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  1. I have a retirement extension good through the middle of May, 2021 and a Certificate of Re-entry good until the same. Are those now functionally null and just pretty decorations in my passport? If I'm outside Thailand trying to get back in, am I starting at zero? Seems so.
  2. I thought you could only have one active/valid visa at a time, not overlapping ones.
  3. This is what I've decide to do. I've got a few more months before my annual renewal for my retirement visa. I'm leaving day after tomorrow and do not have a plan to come back. I knew Thailand was no Shangrila when I moved here. But, before the recent <deleted> happened, I thought the slow, steady increasingly anti-farang policies would proceed in ways that I could manage or eventually avoid by moving. The pandemic has caused that to lurch ahead and I no longer want to keep assets here. I also need to not be stuck here. There are some family obligations back in the U.S. that require me to have some ability to travel back and forth. The increasing/wacky/hard to predict hurdles of getting back in have caused me to think I'm better off at the present time just moving back to the U.S. If things get more stable here and doable for my needs, I might reconsider. Otherwise, will be investigating other options. So long, and thanks for all the somtam.
  4. Imagine all the ridiculous <deleted> you could say if you were an official in a country where you knew that nobody in the media would challenge you and any common citizen that refuted you on a social media platform would risk going to jail or worse.
  5. I am returning to the U.S. in a few days. Looks like I won't be high on the list to get back into Thailand for some time. Will plan on staying out.
  6. What are the odds that the incubation is sometimes long enough that we can say that those five people who were recently reported to have tested positive right after they had travelled from Thailand to Japan didn't get infected while in Thailand? Do we know how long each of those five people were in Thailand before goingn to Japan?
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