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  1. Never underestimate Thai drivers. If there's a short cut they'll find it or make it. Never let hardships deter.
  2. '32 feet from an island' Too precise to be believable. What about their personal belongings? IE clothes, shoes, handbags, makeup bags etc. Now where do I send my 'Go Fund Me' donation?
  3. Why don't you go out and find where the noise is coming from instead of getting us to guess what device is making the noise? Simple innit?
  4. What ever happened to that good ol' Aussie saying 'Nah worries mate'. Seems the Aussies do worry.
  5. We/I am talking cyclists and pedestrians combined. Those 2 combined exceed the amount of motorcycle/cars in Thailand. Hypocrite.
  6. WHO credits only 8% of deaths on Thai roads to bicycles and pedestrians. So that would indicate it's better to cycle or walk in Thailand.
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