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  1. 10 per week? Suggest that’s way short of the mark.I sat with a mate in a small agents office last week ,the phone rang constantly with inquiries for extensions and replies in the affirmative given freely in response . The insurance development will only increase their business IMO.
  2. So what did you tell them? And why turn up at the office anyway?
  3. Pretty sure the OP is female,she mentioned a reason for not helping financially was her (OP,s) husband had been in an accident.So female friend see post 62
  4. Won,t be long till insurance is on offer,all part of the plan
  5. Wondering if whilst in prison you had any help from anyone? As you say it was your fault ! That seems to be what your suggesting happens to this mothers son. The analogy with domestic violence is plain stupid, are you thinking his mum should buy him another ticket to Thailand!
  6. Seems you don,t read the thread, it was tried with zero results!
  7. Who,s naive? You can show us an example I,m sure, of a void stamp issued by a IO using the agent assisted process.The point being it’s not in breach at all .
  8. Yes agree ,the warm house certainly over a friend in need.! You,ve tried your best,that’s the sad part....
  9. Suggest your not mums friend at all then and it’s strange your latest info wasn,t in your first post, just a few hours ago? You post so it’s everyone,s business to answer, so sorry if it offends
  10. His mother no doubt knows him better than you! Do you see bad in every such predicament I wonder
  11. You have stated Mum is your friend,surely you can assist. Payday loan or similar perhaps,it’s no small dilemma for the lad and must be sorted before he,s arrested. Too easy for some to say let him suffer!
  12. Probably ask an agent but it’s doubtful they will give you details, it’s generally assumed the 800 is deposited in your account, no seasoning and no post approval check forthcoming, so 800 is withdrawn, at least that’s my understanding.
  13. Who among us truly retired here have travel insurance? Not any my guess and it’s no different to self funded anyway. The fact is it’s not acceptable so what’s your point to the topic
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