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  1. Why post you have cars money houses condo maids nannies then.I think ME rates pretty high in your list of priorities and I don’t recall saying get out blah etc. This forum has plenty of Same Same comments from the likes of you and do zero to progress the issues affecting the likes of ME!
  2. Try taking your money out then and do it the easy ride way! Guess not!
  3. Yesterday at Phuket valid UK letter AND supporting evidence was rejected, No lies involved here but still no extension?
  4. Can u give us any evidence of your claim re affidavits and why if it was so, back up could have been requested, but seldom was. The report from Phuket of yesterday where the valid letter from UK embassy was flat out rejected along with supporting documentation, can be explained how? No one will need to exit if a legit method can be implemented with uniformity across the country. It apparently cannot, I think you know why!
  5. Best to just do n say bugger all then? Majority here are concerned with me, because it does concern me but also every other me, you,him,her. Same old .... with the letters n agents bit, no need to rehash thanks. If your into blame ,suggest you look in the other direction
  6. Perhaps a new post, in Phuket forum, may be allowed by mods, or moved but briefly outlining your case, and see what surfaces? I think if your the first which I suspect, this should be highlighted to others who think they are ok ! I also believe it’s a slap in the face to embassies who have effectively been duped
  7. Understood, I wasn,t doubting you, letters not valid is a complete turn around from what’s been published.
  8. Seems not now then, or maybe the letters from accepted embassies will be next cab off this rank? What’s stopping them as all credibility is lost anyway...
  9. UJ, the guy was told “the income letter was NOT valid”, nothing about back up proof as an extra? Surely that’s either correct or not . Do the Embassies have any further chance of a say in what is clearly differing from the original assurance they were given that the letters would be honoured for 6 months? Is this the first case a valid letter has been dismissed off hand?
  10. Your up to 150 replies, be happy and lots of info in there too.
  11. That’s very bad news, and from Phuket where I thought they were a stickler for doing it by the book...And still several months to run on issued letters , maybe contact local consulate for comment?
  12. Yes you can only get examples of what has happened to others, here or there and often differing at one office/officer. Take what you have and do a trial run well before due date and hope to get same reaction next time.
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