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  1. Check the internet. Slight resurgence is a 4.4% rise. The largest 2 day jump since 2009. The FTSE 250 also up 4.2%. Biggest one day gain in over nine years. 21 firms with gains of at least 10% .
  2. A bit pessimistic. No financial analyst in the world is predicting 25 after a no deal Brexit. That would be £/$0.82. The UK is the worlds 5th largest economy. A Brexit with a deal will push the £ higher. $1.15= ฿35/£ $1.10 = ฿33.5 /£ $1.05= ฿32/£ $1.30 would be ฿39.5 /£ Now at 38.51
  3. I can't imagine anyone not drinking anything but beer .
  4. New bike old stock.. Or NOS new old stock. Discontinued but available until existing stocks run out.. Dead, deceased, it is no more, shuffled of it's mortal coil... No longer manufactured. RIP I will call into the Vespa shop Pattaya and see if they are still available.
  5. yodsak

    Visa Agents

    If you want the 800k supplying most Pattaya agents charge 15k. The cheapest is Cambodia Inter 14k They will do the 90 day reports for 200 - 250 baht each. You need to do TM30 No need for 3 month bankbook check... If you have the funds / paperwork circa 7k all in.... You need to go for a quick photo in Jomtien. No ticket, no queuing required .
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