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  1. If you liked Twin Peaks, you should give the danish 1994 mini-TV series The Kingdom a try. It was directed by Lars von Trier (already a 5-star reference), and it has a similar twisted horror and humor angle. Maybe more accurate to describe it as a kind of a mix between Twin Peaks and the Office (the UK Ricky Gervais mockumentary).
  2. Considering that you would be confronted with a 15 day quarantaine period at an ASQ-approved hotel on arrival, on top of the financial and insurance requirements, as well as other covid-measures that need to be complied with, you would be INSANE to go through all that for just a 30-day holiday (half of which already taken up by the mandatory quarantaine). No TOURIST would ever consider a 30-day holiday in Thailand under those conditions. The only applicants for the 'Tourism' schemes they launched, will be those that are desperate to return to Thailand because of their families/loved one
  3. That's only part of the story... At many IOs it is indeed not required anymore for certain services to show that a TM-30 has been filed of you - a foreigner - staying at a premisse in the IO province (and since 30 June it needs to be done only ONCE from the 'official residence' for Immigration purposes where you are staying). But it is STILL required by Thai law that the 'owner' of the place where you are staying notifies the local IO within 24 hours that a foreigner is staying there. So when making a trip in country, hotels and guesthouses where a foreigner checks in, are required
  4. During last weekend the Euro exchange rate was 37,16 THB In the 5 days since then it has dropped to 36,45 THB > Of course the covid 2nd wave in Europe will affect the exchange rate, but the Thai situation with the current political unrest and the 1.7 Trillion hit on the Thai tourist industry is not rosy either. What other factors are behind this 2% drop in value? = = = = =
  5. When scrolling the Visa part of the Forum, you will come across several 'Story of O' thai-style
  6. UJ is fully correct as always. As long as you stay on the same Visa (or extensions of it) in which you entered Thailand, and you did not relocate, your current TM-30 of the place where you are staying will stay valid with no need to 'update' it, irrespective of any domestic or even international trips you make.
  7. The information you posted is correct, but why the condescending tone? You also wrote > the distinction between a rule (the quarantine) government mandated and protest that the government does not want but can't control. Once again correct, but it would only be fair to also mention the mass pro-government and Deleted rallies that did take place by the Yellow Shirt bearers. And in that case the government does not seem to have the urge to 'control' it, and indeed there is no reason to do so because Thailand is virtually covid-free. But using the covid-argument to condemn the prot
  8. @Jeffr2 > I agree that it is a SAD fact... but worth mentioning as it is fully correct and you were obviously not aware of it.
  9. Thanks for the info. I normally just type subtitles in Google followed by the name of the movie or tv-series and then download the srt-file in the language of my choice (english). But I sometimes encounter the following issue. When streaming movies or TV-series using 123movies.org, there are often several ways of rendering the movie. When it is available in NETU-format you can simply use the 'captions' option and select the downloaded srt-file with the subtitles of the movie you want to see (works great). But when the movie/TV-series is only available in HLS-format you do not
  10. Contrary to farangs that need to show evidence of a negative covid-19 test taken less than 72 hours before boarding, Thai nationals are exempt from that requirement. Yes, on arrival all passengers will be tested. And if it turns out that on arrival one of those untested Thai passengers is then tested positive, that would be kind of a nice surprise for all the foreign passengers that have been seated shoulder-to-shoulder during the flight...
  11. If you are not legally married to your Thai wife and thus do not have the KorRor 3 (Thai marriage certificate) and KorRor 2 (certificate of Thai marriage certification), obviously you cannot apply for the CoE on that basis. The information provided by the Thai Consulate you posted is fully correct. They mention > You may also be eligible for the Non Immigrant O-A Long Stay/Retirement visa (using the application form on the Royal Thai Embassy Canberra website). When you are over 50 years of age, you would be eligible for a Non Imm O-A Visa. The application for that Visa
  12. A vaccine program relies on herd immunity to be successful. Pro-vaxxers claiming that there is no such thing as herd immunity, to emphesize the need for a vaccine are either totally confused or trying to push an agenda to vaccinate EVERYBODY (a Big Pharma wet dream)...
  13. Hi, I am not a moderator or in any way associated with the ThaiVisa Forum but as a relative newbie (I am only 3 years in Thailand) seasoned members like UbonJoe, Tanoshi and other regular posters were very helpful in answering any questions I had and providing me with all the information needed to navigate the Thai Visa jungle. So I am now just 'returning the favor' for the benefit of those in need of correct information on Thai Visa matters...
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