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  1. More make-it-up-as-you-go "expert" authoritative "news". A bit like when General Prayut ordered smoke season to end in 7 days. He's the boss so it must be true. Okay cold season, you heard the man, get your a r s e in here!
  2. Bol locks. These weather forecasts are usually just a stab in the dark attempt for TMD egg-sperts to appear to have a clue. So to hedge their bets just say something vaguely 30/40/60% maybe-ish, then pat yourself on the back if it turns out to be slightly correct. Job well done
  3. Saved to Favorites for retrieval when same same smoke/haze returns in Feb/March to applaud Prawit's "whip-cracking" success.
  4. I predict it will be cool in Winter, so give me a gold star for being a weather genius!!!
  5. "Wan Org Pansa" What is this The Lord of the Rings? The Thai word for leaving/exiting/going out is ออก which transliterates to something like "aawk". No "r" and definitely no Orcs involved.
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