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  1. That's not a tank that's an armored vehicle. It's Ok you exaggerated in the heat of the moment while posting. That's a tank.....
  2. Please show us a picture of tanks deployed for floyd protests across the country.
  3. I missed the part where tanks were deployed as gov. buildings and police stations were burned to the ground. Enlighten me.
  4. That's hilarious, some old lady has a romp with Trump and she keeps the dress for what 35+ years. And you say maybe test the dress, get out of here.
  5. Supposedly there's day trips available. Anyone know about the boat service? I've read on Trip Advisor about a boat from Jomtein but not an accurate location of Boat landing. The Island is just off Sattahip.
  6. Good job of twisting words into a completely different meaning. Typical.....
  7. Another nothing story, an old lady trying to cash in and get a sec in the spotlight.
  8. He's also the go to guy for don lemon, cooper and one more guy thats lemon's lil buddy.
  9. My point was meant to be the media will keep Trump in the spotlight regardless. It will be the what ifs and is it possible kind of news that cnn likes to do with so called experts.
  10. The media will never let their cash cow free. They (the media) will hold tight on Trump because they know the less informed Trump haters will lap it up. What comes after his tax problem? You know something else will be brought up just to keep viewers.
  11. What was the name of the last conservative talk show host that passed which was made a topic on Thai Visa. The more famous, the bigger the audience of conservatism, the more threatened the liberals feel. Doesn't matter if it was RL or any other conservative talk show host the same hate filled posts would still be here. I don't care but please be honest enough to admit that. We all know why this thread was created. My main point was about the half staff flag, no Tv or radio personality deserves that.
  12. Alot of extreme hatred towards a person who speaks against liberalism, having said that I don't think any entertainment personality deserves the half staff flag.
  13. Got it, use of a president's middle name is forbidden.
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