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  1. HI, might be useful for some TV members regularly changing Euro in THB. Every 1-2 months I am transmitting approx 2000 Euro to THB with TransferWise. But with the volatility of both the Euro and the THB, picking the right moment to transfer the money can save you quite some money. Last month the rate was 35,2 and today it's 36,2. On top of regularly checking the rate to determine when to transfer, I also make use of the following website > https://walletinvestor.com/forex-forecast/eur-thb-prediction It features graphs with short- and long-term predictions of the rate, and the short-term predictions are quite accurate. According to that site, the rate is going up and should be approx 36,4 in 1 week.
  2. I recently bought the HATARI 'air cooler' (HT-AC10R1). It's a movable device (approx 40cm on 15cm on 1 meter) with wheels. It comes with a remote control, which is not really needed, and 2 plastic ice-blocks which you can store in the deepfreezer compartiment of your fridge before use. Basically it works same as a fan but you have a recipient at the bottom which allows you to put water and ice. The air coming from the machine is thus cooled. It also works without doing so, but then you can as well use a fan. I read on the forum that it is not recommended to use it in a closed space as it increases the humidity, which would make you feel actually more hot. But I use it when working on my desk outside, and it works fine there. Price was just under 3.000 THB, and I consider it a good buy for that price.
  3. When the OP is over 50 years of age, the option 1 suggested by SEtonal is most probably your best option. Long-time staying on tourist visas is getting increasingly risky for being denied entrance on arrival.
  4. I am somewhat in same situation as OP > living in Thailand for 1.5 year already on 3 back-to-back METVs. Instead of risking to be denied access because too many entries on tourist visa, you could apply for a Non-Immigrant O-A visa (often referred to as retirement visa) in your home country. That would allow you to stay 1 year in Thailand (with 3 monthly reports at local IO). In order to get that visa you need to demonstrate a.o. that you are financially sound (more than equivalent of 800.000 THB on your home country bank account). When you want to extend your stay after 1 year you need to have transfered the funds to a thai bank account 2 months before application for extension. With such a non-immigrant O-A visa you don't have to worry about being denied entrance.
  5. That's not possible, as you need to apply in your home country for such an A-O retirement visa. But in my previous post, I explained how I will 'dodge' that ridiculous rule.
  6. First of all I'd like to thank once again all the TV-Forum members who made the effort to respond on my query with answers, suggestions and recommendations. The comments were helpful in clearing my mind on how to proceed. In conclusion: 1. Continuing with back-to-back METVs is no option as it will become increasingly risky for being denied access. 2. I need a long-term non-tourist visa. I meet all the requirements for an O-A retirement visa except for providing proof of income/salary of the last 3 months before application. That strange - probably incorrect - requirement is imposed by the Thai Embassy in Belgium when applying for such a Visa. However, due to our discussion it suddenly dawned on me, that I can meet that requirement by simply using my own 1-man company to transmit me the equivalent of +65000 THB at the end of March/April/May referring to it as salary for my services. As I would do the O-A retirement application somewhere in June, that would work out fine. Problem solved (with a little creativity)....
  7. Yes, and takes makes sense. But the Thai Embassy in Belgium requirements for an OA state monthly income AND money in the bank, which is not logical. And this is different than what the Thai Ministry itself posts on their website. (they mention OR). I already contacted the Belgian Embassy about this some months ago, but did get a response which clearly showed they did not understand (or did not want to understand), and after some time I did gave up. But it looks that I will need to press for a clear response as I do not want to run the risk of applying for the OA knowing full well that I do not meet the monthly income requirement.
  8. Yes, that's correct. I meet all the requirements for an OA except that I cannot show income/salary slips of last 3 months as I stopped working. I also don't understand why they impose this, because it blocks the application for people like me who have more than enough money and hence do not need to work anymore.
  9. Yes, and thanks to both of you! I did not know of that possibility. The 800.000 bath is no problem, but opening a bank account with my present METV might prove difficult. Also, where to apply for such conversion? Is that in my home country or at my local IO?
  10. Thanks for response. Normally I fly to Suvarnabhumi airport as that is the most convenient to enter Thailand from my home country. What do you consider the probability that I would be denied entrance? If that probability is high I could consider flying to Cambodia and entering at a land crossing (I live relatively close to the Chaam Sa Ngam crossing). But that would be a hassle, so if my chances are 90% to enter without difficulty at Suvarnabhumi, I would prefer that option.
  11. Hi guys, looking for some advice/recommendations for my situation. Some background: > I am 61 years old and since October 2017 I am living in Thailand with my thai girlfriend. And I am using back-to-back METV's, with border-runs/visits to home country in between. I will have to wait 1,5 more years before I can apply for a 'retirement' visa, because the Thai embassy in Belgium - my home country - requires a.o. that you provide income/salary-slips of the last 3 months when you apply for such a visa. But I do not have these. I stopped working since I am in the lucky circumstance that I do not need the money and have more than enough on my bank-account to bridge the no-income period till I will get my retirement pension (in 1,5 years). So in the mean time I am here on METV's. I am now using my third METV, which will expire end of april, and a border-run at that time will allow me to stay till end of June (and with extension to end of July). Then I will go back home and will apply for my 4th METV. > Reading the posts on the TV forum I notice that it seems to get increasingly difficult to stay long time in the country with a tourist visa like I presently do. I never experienced any problems or even got any questions when applying for the METVs or entering Thailand. My questions: 1. Is there a limit to the number of back-to-back METVs one can apply for? 2. Can you be denied entrance at the border with a valid METV (and carrying the equivalent of +20.000 THB + hotel booking for first days)? If so, are there points of entry to avoid? 3. In 2018 I was more than 180 days in Thailand (approx 270 days), and it looks that in 2019 I will be even longer in Thailand (approx 300 days). Can such long stays on valid tourist visa cause problems? And when checking the number of days you are in the country do they start counting from each calendar year? Or can you be denied based on your previous staying history? 4. Applying for an Elite visa would be too expensive, but are there for my case my other options than applying for an METV? Note: I do not yet meet the requirements for a retirement visa (see higher) Thanks in advance!
  12. When I need to book a flight I first browse 1 or more 'flight search' engines like Skyscanner or Matrix-ITA, and have them present the options in the order of cheapest first. The cheapest flight is most often not my final choice, because you also need to consider factors like trustworthiness of the carrier, no more than 1 stop, total flight-time, convenience of departure/arrival time, luggage allowance, etc. When I made my choice, I then go directly to the airline's website to make the actual booking. Be aware that the closer to the actual departure date, the ticket-price tends to increase and lowest economy-options will often not be available anymore. So best to search/book approx 1 month beforehand. Note: In case my departure date is not 100% sure e.g. I might have to postpone to 1-2-3 days later, I normally make use of a travel agency. When you booked yourself on the website , you have to pay a sometimes hefty fine for changing your ticket. But travel agents seem to have more options and you can sometimes change at no cost at all a couple of days before departure, which is quite useful if your departure date needs to be flexible till last minute.
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