and the vehicles involved. Please, tell us more.
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