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  1. Maybe you should read the entire thread and learn the answers to your questions instead of parading your prejudices and ignorance so blatantly. Since you clearly have a reading comprehension issue, let me state it once again: I wanted to understand the process. She didn't need me to do anything for her. She found a lawyer on her own and went through the process to a successful conclusion. Your interest is appreciated, sort of like hemorrhoids.
  2. I've seen that all over the world. The people are proud to have learned English and want to show that fact, or they want to practice. In any event, it's seldom meant as an insult. I've found that you let people speak whatever language they want until there's an impasse, then it will logically get resolved in the common language that both speak.
  3. I've always thought of it as the 'when in Rome, do as the Romans' kind of a thing. If I'm in their country, the least I could do is try to learn/speak their language. It's just common courtesy. I'm sure that most people expect foreign visitors to their native country to speak the local language, too, for the most part. Thai is a tough nut to crack, but I expect to add it to my list.
  4. Plenty of available women in every country, period. You think a blind man asks where the kitty is from or whose mouth is on his johnson?
  5. A final resolution to this problem. The GF had her day in court. Took about 30 minutes and the judge granted the divorce upon grounds of abandonment. The ex didn't bother to show up, which only helped.
  6. I don't see that it's changed all that much in that respect since I came here in 1983, just a bit more sophisticated at times due to the innovations in technology. I was held up at gunpoint in Bangkok back in 1983 by a senior police official who wanted to make an extra 200 baht by making up some infraction. When I told where to put it, he pulled his gun and stuck it in my face. I gave him his 200 baht. Of course, there was no receipt. Has it really changed?
  7. As 'bad' as it has gotten here, it's still the best place to be. Name me a place that doesn't totally suck if you really look at it. It's so easy to get pissed off by the various situations that constantly arise here, but it's just as easy to just say 'that's Thailand' and then notice all of the good things and reasons that you're really here for. My cup is always full.
  8. I ate at Fuji in Samui last night and they added a service charge. Total bullshit. We didn't leave a tip. Nikki Beach Samui charges a service charge which they use to pay for their entire entertainment program. Anything that might be left over is disbursed to the employees. It doesn't amount to much. Again, a total bullshit way of doing business.
  9. Ya know, the early bird gets the worm, right? Isn't it the same with hitmen? FYI: Uh, people, that's a joke. Funny. Laugh.
  10. My Thai girlfriend's husband abandoned her 8 years ago after a year of marriage and running up mounds of debt. Typical story. My question is what can she do to be legally divorced when she hasn't seen nor heard from him in years?
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