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  1. I use Codiphen occasionally when I want a good night's sleep. I get very vivid and detailed dreams when I do. My main concern is waking up from sleep to a painful leg cramp, although regular massage keeps those at bay.
  2. A friend told me some of the bar girls in Pattaya have a supply, for certain exhibitions.
  3. The Ancient Greeks said hubris is always followed by nemesis. Too bad the military government never got a classical education. The hubris in allowing people to travel during Songkhran, instead of banning inter-provincial travel as in 2020, is what is causing the current spike.
  4. I've found most Thais are polite to me, perhaps that's because I am polite to them. I've learned enough Thai to get by with daily conversation and needs. I really don't care if Thais accept me or don't accept me, I have my own daily life routines. I do wonder about non-Thais who want to become part of a society where face is all-important, and believes implicitly in ghosts. I am a stranger in a strange land, I don't worry about it.
  5. About 98% of golfers would be delighted if they could shoot that score.
  6. 30% of COVID - infected people in Australia are experiencing lung damage that takes months of rehabilitation. I don't trust your information 99.95% is curable. Immune systems only work against threats they have experienced before, ergo vaccines. I'm asking you a question. Where is a link to an authoritative source that supports the figure you have posted?
  7. If taxpayers knew the level of waste that goes on in Foreign Affairs ( or whatever it is called now ) they'd be screaming bloody murder. Cushiest government employment there is. Is it too much to ask, in the middle of a pandemic, for embassies to get off their butts and assist their citizens?
  8. Why would I try baton twirling? I thought that was done by girls with nice legs and very short skirts, the sight of me attempting that would frighten small children and grown adults alike. Particularly if I wore the uniform. I certainly did not excel when I started golf, took me 18 months to get to single figures. Slow learner. Never thought of it as silly at any stage. People who think golf is silly don't understand the combination of athleticism, skill and mental application required to become a champion. They also don't understand golf is the only form of exerci
  9. Perhaps you could explain what Australians are supposed to do, when they are unable to travel back there due to quarantine quotas, and in fact face jail terms if they try to do it from India. I've seen the taxpayer-funded holiday accommodation of the Australian ambassador outside Jakarta, not a mansion, a bloody palace. The functions of diplomatic staff seems to be holding parties for other consulates and embassies. And begrudgingly dole out visas. I'm registering for vaccination at a local private hospital. Not expecting assistance from the consulate, IME they're as u
  10. The Western media is going on the facts it can get hold of, such as the 50% efficacy of Sinovac. R&C disinformation includes the story of 11 or 20 nuns dying after being vaccinated for COVID using AZ, Pfizer..... insert whatever is wanted. Many people in the West don't realize Facebook and Twitter have been weaponized by totalitarian states. That's not to say Fox News has not done its own share of weaponizing.
  11. The Russians and Chinese are mounting huge disinformation campaigns to cast doubt on the safety and efficacy of Western vaccines, it's just another salvo in the "grey war" being conducted in cyberspace. It's unfortunate there is no vaccine or therapy for ignorance, and also unfortunate COVID is not selective for it.
  12. IMO they would be questioning our sanity on other grounds, long before they got to golf. They'd probably start with churches, mosques and synagogues.
  13. With the speed of its vaccination rollout, America is rapidly morphing from a pariah nation to one that will be open for unrestricted business, trade and tourism in a very short time. Thailand take note. You won't be open for tourism until you do the same.
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