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  1. I'm not making fun of being 78 yrs old. I hope to live that long but it's still funny that the future president of the greatest country in the world was injured playing with a dog. Get used to the insults.
  2. I don't have much family left in the US, her school here is good, her mother's family loves her to death. Don't see the point in uprooting her from a good life right here. Asserting the USA is the greatest sure gets reactions huh........
  3. I'll bet harris is secretly practicing her acceptance speech.
  4. I have a daughter here in LOS, so your "assertion" has no merit. I have the finances to move back to the US but raising my kid is better done here.
  5. I'm the American market and I'd never buy it based on looks.
  6. It all comes down to money. I have a daughter here or else I'd still be a part timer here in LOS.
  7. It goes beyond interest the way non Americans make comments here. They want the USA to become like their home country which by the way they no longer live. I could go back to the USA and be a happy camper with my life there. How many posters on here could say the same?
  8. Old men who want to immigrate to this great nation expecting to be given everything without working.
  9. Please focus, if you paid attention this was about folks being jealous of the USA.
  10. Next time think before you write. You're replying to wrong post.
  11. America needs hardworking, freedom loving folks. Not old men who expect everything to be given them by the government. You're asking for a handout already.
  12. So it would be fair for the large cities and liberal strongholds to rule the country is what you're saying. That's what would happen. I think the system the US has is just fine. But as I've said the rest of the world is jealous of the US and it shows with all the interest foreigners have in our affairs.
  13. Where on beach rd would you say the fireworks were more centrally located. Just trying to figure out which hotel would be the best for a view of fireworks.
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