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  1. I'm going to talk to them to see if they can fix it. However, reading in here and elsewhere, it seems that Thai internet service providers are over-selling their services on inadequate infrastructure. So, I'm only cautiously hopeful that True can provide a relative fix to the problem. I don't need a super fast speed as I'm using Skpe type (and smaller, lower resolution) video chats.
  2. I currently live in BKK and engage in video chats with people in the U.S. We upgraded our internet service in our apartment to the fastest non-business package offered by True. However, it just totally cuts out (for 1-3 minutes at a time) about 10 random times per day and regularly results in dropped video chats. I'm wondering if I get a personal hotspot device then buy a high-speed sim card via AIS (or other provider) then tie my computer to that if I would prevent these dropped chat sessions. Anyone done this type of work-around? I don't want to pay 50kB/month for a business connection. Seems like one can get a hotspot device for around 5k and a high-speed sim for 600-900B/month. That would be comparable to what we're paying for the current True service.
  3. Might need to have two teeth pulled and a partial bridge. Any recommendations for a good dentist in Bangkok?
  4. Luckily, I quickly got from the Chicago Consulate my non-imm, one-year, multi-entry visa to visit my Thai wife in Thailand. When I arrive at her apartment in BKK, do I have to submit the TM28 and TM30 within 24 hours? I'm a bit worried as she lives in an apartment that isn't at all in a place where Thais deal with farangs (I go for days in that neighborhood without seeing a non-Thai). My expectation is that whoever is running her apartment isn't going to know anything about how to deal with those forms. I understand you can't do that TM30 yourself but the landlord has to file it. Advice? Thoughts?
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