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  1. I tried looking for it, and I can only find a 500/500 package plus dtv with 10gb 4g for 899... https://trueonline.truecorp.co.th/package I believe my extra 4g GB are a bonus for being with True for 3 years now, so perhaps my reduced price is too? Sorry can’t help you much more than this. I think it’s still a good value at 899, and if you ask True nicely they might offer you an additional 10gb a month for 4g free of charge.
  2. I have True fiber 500/500, with 35gb 4g internet free on my mobile plus hundreds of channels all for only 750 baht a month. Very happy with it, I have hit real download and upload speeds in excess of 65 mb/s (500 mbit) when downloading internationally. In benchmarks it even goes up to 530 mbit, so I think it could hit 1000 if I had contracted that speed. The bottleneck is usually the remote site, so I prefer 500/500 to 1000/200. Note that this is connected over Ethernet, WiFi varies between 150 to 400 depending on how far I am from the router. I have also disabled WiFi on the True router and use my own router with WiFi and Ethernet to connect all my devices, which then connects to the True one. Used to have lots of WiFi connection drops on the True router, not anymore. Those True fiber routers look the part but are a piece of <deleted>.
  3. So here's something for you to think about. Below is the stock price of two of the biggest banks in the world that have not hit their previous highs in over 10 years... Royal Bank of Scotland / NatWest Deutsche Bank
  4. Don't get this the wrong way, but sounds like you're way in over your head, and rationalising both your losses and future prospects. My opinion is the same as other posters - the pain has just started, and it will most likely go down further. You're in a tough situation, and let's think about your options: 1) eat the loss 2) eat half the loss, keep the other in 3) keep everything in I really don't expect the stock to come back up to those levels for AT LEAST two years, maybe 3 to 5. So I guess the question you have to ask yourself is - are you prepared to keep that money "invested" for 3+ years? Bear in mind in those 3 years you might only end up with the same amount you invested in. If you sell and realise the loss (or half of it) and invest the rest in a stock market index and / or gold / silver and possibly make up some of that loss in the next few years. Like I said, tough choices, and an expensive lesson. Again don't take this the wrong way, but you don't sound like you have enough knowledge to do single stock investing. I'd suggest you stay away from it in the future and buy cheap stock market indices instead. If you're adventurous and looking to gamble, I'd suggest bitcoin instead.
  5. Great move, this will solve all their problems, end corruption and transform Barbados into a super power!
  6. I heard from a very close friend, who has years of experience on Tinder, that “looking for a long term relationship”, “no hookups” and “no one night stands” in women’s profiles pics mean the opposite 99% of the time. Said friend also mentioned that most of the women who write this end up in his bed on the first date. You might use Tinder in that way but you’re deluding yourself if you think everyone else does. Almost all the men and women on Tinder are there for sex, no matter what lies they say to your face or in their profiles.
  7. It will go up to $2500 at least, but not in a few weeks. I’m aiming for middle or end of next year.
  8. Here's an update: I ended up getting 500 mbit download / 500 upload instead of 1000 download / 200 upload. Speeds are amazing, I have hit 530+ mbit both in download and upload. That's 67 megabytes per second! I prefer to have 500 / 500 but I bet their 1000 / 200 can hit the advertised speeds.
  9. Thanks Sheryl, I'll email them before I order to confirm.
  10. Sorry, one final question - did you use any additional services from shipito, like let them fill in the customs form, or just their standard receive and ship service? I just want to make sure I do everything as you did to ensure I do not have to pay additional tax.
  11. Thanks! Which Shipito shipping method did you use? DHL?
  12. shipito.com has a service where they provide you with a US address, my plan is to use that to order a customised Lenovo laptop that I cannot buy in Thailand. Even with the shipito + shipping charges it's way cheaper than buying here. The problem is of course customs. I read online that excise duty is not charged on laptop imports, only VAT. This seems to be confirmed by the calculations on this website: https://www.easyship.com/duties-and-taxes-calculator/thailand?value=1500&category=computers_laptops&currency=USD&origin=usa Is this true? Does anyone have experience of this? I don't want to order one and then get slapped with an arbitrary free from Thai customs. DHL will be handling the interaction so at least I don't have to deal with them directly, which is a nightmare by itself.
  13. I bought a true 200 mbit package and can hit about 231 mbit in a Thai speed test. International download speeds have a sustained peak at 6 mb/s / 50 mbit. How is True’s fiber in comparison? How are your speeds in central BKK ?
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