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  1. Did you opt for the test that was on offer...., guess not that worried ?
  2. You suggested to just replace the gasket ,now that’s clown material!
  3. Why would you not bother to have it resurfaced,given it’s a simple job?
  4. Nought to do with the value of temperature checks was my point,
  5. Me too but putting gel on my body would do nothing to reduce that symptom. If your temp is seriously up as in an infection it will show such. Your constant reference to eating certain foods is pointless .
  6. A hard man is good to find, but r u for real? Public forum u take what’s offered Jack.
  7. Why not ,it’s similar to high Initial BP. Would you refuse her entry or send her off to be tested?
  8. Oz expats should expect special treatment after Aust government tipped in to assist!
  9. That’s OK, no vaccine for me but I may be beside you next time your out n about!
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