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  1. It's an all too common misconception with self-entitled backpackers that because they are paying a small fee for a bed in a room it is effectively "theirs" for the night. NOPE, you are renting the privilege of sleeping there under the terms and conditions of the guest house. If you want to bring a "guest" to the room, make sure it's OK first. It's not YOUR room and NOT your bed. Anyway, drunk at 4am probably pushing rope trying to find the pussy
  2. "A reading of 59 micrograms was recorded" Sorry, but AQI of 59 is nothing, more like a nice day in November. Current reading is 159 and hitting 200+ in some areas lately. Noticeably thick air today with visibility around 2km. Usually doesn't get this bad until mid-March, but seems they are burning earlier this year, possibly due to another "burn ban" staged for March1-April30. http://aqicn.org/city/chiang-mai
  3. How many supported/cheered these guys 5 years ago, who have since proven their lying delusions of dictatorial power and "stay-forever" ambitions with more rigged elections? Hell I used to be very anti-Thaksin all those years, but even he or some other proxy puppet (Yingluck was at least unintentionally funny) would now be better than these ####ing ban-nok dinosaurs. Prayut has had all this time to live up to his (constantly broken) promises. Time for him to GTFO.
  4. Right, all the fishermen who's life depends on, er, um, fishing will just stop earning money for 3 months. Good luck with that.
  5. He was sort of a national "hero" for some back in 2014, but since then has overwhelmingly demonstrated Thai-style broken bullshit promises, driving Thailand pitifully backward not forward ("ban nok" Thainess) combined with increasingly Thaksin-esque delusional ego-driven corrupt scheming with more lies to cling to power indefinitely. พอแล้ว! ออกไป เลย!!! / PAW LAEW! OHK PAI LOEI! (GTFO!)
  6. False numbers... The PM2.5 AQI levels have never dropped below 50 in weeks, more like 100-200 the past week. Worst mid-February air I've witnessed in 15 years here. "Chiang Mai braced for more" - Well no shit, of course this is just the start, same as every year. Feb/Mar/Apr crappy air. May as well change the dates for such "news" to any other year - same thing repeat repeat....
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