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  1. Long term respiratory problems from Air Pollution, please. Once the CoVid-19 virus reduces the population in half, air pollution from vehicles, coal-fired power plants, and crop burning will also be halved as demand is reduced. Win-win for those of us still alive!? Peace
  2. Yes Thai friendly is a very popular way to search for and hook up with local freelancer ladies. Social media is changing the world. Got to change with it. Peace
  3. You cannot buy land a house is on if you are an alien.. So first you say you cannot buy land, then you say you paid for the land and the house where you live. Which is it - 5555 Peace
  4. So my cell phone is now a weapon that can electrocute me?
  5. An open bar (no air conditioning). Sells beer (also wine and spirits). Thai ladies would tell you, "work at barbeer on Soi 8". Maybe that is how the name stuck. Used to be the bars to go to to find a lady for the night. Sit at bar, play games....dice game, connect 4, shoot a game of pool, talk to ladies, have fun. Many still in Pattaya on the major roads, many shut down as new hotels and condos replace them. Not a great place for the working girls these days I think. Many older ladies, yet many still busy with drinkers day and night. Two old ones at the end of Soi 7 and Soi 8 facing Beach road, have been there for 20 years + are usually populated day and night with beer drinkers. Peace
  6. Great lengthy post. lots of boasting about your personal finances and feeling sorry for the Thais and Thailand. Sorry you feel Thailand is not up to your standards of business, cleanliness, beer prices, or girls. But the fact is Thailand for the last 19 years has had steady tourism growth and income from tourism. Up over 10% of GDP is from tourism. Your Thai bashing is unoriginal and unnecessary. Thailand will still be here after you are gone to get your cheap beer in Cambodia and Vietnam. A couple of observations Why do you call your son "my Thai son"? Why not just son? You like to get drunk, which is a bit odd if you have a family. 2nd comment on getting drunk 2nd comment boasting about your wealth. This statement makes no sense at all. What type of farang food is only worth 50 baht in your mind? In the USA you cannot get a hamburger for 50 baht, so why would the same hamburger in Thailand only be worth 50 baht? Imported foods cost more. But imported foods cost more in any country. Live long and Prosper. Peace
  7. People from Wuhan that visited Thailand up until the quarantine in China may have been infected, but very few if any. Currently after ~3 weeks of tracking by WHO, the number infected in Wuhan - Hubei is less than 1% So out of that 1% those who traveled to Thailand out of possible 2 million visitors would statistically be less than 1/10 of 1%. So around 2000 possible. If viruses spread as some people believe on this forum, the regular influenza would infect millions every year. Remember, there is no drug to cure any type of influenza, and so far nothing has shown that this CoVid-19 is more lethal than a normal "flu" . Vaccines for swine flu and avian flu developed in past years, are still not 100% effective, 10's of thousands die every year from influenza in the U.S. Same in other countries. The notion that the Thai government is somehow "not reporting" cases, is of course possible. Yet as others have said, social media, the doctors and health workers in all the Private hospitals, would be reporting cases to WHO as they are not run by the government.
  8. Yes, of course many "diseases" of unknown origin in the world that some will contract. Never heard that someone could give you cerebral palsy though, is a brain disorder manifesting after birth or a birth defect AFAIK Peace
  9. No one can give you a permanent problem. You can spend your whole life blaming others, the world, etc... but your successes and failures are entirely your responsibilities. Mental health is like physical health, you must maintain it yourself, if you do not it will become an illness. Physical exercise will help your mental outlook. Glad the CBD oil is helping A few months a year here in LOS and finding a nice girl here...all positives. Peace
  10. Hospitals are for those contracting diseases and injured by accident. This is neither
  11. Should have visited one of the many establishments on Soi Honey or Soi Bbbjcim. Location, location, location! Peace
  12. Do not agree Neeranam. Intimacy between 2 humans is one of the most loving, pleasurable, and psychologically healthy behaviors you can participate in. Touching and being touched is important to your well-being in many ways (google it) The idea that humans are monogamous is a ridiculous theory perpetuated by religious dogma, never by science or anthropologists. That said, am sure some Thai ladies do not "enjoy" their encounters with foreign men, but many do. The ladies who do not, likely should find another job. But in reality, 50% of all people do not truly "like" their jobs, but still perform them to make money. Almost everyone has prostituted themselves to make money. Psychological consequences occur frequently in many professions. Soldiers, Police, Firefighters, Doctors, Nurses, can all be damaged psychologically after witnessing a death or severe bodily harm of another. Definitely not the same "consequences" as your theory on women being damaged selling sex, do you think?
  13. ? So you want to marry her now, yet you say if she want someone else more better for me? Maybe your only concern is for the child, which will likely have better education and opportunity in Israel. Good luck sir Peace
  14. Glad i'm not from Belgium, seems most everyone "passes on" in their 60's! And yes, things have changed in Pattaya since the 90's. How profound. 555 Peace
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