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  1. I used to buy those pee-test packages at GMC in FL. I'd actually smoke a joint on the way to the test. Always passed, but drinking 2 gallons of tea...damn! I also have a USCG 100-ton license.
  2. Total nonsense. It will still be detectable in your system for 30-60 days.
  3. You must be joking. Your post implies competence on the part of the police.
  4. Agreed. I only have to look at my wife to know that. Some of you people just have no clue.
  5. Exactly. This needs to be a choice in the survey. One way or another, long-stay foreigners should have the ability to take care of themselves. They talk about 400,000/40,000, I believe. Why not offer the option to put 500,000 into an account, much like we have to do now for the retirement or marriage extensions?
  6. One side wants the human species to survive, the other side wants as many immediate profits as it can get and to helll with the future. Those are the only sides that I see.
  7. Come on, tell the truth. Isn't the only real criteria someone who says 'yes'?
  8. Blind man doesn't care how old the kitty is, just that's it's accommodating.
  9. Hard to believe that the son of a man who committed a coup against the Thai people and government, a criminal for breaking the law and violating the constitution, should be such a head-up-his-asss military fanatic who doesn't believe in Democracy.
  10. God forbid anyone should let reality get in the way of what they want to believe.
  11. Seems more realistic. In any event, it still shows that the Thai vocabulary is very limited next to English, therefore taking more words to convey some single-word English concepts. Do you feel that Thai uses context in the same way or in place of the nuance of thought possible in English because of its greater vocabulary?
  12. Wow, one of the dirtiest, most unscrupulous banks on the planet. Makes me wonder what they're worried about in those records that they don't want seeing the light of day.
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