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  1. Why specify 'greedy Thai landlords'? Greedy British landlords are behaving in exactly the same way and sending their tenants to the wall by the thousand.
  2. I suspect his role model is a British guy named Dominic Cummings.
  3. For many years my airline of choice - particularly with their excellent free lounges. And the Bangkok Air airport at Sukothai must rate as one of the world's most beautiful.
  4. But if the masseuse's hands are covered with soap no problem - soap kills the virus eficiently. Now that's a thought. . . . . .
  5. In some countries stone or brick was reserved for religious structures and wood was for the people -'though pretty soon masonry was extended to kings etc.
  6. She doesn't look like a nun to me - maybe she's caught religion since this photo was taken - what a loss!
  7. I see the knee jerk Thailand bashers are out in force this morning. We are all in this frightful pandemic together and we can only overcome it if we fight it together - not each other.
  8. It's not clear from the article whether it is the virus itself becoming weaker or the epidemic is weakening. If it is the former, this is very good news indeed.
  9. I'm sure soapy massages are ok as we have repeatedly been informed by the highest medical authorities that soap efficiently kills the CONVID-19 virus
  10. I agree - but Viet Nam too is a contender
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