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  1. It will be interesting to hear her response if major of Chicago asks Trump for help with the widespread violence. A long ways till election time.
  2. This only boosts my theory that Yinn is an alter ego, perhaps someone who is gender confused. Does your wife know???
  3. Next SNL should be hilarious. Bits of kama as a student listening to rap and smoking a bong. ahahahaaaa Love the entertainment value.
  4. America cares, it shows her using racist stereotyping to gain acceptance with her black constituents. Surely the black voters can see through her lies.
  5. Could your argument get more silly. Well, it depends on your definition of "is" ahahaaa
  6. Harris is a politician, she is here for the black vote...no? She will say anything and turn on her blaclish speech to try to be black enough.
  7. But if I have 2 prospects for an employee and I pick the white guy because he'd be better suited for my clientele, that would be a nono. But, yes I understand biden's reason.
  8. What kind of candidate picks a candidate based on race and gender? Imagine me an employer who when choosing an employee hired based on race and gender. Oh wait, that's called affirmative action. Now the question is "Is she black enough" or will endless promises to blm help.
  9. It might when she starts promising the moon to blm. I only hope ole joe can keep her in check.
  10. I know this has been a source of amusement for lefties but don't understand. He walked cautiously down the ramp. End of story.
  11. Then why is it so talked about her being "a woman of color" ? I agree though, she's American, end of story.
  12. Cracked vacuum line off the carb can make run crappy.
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