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  1. Thanks. I have a very small land plot, only 335 m2 and a house (2 stories) of 235 m2. So, there just isn't much that I can do with the new circuit other than lights, and 7 lights (5 or 6 for now) is adequate, just to light the walkway. There is a small swimming pool in the front of the house with its own separate circuits for the pump and underwater lights. This is already installed. The 2 sides and rear of the house have a 2 meter border from the house to the boundary wall -- I plan 1 light in each rear corner, and one in the back middle to light the walkway; in the front will be 1 light in the corner and 1 flood lite shining into a coconut tree near the pool for aesthetics. I purchased a 30 Watt LED flood lite for the coconut tree, and 6 1 meter tall post lamps (2 extra for the future) for around the house. There is no space for a pond, tennis courts or anything else for that matter. So, I am sure that 1.5 mm2 will be adequate, for now and the future. I am now most concerned about ensuring that the wire and conduit can be buried in the ground, which is a must. I will look for the NYY cable and the black conduit with the red stripe. I hope that will suffice. Thanks again. FP
  2. Thanks, a great post. I have had the same idea of coiling some wire in a utility box to allow for additional lights to be added later. But my yard is very small, only a border around the house, so there is little benefit to more than 2 additional lights in the future. I will use the 1.5mm2 wire and try to find a place to coil some extra wire. Thanks...
  3. The wire will be buried along the exterior wall. I have seen a lot of the yellow conduit buried, and had no idea that it wouldn't be suitable to be buried. I will look for the black conduit.
  4. Thanks. I will put the wire in conduit, but I want an outdoor rated wire. I will look for NYY.
  5. Thanks. A few videos that I have seen say that if the run length is more than 50 feet (obviously a US video) a higher voltage wire should be used. I also saw one good video that recommended 12-2 gauge wire for outdoor lighting with up to 20 4 WATT LED lights, which translates into about 2mm diameter: American Wire Gauge (#AWG) Diameter (inches) Diameter (mm) 12 0.0808 2.05 The 1.5 is a bit under 12-2 gauge, so I think I will opt for the larger 1.5 mm diameter to be "safe". Thanks.
  6. I am installing outdoor lights around my house. The total length is 2 circuits of 50 meters each, with maximum of 3 lights of 30 Watts or less on each circuit. My options for wire seem to be IEC 53 VCT2x1.0sq.mm and IEC 53 2x1.5sq.mm. There will be one on/off switch on each circuit. I assume that the 2x1.0 sq.mm. is (more than) adequate for a load of 90 Watts or less. Am I correct? Thanks for any help/guidance. F.P.
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