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  1. Is that not what would happen in a banana republic if the 'great leader' does not like what he hears from his populous ? Shut them down .... Maybe a good idea after all that the Americans are armed to the teeth, ready to fight any nut job that may enter the white house and remove free speech and liberty for all .... Unless all the guys and girls with all the guns agree with the 'nut job' in charge ... .
  2. Ultimately people have to decide what they value in life ...
  3. One thing I find a bit amusing is how people keep saying that China is a 'communist country' ... Just had a refresh my ailing memory : Not something I recognize in China today ..... In many ways more capitalistic than the west ... But without the same level of 'democracy' that we see in the west.
  4. Good question ... I hold a passport from one of the Scandinavian countries - working in Beijing for almost a year. Never left Beijing since December last year.
  5. Hmmmmm We all give for different social reasons. I do not think its right to say that the so called 'western' way is better / more worthy than what we see more of in Asia with more public display of giving. Just think about celebrity charity giving in the west - Pay a huge ticket to have a dinner with some 'important celebrity' for raising money for a 'children hospital'. Is that not just another form of 'giving to feel good' .. to be seen to be good .....
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