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  1. I recently got True Internet "fiber" installed - which after a bit of research is actually DOCSIS 3.0 cable, not fiber - and I'm having a lot of problems with the crappy router they provided. The router is Humax HG100-RE, listed here https://uk.humaxdigital.com/network/hg100re-02/ I've noticed when I have the AC off in my condo, it overheats and the Internet connection starts slowing down to a crawl. After testing for multiple variables, I'm pretty sure it only happens with the AC off, as the router is noticeably warmer. I have a server running in my internal network which calls home to another jump point, and after a few days of being away (AC off of course) the server doesn't connect any more. If I go to the condo, the server is running fine, but again, no Internet because of the crappy router. Long story short, has anyone replaced the router with another off the shelf one? TP-Link seems to have a few like this https://www.tp-link.com/us/products/details/cat-5513_TC-7610.html they are a bit expensive but I would prefer to replace the Humax crap that having to suffer this on a daily basis.
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