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  1. Such as? Can’t think of a business catering to farang exclusively that fits with that scenario. High end retail, resorts, spa?
  2. Agree, I’m nearby, I think 3 pharmacies there have changed hands in the last 2 months! Chinese love them for some reason and prices are good if you know the price beforehand. The lady owner of one I used became quite ill, had to sell.
  3. Do you really think she has noticed, or cares! Thai people in general are happy with cash in the till today!Tomorrow,s another story altogether.
  4. Don’t think unskilled is correct, willing to work these jobs yes. Majority here legally I would suggest on agreed wage,accomodation arrangements.
  5. Rubbish, I,m at Patong every day or two, contrary to your comment I find them most affable and amusing to watch, never aggro ! Beach chairs food drinks etc well priced and organised. Don’t know where you speak of but it ain’t Patong
  6. You tell me, after Bali bombing never going back! I do recall very agro beach vendors tho,and not so pretty ladies!.
  7. Don,t try to explain, its destiny,s child at work.
  8. What a deep thinker you are ! Maybe it’s the wether....
  9. 800 K previously to spend, now not touch, surely a big change, and as for scratching a living on 30 K...? Thread also has plenty of comment (generally off topic) from the I,m OK brigade ,so nothing different in this thread in that regard
  10. Exactly, you don,t ! Why spend your valuable time when no one cares what you say
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