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  1. Exactly - number of expats accounts for ~ 2% of Thailands population (not counting the "migrants" from Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar)
  2. Good post - but only relavent to those with medical coverage in the USA and/or VA health benefits (only provided by taxpayers to veterans in the USA and Canada) . Glad you have so many options. Maybe in a few years I would consider another country but for now Thailand has what I need at a price I can afford.
  3. I think it makes sense and I'm no financial wizard. If your wife secures a loan using property, how will she pay it back if she does not have a good job. Am sure the bank needs to know that she has personal income (a Job) so she is able to pay back the loan. Many here have wives that do not work - so having wife get a bank loan is not possible
  4. 5000 baht for smoking, 2000 baht for littering (throwing butt on the ground), and just 500 baht more for doing so while riding your motorbike on the pedestrian walkway out front of the restaurant.
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