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  1. I hate the creepers, the ones who start driving on the shoulder continuously pulling out into mad traffic instead of waiting for a clear road and gunning it.
  2. Had one dug in Sakon Nakhon some years back. Same thing.
  3. Saw the tail end of this on the news, asked the "ole lady" who he killed and she just sort of blew it off......yikes. I just recently retired and told bits and pieces of what she's got coming later on......yikes again.
  4. 2 yrs ago I bought a 40 ft connex box in Calif. from a place that's been selling for at least 20 yrs. Cost was 120,000 bht $4000.USD I doubt they will be much cheaper in Thailand. That would not make baht sense to convert to live in.
  5. That's just it, can't go fast. Has to be a crawl. Don't look down as you said, look to the end of beam and keeping legs tucked in also helps.
  6. Got the new 65" but so far just You Tube and Netflix, want to have channels for discovery, American football and UFC. AIS will save 1600bht/mo but not sure of dependability. Anyone have suggestions.
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