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    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    You forgot the wall is "Immoral" don't you know.

    Help Me Pick My Venue for Next Year

    I have to say Jomtein would be an excellent place to hang your hat for awhile. Food, lodging, night markets, beach within walking distance. Bus direct to BKK.
  3. Decent start, but needs to be extended in certain areas as in the Rio Grand sector.
  4. Barriers in high traffic areas was a good idea before Trump became president. Now it's not. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because barriers are "Immoral" The hypocrisy is overwhelming.
  5. Crash and burn can be valuable life lessons. So Trump is a scallywag, but he's trying to do good on the border. All his personal flaws has diddley squat to do with improving border security.

    SURVEY: Build the Wall -- Yes or No?

    Wrong, 230 miles in select areas.
  7. I believe you are a little backwards on who TDS effects.
  8. That's exactly what he's advocating. A barrier in key areas. "The Great Wall" is something the far, far, far left are chanting without listening to what Trump is saying NOW. Pelosi has denied any funding at all for any kind of additional barrier.
  9. That's the craziness of all this. I've heard many congressman say they are in favor of additional border barriers in key areas which is EXACTLY what Trump is advocating. nancy and chuckie are the problems. Eliminate them from discussion and a deal could happen now.
  10. Job growth, economy doing well is for everyone as is border security.
  11. Pelosi is that person. Take her out of the picture and this would have been a done deal long ago.
  12. Walls are "Immoral" don't you know.
  13. Nothing like unbiased news reporting. Very sad.
  14. Did you get all that inside info from Bussfeed.