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  1. British expatriate Michael - the reply to your question about the necessity for masks can be found in the death statistics for the United Kingdom and the USA.
  2. Not poor food, small food. My Thai wife reckoned that the portion served in quite a pricey Japanese restaurant was too small. A second portion was immediately provided (and not charged)
  3. Yes, This is what I did but with the lump sum and had to show 1.6million in the joint account. However as other posters suggest, it doesn't always work and it's far safer to use a single name account.
  4. I was glad to have had the opportunity to complete the survey and obviously hope that it can be used to some effect . . . . .
  5. Thanks for this clear guidance - I found it really useful
  6. Why is alcohol missing from the above list? Certainly far more harmful than cannabis.
  7. When I lived in Pakistan I was always a trifle worried when a prayer was recited over the pa system each time before takeoff on PIA flights!
  8. Yes, you are basically correct but here in Chiang Mai the Antique House restaurant next to the River market was demolished and rebuilt in the same style and it really does look very good.
  9. In general you are perfectly correct but there are exceptions and sometimes elected governments are awful. When I lived in Pakistan and General Musharraf took over, things improved overnight. Corruption went down, religious extremism was reduced, censorship down too.
  10. I don't know where you get your figure of only 20% of Thais being 'good people' (statistical evidence please). Here in Chiang Mai I can count on the fingers of one hand of those Thais who have attempted to rip me off after 4 years here. Of course I'm street wise as I would be in any large city and avoid occasions where I can be scammed. There is the occasional chemist who offers me the non-generic version of medicines, or the red bus driver who tries it on. This is no worse than the commonplace scams in my home city of Brighton, England. Fake smiles or not, the process of shopping is immensely more pleasurable and less stressful than in many other countries. And the levels of service and courtesy in shops and restaurants is unbeatable. I can accept your guesstimate that 80%of Farangs are good people - just sad that so many of the other 20% are always ready to sound off against their hosts on Thai Visa. From what I read in the British and American press life is not a bed of roses for immigrants there.
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