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  1. Except for rabies I've had all the above for 20+ years along with anthrax and small pox jabs. it was a job requirement. There's a difference as these have a proven track record vs covid which is still in the infancy stage.
  2. I miss buying shredded pastrami, not slices but shredded with havati cheese on a nice multi grain bread. The Makro in Pattaya has a large selection of all deli meats but all sold in little plastic containers, along with a large selection of cheeses. This is one diet that can increase your monthly spending. I refuse to pay these high prices except on occasion. Some who spend large in Thailand are doing so keeping up their western standards. If they have the funds more power to them, their choice.
  3. I had a sister who through being thrifty saved well, had a nice house but in the end didn't enjoy her money as I had wished before she passed. Me I'm about a happy medium.
  4. My overseas phone was a Nokia till 2019 in S'pore it was too old for a sim card, forced to upgrade. My US phone was a flip phone till then also.
  5. It's a way to get you in the door for perhaps more work done.
  6. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=happy+gilmore+crocodile&docid=608024140638937722&mid=734EAD6E52F8F3ED8AE1734EAD6E52F8F3ED8AE1&view=detail&FORM=VIRE
  7. I don't understand being shy about telling how much an item cost, not he same as boasting about money without money being the topic. Maybe it would be bad manners for a billionaire to brag to his workers how much money he has and spends. But guys on here (Thai Visa) we come from all socio economic backgrounds but not that different. I doubt if we have billionaires on here.
  8. My bad, you're dark red as opposed to red in Rayong where restaurants are open.
  9. It's just conversation, never understood why it's so taboo to discuss money. I have 1.05 mil/yr in pension plus extra money which gets <deleted> away easily. If I had 2 mil/yr I could spend that easily as well. Or, if I was single I could be happy with 30 K/mo. It's family that costs the money.
  10. What kind of place is it? Is it a coffee house, a bistro. Are they drinking and eating? Perhaps next time they will invite you to sit down.
  11. Awhile back there was a guy called himself "Canary Sun" lived in Pattaya on 10,000 bht/mo. Spent his day walking.
  12. 3 people, I spend around 1.2 Mil bht/yr. Real rough estimate, probably more. No payments for house and transportation. I don't keep any records, money in money out.
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