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  1. Wow, you have the patience of a saint to put up with this (even though they indeed followed the procedures/requirements).
  2. Hi Tanoshi, Are you saying that IO does not mind that you withdraw the 800K/400K required funds from your bank-balance when it is your intention to switch to a new Visa? I agree that normally they would never know this (and that probably also being the reason for the 90-day bank-balance check introduced at Jomtien and UdonThani). And obviously if you do this consecutively at the same IO, your 15-monthly new Visa-applications will raise suspicion and will ultimately lead to your 1-year extension application being denied (or worse). I agree that if you withdraw your 800K/400K funds months before switching to a new Visa, it will probably go undetected (and surely if you also switched to a new bank-account for your new application). And indeed I never heard of a case where Immigration sanctioned someone for doing so (the fact that you have to leave the country is not a sanction, as that was your intent in the first place). But I am not so sure that when Immigration find sout that you did not keep the required 800K/400K funds which is the condition on which your present permission to stay is issued, that it will not have any consequences. Anyway, the above is only speculation because normally IO will never find out that you did withdraw the funds.
  3. This is not correct. You CAN do your 90-report on-line after having re-entered the country. It is only if you have NOT left the country for years (and hence are not in the database) that you will not be able to do your 90-day report on-line.
  4. Hi Tanoshi, If that would be the case I would recommend everybody to ignore the 800K/400K bank-balance once they get their 1-year extension of stay stamp. And do a border-run at the end of their permission to stay and apply for a new Visa and subsequent extension of stay. Once the 1-year permission to stay is secured again - do the same game of withdrawing all the funds. I am exagerating of course, but am not so sure whether deliberately withdrawing the funds would be without consequences from IO-side. Having slipped once by accident under the tresshold or not being able to provide proof of foreign origin of a monthly transfer, is imo of a different order than withdrawing the funds. Knowing that IO does not even provide leniency for such slips and will often force you to exit the country to apply for a new visa in such cases, makes me not very confident that they will be compassionate when they find out you withdrew the funds that were the condition for your 1-year permission to stay.
  5. Hi ragabob, You probably also will have to open a new SCB-account once you relocate to Krabi, and transfer the funds to that new account. Otherwise it will be difficult for you to get the required bank-documents from your CM-branch when doing your 1-year extensions in Krabi. So before you relocate it might be useful to already get the SCB documents from your CM-account. Also there might be costs involved when doing transactions with your CM-account that would be free-of-charge with a Krabi-account.
  6. Hi Tanoshi, You are correct but poster does not meet the requirements for his 1-year extension YET but normally will be in compliance by end of July. Hence he wanted to apply for a 60-day extension, to ensure his application for the 1-year extension would not be turned down for having let his permission to stay expiry date slip.
  7. Yes, so it looks they were really doing you a favor by not letting you pay 1.900 THB for the 60-day extension, which would give you till almost same date as the automatic 31 July amnesty you have now. But indeed whether it was a real favor or a 'poisoned' one, will only become clear when end of July they accept your 1-year extension of stay application for reason of dependant child. Did you note the name of the friendly officer that interacted with you? I would for sure ask for her again when doing your 1-year extension application end of July.
  8. Maybe IO was trying to be helpful, because a 60-day extension would be approx till same date as the automatic extension till 31 July you have now. However, the point for you applying for the 60-day extension was to ensure that you could apply at the end of it for the 1-year extension of stay for reason of dependant child. Without the 60-day extension it is possible - like UJ suggests - that they might refuse you the 1-year extension end of July because your extension of stay expired, forcing you to leave the country and apply for a new Non Imm O Visa from scratch.
  9. You can do it in person, but it's absolutely certain that there are no consequences when skipping your 90-day report so why the effort of going to your IO when not needed. However, doing it on-line is recommended but for a different reason > since it is not sure that you will be able to do your next 90-day report on-line again if you let the due date slip, and that would force you to do your next report in person or by mail. For folks like myself that live far away from their local IO, that would be a real pain so I did mine on-line during the 15 day before till due date window.
  10. Obviously the poster was referring to doing this once the borders are open again, and till then his present permission to stay is automatically extended. And as @JackThompson pointed out in his fully correct post #8, he should only go that road if it turns out that his local IO is unwilling to change his 1-year permission to stay from marriage to retirement, when his permission to stay is due to expire. He should of course also be aware that the financial requirements for a 1-year extension of stay for reason of retirement, require that he kept 800K in his personal thai bank-account during the first 3 and last 2 months of the preceding 12 months, and that he did not go under 400K during the intermediate 7 months.
  11. For sure there would be no reason for him to return to Switzerland. If he meets the requirements but is refused a 90-day Non Imm O Visa at his local IO, there are only 2 reasons why that could be the case: - the permission to stay from his current Visa-entry has expired, and his local IO does not want to provide a Non Imm O Visa during the Amnesty; - he is on a different type Visa (e.g. Non Imm O-A) and the permission to stay of that Visa has not expired yet. In both cases a simple border-run and returning VisaExempt would solve the issue. So once the borders are open again he could do this (but he might be confronted with quarantaine-measures or covid-insurance requirements once the borders open again).
  12. I trust you are correct, but I cannot think of any reason why some IOs might want the consent and approval of your wife, to switch to a retirement-extension. Any idea what could be the thinking behind this?
  13. Yes, it is available and please note that proof of the 800K does not need to be in a thai bank-account. In case you are looking for other alternatives to avoid the mandatory thai IO-approved health-insurance scam, I did PM you a comprehensive guideline document outlining all details/options to apply for a Non Imm O - retirement Visa, which does not require the thai IO-approved health-insurance scam. >> To access your PM-messages just click the letter-icon next to your Profile when logged-in to the Forum
  14. Hi ragabob, Obviously it was not my intention to scare you, but you being unaware of the potential consequences of not meeting the financial requirements anymore of your 1-year permission to stay, might bring you in some real trouble. But doing as you wrote in your first paragraph will avoid any problems. > I am somewhat puzzled about your writing that you were at CM Immigration yesterday, so why did you not not do your 90-day report in person while over there?
  15. The immigration officer telling you that you 'are good' till 31 July, is only half of the story. Yes, you will not be charged over-stay when not applying for your 1-year extension of stay before your end of June permission to stay expires However, what is not so sure, is whether you will be allowed to extend your 1-year permission to stay after that date. And that might force you to leave the country and start your application from scratch again. It is also possible that some tea-money (15.000 THB) will solve the issue of not having applied before permission to stay expiry-date. So it is recommended to apply for the 1-year extension before your current End of June permission to stay expires.
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