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  1. ZeVonderBearz

    Thai universities tap into rising Chinese demand

    Another side of Imperialism. Move in the students, get them fluent in the language whilst teaching the locals Chinese, get them good jobs at big firms and then these firms will start trading with the Chinese. It's more a slow game now days compared with empires of old where it was a bit more rapey and pillagy.
  2. Sounds like you're in the debating stage. Do your part and commit to your thinking.
  3. That's not even equivalent to two bags less per person in a month. Either they're going to commit probably or get off the bandwagon and stop trying to make out they have any kind of ethics.
  4. I'd be interested to know how the director's pay in Thailand compares with that of the nation's ranked above average and how many BM's and Mercs directors in these nations own compared with Thailand. Also, cost of school, as that's the main benefactor of inequality in any country. Anyone going to Eton has far more opportunities in the UK compared with the everyday pasentry in the country.
  5. Sugar is a big culprit. Every thing that's consumed by locals must contain sugar. Just go into your local 7/11 and have a little loose around, sugar and processed food days and days.
  6. How'd you measure air quality? In the amount of asthma attacks in the village?
  7. If the government did something about the air quality that'd also mean stepping on the toes of the corporations aka their mates aka their bread and butter. Why would they do that? Better for them to let their people suffer whilst they sit in their mansions that are kitted out with Dyson air purifiers.
  8. He needs to be careful. Bet there's some construction tycoons who'd love a giraffe on their wall.
  9. ZeVonderBearz

    Poll shows Gen Prayut most suitable to be next PM

    These are the kind of results that you regularly see in polls from the likes of Russia and China. Totalitarianism coming soon to Thailand.
  10. There's already alot of this in place, maybe the changes are additional brainwashing.
  11. If they're not teaching English then they don't need it. Even if a higher grasp of English was required, all the teachers, even if they don't speak a lick of English, would all graduate with the certificate saying they are English proficienct. No fails, none of the time.