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  1. Anutin, the Thai minister of Health, was quoted as stating that 'Nobody would be Left Behind' and clarified that those that could spread the Virus (the 'dirty farang' spring to mind), must be vaccinated (yes he used the word 'must' not 'could'). I sincerely hope that it is once again his usual bravado speaking here. But I am not 100% sure that it is Only Baloney because of course it would be easy to make vaccination mandatory as a condition when applying for your extension of stay, and it could be a nice money-maker too as nobody believes that such mandatory vaccine would be provid
  2. Yes, one would have to show a new (or extended) insurance policy when re-entering Thailand on the still valid Non Imm O-A Visa, in order to get once again stamped in with the 12 months permission to stay that Non Imm O-A Visa can provide you. The permission to stay you receive on re-entry will be capped to the insurance validity date, so it is a matter of having the insurance extended prior to re-entering Thailand. > I did PM you a Guideline document on how to meet the 400K/40K health-insurance requirement when applying for the Non Imm O-A Visa in your home-country. In case you are n
  3. Hi, I did PM you a Guideline document on how to stay long-term in Thailand when +50 years (so eligible for 'retirement' Visa/extensions). I agree with @DrJack54 that when married to a Thai national, that 1 - applying in your home-country for the 1-year MultipleEntry Non Imm O Visa for reason of marriage; OR 2 - entering Thailand VisaExempt and applying at your local IO for the 90-day Non Imm O visa for reason of marriage and subsequently applying for the 1-year extension based on that original Non Imm O Visa; is probably your best option. With current border restr
  4. I surely agree with your conclusion. And it sounds logical and I think that you are indeed correct that a work-permit is required to do any work that brings in an income. However, I read several posts on the Forum that the criterion was not so much interpreted by some IOs as generating income, but whether the work you are doing could be done by a Thai. And that people doing work in their own or wife's home, e.g. renovating, or doing work for a friend, might get in trouble for doing that when a vindictive neighbor reports them to Immigration. Also read that doing on-line work wi
  5. Sweet childhood memories When I was young, my mother used to read me Winnie the Pooh before going to sleep. But I still think it is the most vindictive chapter in Nelson Mandela's autobiography.
  6. The XXX app is not necessary, but it might prove useful during the 15-days quarantaine to relieve some tension...
  7. Next report day would be 90 days from date it was approved. Having submitted your 90-day report on-line, you need to check the STATUS. Please note that it can be instantaneously or take a couple of hours to a couple of days before the PENDING status is accepted by your local IO and displays as APPROVED. Clicking the small icon to the right of the row with the APPROVED notification you are then able to print-out both the Notification as well as the Receipt of Notification which displays your next 90-day reporting date (and which you are supposed to keep in your passport as proof that
  8. I bought my PCX in november 2017. Twice I had a flat battery, by simply turning off the engine and not putting the manual switch in 'lock' position (drive is far left - locking the front-wheel is far right) and after a couple of hours the battery was dead. If you have the battery draining problem even with switch in lock-position, there is indeed definitely something wrong and would require a Honda mechanic with electrical background to investigate and solve the problem.
  9. What better way of countering this Ultra Skeptic, than with an excerpt from an article by Sheldrake himself. As soon as we accept the theory that the mind is more extensive than the brain, a whole range of unexplained phenomena begin to make sense. These include the sense of being stared at, telepathy, and a whole range of even more mysterious phenomena like premonitions. All of these things are normal: normal in the sense that they are common, many have experienced them, they actually happen, and they are part of nature. Yet they are all considered taboo from the point of view of con
  10. Thanks for reminding me to listen again to the great King Crimson band. My favorite being Starless (12'30"), on the epic Red album...
  11. I have had several telepathic experiences in my life, so there is no need for me to 'ignore the evidence' as you put it. Just to give 2 personal examples (which also show that telepathy is not limited to life endangering situations when all your sensors are on guard, but also in very mundane casual circumstances). 1 - I vividly recall a mind-reading experience I had when I was approx 10 years old. Our teacher had a book which he wanted to give to one of the pupils. To make it a fair dealing, he told his class of about 25 children that he would think of a number from 1 to 100
  12. As I wrote earlier > there is much more to this matter than superstitious beliefs. Thanks for the link, will check it out.
  13. What a bunch of crappy biased BS you are spewing out here!
  14. Yes, for sure I am not (yet) the 'turning the other cheek' person. Unless of course, we are talking about doing a moony.
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