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  1. I have a 'Whole house surge protector' fitted prior to my consumer unit. Seems to work.
  2. Above is 'Off topic'. I won't bother watching 'The Disappearance of Madeline McCann' as the documentary contains nothing new. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2019/mar/15/disappearance-madeleine-mccann-netflix-review-moral-failure
  3. Does the prog get answers to the 48 questions Kate McCann refused to answer when questioned by the police? I'd only watch it if it did.
  4. It's not the dog or gun that is the problem. It's usually the owner. How many in Thailand have seen dog owners training their dogs or taking them a walk? Me, I've never. Almost all dogs are in Thailand are guard dogs to protect the owners property or to keep ghost at bay. Other than that Thais couldn't give a toss as to their well being or needs.
  5. You could safely say that about all dogs. And how do we know all 6 dogs took part in the attack. Probably just assumed that cuz 6 dogs were found at the scene.
  6. I took it at face value. It was a woman victim. Same as I looked at it in that she was attacked by dogs.
  7. Obviously you do not know what a Pitbull is cuz they're banned in the UK. The dogs you know of are not Pitbulls. Quite a common occurrence from people who don't know dog breeds.
  8. Originally in the Victorian times they were kept to keep as family pets due to their good nature with children. It was only later that they were bred and trained for pit fighting.
  9. If she was asleep and her face was numb how did she know the dog tried to wake her? Why after trying to wake her did it suddenly changed it's mind and chewed her face off?
  10. Mine has never hurt anyone. Scared people yes due to the myths spread about the breed. I admit it will kill cats, or snakes, if they get into the garden but other than that...................
  11. First person ever to receive a full face transplant was a French woman when a dog ripped her face off. Guilty breed was a Labrador.
  12. Where's the pics? Naming the dogs as Pitbulls without showing proof of breed is plain wrong. Over 20 breeds are misidentified as being Pitbulls.
  13. Never underestimate Thai drivers. If there's a short cut they'll find it or make it. Never let hardships deter.
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