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  1. I'm in a bind. I moved to Thailand permanently pre-Covid. Was there most of the pandemic but had to travel back to the U.S. for some urgent family issues that needed direct attention. Wife is in Thailand and (thanks to Trump tanking the immigration system) could be another year before she gets her visa to come to the U.S. with me. So, I want to get back into Thailand to be with the wife, weather, beaches, and food I love. However, I own a business in the U.S. which is right now needing daily attention. If I come to Thailand, end up getting a positive PCR test during quaranting and end up in a
  2. The risk of getting a false positive test (1/67 with three PCR tests not counting whatever risk there is from the lab mishandling the sample) adds some stress, too, even if you are careful and don't expose yourself to someone infected.
  3. I thought the sandbox scheme included your having to have 3 PCR tests during your 14-day stay.
  4. I don't want to do three tests at my expense due to the cost. The bigger issue is that pcr tests have a false positive rate of 1/200. So, (even if you think there is no chance of the lab mishandling the sample and producing a false postive), that means that the normal false hit-rate for three tests would be 1/67. So, those are your odds (plus the wildcard of lab mishandling) of your not being actually infected, starting quarantine, then bouncing into a 14-day hospital stay.
  5. Masks under the chin protect more like magic amulets, I think. Seems the only place you have to put the mask on properly is at those checkpoints where they might make you do push-ups if it isn't over both your mouth and nose. Otherwise, in some areas, 90% of people just stick it under their chin.
  6. Any discussion of reducing quarantine to less than 14 days for foreign arrivals who have proof of vaccine?
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