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  1. Coronavirus is not allowed to transmit locally in Thailand. So, those workers are safe.
  2. The virus is not allowed to transmit locally without form LT123 and that form is not available under the emergency decree.
  3. This is my wife's dream as she would ideally like to be on a deserted island with no other people. Me, on the other hand has historically come to Kata about 50% for the beautiful beach (with Thai food actually available) and the other 50% for the cute Russian girls in thongs on the beach. Oh well. At least one of us is happy. Now switching to the beer and pistachios diet for a few days until we return to BKK.
  4. Left the phone in the hotel when we went out for our long walk to survey the area...will take it in the morning and post some.
  5. Update: Made it to Kata. Ibis was indeed open and received us with extra temp checks and hand sanitizer. Looking at the hotel from the outside at night, looks like there is one other room populated other than ours. If you want to see Kata Beach as it would be after the apocalypse, come now. Dead. Zero restaurants open. Zero. Only businesses all the way up and down the beach road open (at 8:00 p.m.) are 7-11 and Family Mart.
  6. Wife and I like to go to Kata and have gone there about five times in past three years (two in high season and three times in low). In low season at our favorite hotel, we paid 1,750 B the first time and 1,900 the next. In the high season, we paid 2,000-2,700 B. I have checked on that hotel via their direct website and the online discount booking services and the cheapest rate at that hotel for the same room is 6,000 B (the direct hotel site quotes it at 7,50). What the <deleted> is up with that? This isn't even high season and I assume there is little business. Anyone else encountered this issue in Kata or other Phuket beach locations?
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