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  1. Anyway I'm glad everyone got their funds back. I would certainly be sweating if I had any there while this was happening. Crypto can be a wild ride.
  2. Agreed, and only in reputable exchanges with a long history. Binance is my favourite by far. Coinbase is good too but don't expect it to perform very well during large pumps or dumps. Honestly I can't trust any others at this point.
  3. How do you know they don't use AWS dedicated servers?
  4. Should have used Binance, your funds are safu over there.
  5. Just heard from someone close to a top insider that it crashed because of too many people signing up, not a hack. Not sure if I buy that explanation, but let's wait and see.
  6. Still down. I'm starting to sense a hack. Thai cyber security is atrocious, even for banks.
  7. Because they serve completely different purposes, one is for speculation the other for disaster insurance. OP: I doubt any shops will accept USD, and if they do expect a heavy markup.
  8. I’m happy with the Thai standard, as it will be more liquid here, and I probably have to pay a higher premium for 99.99%.
  9. Thanks for all the answers. It’s not really for investment, more for long term insurance. I guess the more time I spend in Asia the more I become like them Those Hang Seng coins look pretty good, I’ll have to check them out. Looks like the premium is the same as in a one baht bar, so won’t pay more for them vs the bar.
  10. That’s a good point, and while money laundering will be easy, I suspect it’s quite easy to launder money in Thailand with or without a casino.
  11. My teacher is excellent, I have been learning for about 1.5 years and can now read, write and speak. Minimum 2 hours lesson at 350 baht per hour, PM me if you want her line.
  12. Rule #1: don't invest in what you don't understand. There's nothing stopping Bitcoin from going to 0 tomorrow, although it's highly unlikely. More likely: heavy government regulation that can cause the price to tank 90% overnight.
  13. This is the right answer. Is there evidence that masks don't work? No. Is there evidence that they work? Nope. Since we don't know, it's best to use them anyway. They cause no harm and are cheap. It's just a piece of cloth on your face <deleted>. I don't get the mask hate.
  14. 99% of people wear seatbelts, yet thousands of people still die on car crashes with them on. Seatbelts don't work!
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