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  1. Mitsubishi is by far the best value truck. Toyota is the most dependable/reliable truck. Mazda is the best looking truck. Stick with Japanese build and you will be fine. I own a 2014 top model 4 door Triton automatic -- it has been absolutely wonderful; never missed a beat. If I replace it, I would look at Mitsu and Mazda, but I doubt that I could find a similarly equipped Mazda close enough in price to the Mitsu to push me in that direction. I wouldn't touch a Ford in Thailand -- there are so many better options with fewer headaches, unless you have your mind set on a bright color!
  2. Noted. I was thinking that I would need to go to 7/11 every time to purchase the 48 hours of internet time, but there is probably a number to dial to activate the service. If I have a router with a SIM slot, I would likely need to remove the SIM from the router, install it in my phone, dial the number to activate the service and put the SIM back in the router, which seems like a bit of a hassle. And I internalize fixed upfront costs quickly and avoid "pay as you go" charges. I much prefer "packages" when staying at a resort that includes the frills, as I will avoid the fun extras if I have to pay for them individually -- perhaps irrational, but not, I think, uncommon behavior. So, I might try to "limp by" with my 1 Mbps phone hotspot rather than activate the 6 Mbps internet via the router; I don't want that. In any event, you have given me some useful options to consider before I buy a router that will accept a SIM, which is very much appreciated.
  3. Thanks. Very helpful. But the transaction costs of the short term plans makes them unappealing, for anything more than "testing" their quality/usefulness. I will check the cost of the fiber internet option that CAT offers, but if that is too much (which I expect that it will be), I will go for the home router with SIM installation and a 6Mbps SIM.
  4. Thanks. The "big commitment" will be the router that accepts the SIM. A good one is B4000. The SIM can always be transferred to a phone for data use if the in-home arrangement is not satisfactory. CAT does offer fiber internet in the area of the weekend home, so I will check that first. I think that 6 Mbps should be acceptable.
  5. With all due respect, your post is complete nonsense. The Forza is bigger than the PCX, but a Forza can go down any road or through any space that a PCX can maneuver through. The real limit is the widest points on a bike, which is the distance from the outside points on the rear view mirrors, and is largely determined by the length of the handlebars. The distance is virtually identical on the Forza and PCX. You might find that the seat or the gas tank on the Forza is too wide for your comfort. But, it has nothing to do with "the roads [you] use" -- nothing. Your OP says "Im not spending a baht over 50k" -- your words. No qualification. And as time passes, the price of the PCX for a given quality used bike tends to rise, not fall, as the price of the new PCX rises. True, a 2017 PCX will be cheaper in 3 years' time, but it will also be 3 years older and have more km's of use. If you wait one year and would consider a 2017 PCX (or NMax) now, you would want a 2018 PCX then, which will likely be more expensive. A PCX is now B25,000 more than when I bought my PCX 150, which I sold for a Forza several years ago and to which I added a new Forza 1+ months ago. There is no place that I cannot go on my Forza that I could go on my PCX -- none!! Your original post was a waste of your time, and your following posts have been a waste of our time. Buy what ever you want, and don't ask for advice unless you can provide enough accurate information to make that advice mean something, even remotely. Next...……..
  6. Thanks. You and I think alike, but I do know the price of bread and milk. This house gets 4 or 5 nights a month use, so I am more economy conscious that usual. But the internet does need to work adequately or the tendency is to stay at the other house. To avoid having to go back and search your replies, can you summarise your internet/wifi setup in your home. Thanks a lot.
  7. Thanks. I am not sure if 6 Mbps is adequate, but it is all that CAT offers (at least in their broadly available brochures). I checked on the internet and most sites say that 5 Mbps is sufficient for "normal" internet requirements, so I am assuming that 6 Mbps is "ok". I have a combined cable tv and internet package in my other house from Banglamung Cable and TV, which is acceptable. CAT does offer wired internet access in the area of my beach house, but not cable tv. I am guessing it is triple the price per month of the 6 Mbps option.
  8. I have 2 CAT sims that are 1 year old. So, if this is a limitation, I can easily switch my CAT data sim to the router and upgrade the speed, and get a new sim for my phone. I hope that "wifi data plan" is obvious; should be. I was not aware that Line offers a wifi/mobile data plan. Happy with CAT, but I will check on Line before making the decision to upgrade. Thanks.
  9. Best I can tell, the CAT 6 Mbps plan is unlimited.
  10. CAT has a "Promotion" through the end of this month on wifi data plans -- 1 Mbps is B1,200 per year. This is what I and my 2 daughters presently use and it is fine for e-mail and Youtube. The gf uses a weekly plan on AIS (not sure what it is). 4 Mbps is B2,500 per year and the 6 Mbps is B1800 for 6 months. I think that the permanent, whole house option with 6 Mbps is better, regardless of whether I upgrade to higher speeds on the phones when the current plans expire next month. I would not go above 4 Mbps on the phones unless I was doing the phone hotspot option. Can anyone suggest a tv over internet solution -- I also need to arrange for tv as there is presently no cable tv in the house. Thanks.
  11. I have been doing that, but it is very slow and one of my computers will not recognize the hotspot. I was thinking of getting 1 fast sim (6 Mbps) and installing it in a router that would get better coverage for the entire house. I am looking at a TP Link AR400; it gets very good reviews, but it is not cheap (B4,000 on Lazada). This is better, I think, than installing faster sims in everyone's phones. But the latter is certainly an option. Thanks.
  12. I have a holiday home that gets used a few days each month. I am looking for a good/economical wifi option. I have seen a mobile hotspot router on Lazada that will directly accept a sim card. I can get a 6 mbps plan, which is cost effective. Does anyone use this setup in their home? Is the wifi signal strong and reasonably fast? Can you recommend a mobile router? Thanks for any help/guidance. FP
  13. "Im not spending a baht over 50k" You are obviously talking about a used bike, as both are much more than B50,000 new. It will be very hard to find a late model, low mileage PCX or NMax for B50,000. Yamaha tends to depreciate faster than Honda, so you can probably get a better used NMax than PCX for a given amount of money. I prefer Honda over Yamaha and the PCX over the NMax, but the ABS on the NMax is a "plus". But, given your budget limit, search for the best PCX or NMax that you can find for the money you have to spend and buy that one. You can likely find a newer and lower km NMax than PCX for a given amount of money, and you will be pleased either way. I think that you will need to spend at least B60,000 for a good PCX or Nmax, but your search will tell you much better than my guess. If your B50,000 price limit is firm, you may be driving your Click for some time to come. You are very wrong about the Forza -- it is not too big and would be better that either the PCX or NMax for an "8km a day whiz round the city". The Forza is heads and shoulders above both the PCX and NMax. But, it is even more money, so given your budget it should be forgotten for what ever reason. You cannot find a Forza in good working condition for less than B70,000.
  14. I am replacing a broken Asus Zenfone -- no more Asus phones, although I am still a strong supporter of the Asus computers. I am considering the Xiaomi Note 7 Pro (not yet available, but should be available very soon) and the Huawei Y9 (2019). They are similar, but the Note 7 Pro looks to be some what better. That factory service for Xiaomi is available at Fortune Town is a real plus. Any thoughts on these phones? Any idea on the price of the Note 7 Pro? Thanks.
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