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  1. Great post Andy and 100% spot-on! Couldn't agree more. > Rooster Robin being corrected by Andy the Batman in covid-times...
  2. @Tanoshi To meet the Thai Embassy requirement re 400K/40K health-insurance when applying for a Non Imm O-A Visa (currently also required when applying for a Non Imm O Visa for reason of retirement), applicants can make use of both foreign and Thai insurance policies to comply. However, when opting for foreign insurance (often because you are already having such policy) you would need to have your insurer fill in and sign the Foreign Insurance Certificate, where they state that your insurance meets both the 400K in-patient and 40K out-patient coverage. The problem is of course having
  3. Link to the article re the 9 student-nurses that experienced severe side-effects after receiving the vaccine. https://thethaiger.com/coronavirus/9-student-nurses-experience-side-effects-from-sinovac-vaccine The article is from 7 days ago and I did not yet come across an update. If one of them died that would surely be reported on Thai media...
  4. Filed this post under: > Life of the Party requests statistics to ignore...
  5. Nothing mysterious, it's just that you clearly did not understand the actual issue - lol. The OP's mother's permission to stay did expire and on her return to Thailand she will re-apply for a NEW 90-day Non Imm O Visa. Since she did not liquidate the Fixed Deposit Account with +800K she had for 8 years already, providing proof of that might be accepted by Immigration when she applies for that new 90-day Non Imm O Visa. However, a - by the letter of the book - Imm Officer might refuse that for lack of evidence that those +800K originated from abroad, as the funds were transferred 8 years
  6. Yes, mRNA vaccines were developed over the last 10-20 years because they promise revolutionary safety.
  7. It is not correct to compare the current covid-19 mass-vaccination campaigns with 'old school' targeted mandatory vaccination programs.
  8. Yes, I was too quick in posting that incorrectly phrased statement. Of course when you already show symptoms you should not be vaccinated. The actual point I wanted to make is that you should NEVER be forced to be vaccinated against your will. I have no problem with those wanting to be jabbed if that gives them a sense of security, but forcing it on people that have their reasons - legitimate or not - not wanting to be vaccinated is absolutely wrong.
  9. Would be interesting to see that form (and a translation in english of it). Things to look for: - (non)-qualification reasons; - tick-boxes of possible reasons for not being vaccinated (e.g. pregnant women, allergy to vaccine ingredients, etc); - free space to mention 'your' reason for not being vaccinated (e.g. having had covid and recovered x months ago); - informed consent being addressed The main point is that if you are not showing symptoms, you should NEVER be forced to be vaccinated against your will.
  10. The TVF newsflash states > The northeastern province of Buriram has become the first province in Thailand to mandate COVID-19 vaccination for all individuals aged 18 and older, with possible penalties as high as two years in prison and a maximum of 60,000 Baht. So according to that despotic Governor everyone over 18 years of age is considered a high-risk group? What about those with contra-indications for vaccination, pregnant women, etc. It's a massive breach of human rights and in any civilized country that Buriram governor would be degraded/removed on the spot after having
  11. Did the seller take back the fake hard drive and reimburse what you paid for it? If not you have been scammed and should inform Lazada about it (they might put some pressure on that seller to reimburse you). Also note that when you buy from LazMall (the official Lazada store) the regular brand warranty applies and when - like in your case - it turns out to be a fake product Lazada will pay you 5 times what you paid for it. Different sellers are sometimes offering the same product on the Lazada site, so prices can differ and the products that have that 'LazMall' logo are of cours
  12. The info provided by Tanoshi is fully correct. A small comment which might clarify the issue re the 6-month insurance. As Tanoshi wrote 'a Non Imm O-A Visa permits a stay of 1 year on entry'. When entering Thailand on a new Non Imm O-A Visa you would need both: - a 400K/40K in/out-patient health insurance policy - the 100.000 US $ covid-19 treatment insurance which is required for EVERYONE currently entering Thailand. Now it is indeed possible that your friend applied for and got the Non Imm O-A Visa with a 400K/40K health-insurance policy valid for
  13. If OPs mother still has the evidence that the 800K which she transferred eight years ago (or longer) to a personal Thai bank-account, originated from abroad, that would solve the matter of course. But it is unlikely that she still has that +8 year old evidence, and Thai Immigration would in such cases normally waive that proof of foreign origin requirement when the funds have been already long-time seasoned on her personal Thai bank account.
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