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  1. does not twitter have a limit on words/letters that can be posted on its site ?? Same should apply on here....i lose track of some posts, because I do not read properly and skip some words due to the post BEING FAR TOO LONG !!!
  2. depends on where you live.....if pattaya then try SIAMSBURIES or SIAM EXPAT FOODS, saiam country club road on right hand side going down....
  3. just how pathetic this is.....a machine to give pleaseure to young generation AND IT IS CLASSED as GAMBLING ????!!! I think the machines are there for youngsters pleasure, trying to win a cheap prize ( which to a kid is great pleasure if they win) and they get a nice little cuddly bear.....JUST WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS ??
  4. i have had my Triton for 13 years had it serviced when one should....never had any problems....it only has 71 k kms on the clock....would buy another definately
  5. does it matter....whatever IT WAS the guy did not pay.....
  6. no twigs or branches in photo to say that there is/are some roadworks nearby !!
  7. what the hell are you talking about, I just made a statement regading myself......
  8. just take a utility bill that you have paid recently that is proof of address, it is as simple as that, why dont you go to Trendy house and seek info from there Soi 13 Bangkok, or google "what is required to renew Uk passport " get the info from the horses mouth !!
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