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  1. The W175 is 83,000 a Thai bike and the W250 is a Jap bike at over 200,000 bht.
  2. Automation..... I picked apples in upstate New York 1975, no Mexicans there, they relied on Jamaicans and black Americans, only white kid there at age 17. Used to be the Mexicans followed the crops and returned to Mexico. Not anymore, the illegals are into all kinds of decent paying jobs now....construction, warehouse work, factories. It's possible Americans have become so spoiled and lazy they don't want these manual jobs anymore. If so we need a work visa system where the family stays put and only the worker comes to the US.
  3. You got a blue light special there, me....I don't do the math, it's to depressing.
  4. Having a wife and kid only seriously increases spending. Alone I could have a comfy, quiet existence on 30K/mo. For 5500bht/mo I can have a room in a nice complex, park in front, have a little place in back patio for gas cooking, 2 km to beach. Leaves about 800bht a day for eating and essentials. Quite doable.
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