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  1. Actually used google which says 90 days from yesterday, August 20, is November 18. August and October have 31 days. So IO made a 0ne day mistake. 90 days from August 26 is November 24 (get a calendar or use google...today is August 21)
  2. Have been married and with a couple women long term in the USA and did not have these ideal "mutual respectful" experiences you speak of, so very encouraging that it could happen in Thailand. Or maybe it is just me not wanting monogamy anymore that is the deal breaker 555
  3. Yes the floating sea- buoy or whatever it was called. Remember that ridiculous bobbing house anchored at sea claiming they are living in international waters . Will have to find a Thai millionaire and us foreigners cannot own islands ! 55
  4. Only got to page 6. Fast moving thread here More family and friends would be alive today if there was a ban on motorcycles and cars worldwide. One death too many, hahaha. More passenger deaths in those infernal combustion driven death traps than secondhand smoke will ever kill. Think Thailand needs an island community like Hydra in Greece or Mackinac island in the USA. No vehicles allowed, you walk or ride bicycles or ride in a rickshaw. Electric wheelchairs allowed for the disabled. Food and water would be shipped or literally "drop" shipped from drones and dirigibles. Ganja, wine and home brew grown and made locally for those who partake. Any millionaires willing to fund me to start an eco-island community here in LOS? Just send a PM
  5. When talking "business profits" think that depends on the business. Pattaya is more about the Chinese and Indian all part of scheduled "tours", so Hotels, 7-11's, Malls, parasailing, and noodle and fruit street vendors still busy. The Tiffany show parking lot is full of tour buses every night I have been by no matter what "season" It is evident that the "type" of tourism has been changing and the businesses that have not changed their focus to accommodate "tour" groups are failing to some extent and will likely continue to do so.
  6. Unless the movements are by dogs or cats or birds! 555 Cats are nocturnal, soi dogs am not sure
  7. So these guys are old, have pre existing conditions, came to thailand and started families? (more than one 55) Not what expats in retirement and with unhealthy pre-existing conditions should not be doing IMO As mentioned, most insurers will sign you up until the age of 70. Pre-existing conditions not covered for several years or ever Other than that take solace that they have 800,000 baht in the bank to start over in a neighboring country
  8. In which world does this sentence make sense? Working for the government means your salary is paid by taxpayers. Working for the government means you do not have to be concerned with profits and losses. Some crazy spending by the U.S. federal government: $1 million bus stop in Virginia, $5 million on studying drinking habits of college students, $136 million sponsoring a NASCAR driver to help recruitment into the national guard, which netted 0 recruits. The list goes on. So if someone in the U.S. government is given the job to help this guy, the money spent would come from the U.S. taxpayers, hence it would not cost "them" anything
  9. Sure does, U.S. taxpayers now supply more money annually for Retired military veterans than we do for Active military. That is a lot of money spent, plus all the free medical benefits at VA hospitals, GI bill, low interest loans for houses, etc.. You would think someone in the U.S. military / government would look into the allegations for this family. Would not cost them anything in reality as all their salaries are paid by taxpayers
  10. From the article linked, “They (prosecutors) don’t have a picture (implicating Keller). They don’t have a video, they don’t have a money trail, they don’t have any documents that he signed, they don’t have anything. None of that exists," Tanya Keller said. Missionaries who have been able to visit Derrick Keller report he’s lost 70 pounds, is disheartened and worried. This guy was part of a TV thread several months ago, the guy signed up with an agency in China to be an American "model" or an American "spokesperson" for some Chinese company as I recall.
  11. He could set up a bank account for the child and put money there for her. Pretty simple, unless the mother takes away the ATM The kid is already suffering me thinks. That train has already left the station The mother and her family are all toxic narcissists the OP stated in his previous thread
  12. Heart rate and longevity Reminds me of the tortoise and hare story in a way Turtles 25 BPM, live over 100 years. Rabbits 150 BPM, live 2 years
  13. Yes, children should be raised by loving parents, you are doing the right thing , and yet she will still be spending time with her mother and that side of the family unfortunately it seems. Very difficult situation and one I have not experienced, so am wrong to give advice, my apologies. You are trying to do the right thing obviously Good luck sir
  14. If I went back to USA, would never have the fun and luxury I have here...ginboy and another poster must be very wealthy as living in Chicago isn't cheap. Livin in USA would cost me 3 times or more what I spend here.
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