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  1. Don't know, try the Brother website. i have yet to exhaust my first cartridge after 2 years.
  2. As long as you don't want other functions such as scanning and photocopying, a Brother HL - 1110 laser printer will churn out far cheaper prints. The cartridges are expensive; however, you get much more prints than any inkjet on the market. Caveat: Brother is difficult to install with OS such as Linux or Ubuntu.
  3. How do elephants get down from trees? They sit on a leaf and wait until autumn.
  4. You believe the military junta is going to turn the government back over to civilian control? Yeah right.
  5. Put him to work in a rice field. He'll be begging to go back to school.
  6. Now I'm wondering who, on this thread, will win the award for the grossest post?
  7. I pay with a debit card for almost everything in Australia. I carry a small amount of cash for those merchants who won't process a card under a certain amount. I pay cash for everything in Thailand. I have a Thai debit card and an Australian debit card for emergency use. Why? I have a trust deficit with the Thai financial system.
  8. Interesting, I didn't know that. Although some of the G-strings Thai chicks wear - they may as well not have underwear.
  9. I would have a car and scooter to dispose of. I'm more interested in how to get say 1 million baht ( or another currency ) out of Thailand if I was to leave.
  10. Could get interesting for the cops if your zipper happened to jam or break while using a public toilet. I'm reasonably sure Thailand has indecent exposure laws.
  11. I would be interested in the OP and other posters information w.r.to how they liquidated everything in Thailand they could, then removed their money from Thailand.
  12. I suppose it depends on how many are in the household, and what they earn individually. Many people in my GF's village would be struggling to earn $1000/year ( 30,000 baht approx ). Which is why it is fairly ludicrous for the Thai authorities to insist we need 65,000 baht a MONTH to live on. Be that as it may, the Philippines is becoming an option if the squeezing continues.
  13. 1/ You have been in Bangkok too long 2/ See answer 1. 3/ Every Thai wants to be an entrepreneur. 4/ Hondas in general. I never thought of a Honda Civic as a luxury vehicle, but there it is. 5/ By holding onto the person driving with one hand. The other hand is used to take selfies. 6/ Yes, anywhere there is a car on show or a beer stand. 7/ Here comes an ugly farang. 8/ Get real, why would you need trashcans when the whole country is a rubbish dump? 9/ See answer 7. 10/ They live in hope that your wallet is bigger than your gut. My attention span is now exhausted. I'm going for a swim.
  14. If they are still sticky after drying, I suggest you wash them first.
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