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  1. In Chiang Rai, seems to be a pretty safe place to me. My GF's village 25 km away, no problem there either.
  2. Refresh my memory please - was it not the Germans who tried to fight a war on two fronts? Or, more recently, fiddled diesel emission software to get the right result? Looks like you guys can't always be right either.
  3. My GF's village has a normal death rate among the elderly - people in their 80's and 90's. One day I will see a Thai without a smartphone, it will be like a sighting of a unicorn. Thai social connection being what it is, a coronavirus outbreak here would send Facebook into meltdown.
  4. That's one hypothesis. However, as we both know, Thailand is at the lower end of the scale in terms of antibody testing. Thailand is one of the few Asian countries that has had mass BCG vaccination. The correlation between BCG immunization, and reduced or nil coronavirus symptoms, is currently the subject of a clinical trial with frontline health workers in Australia.
  5. A very good question. Personally, I think there are environmental and biological factors operating in Thailand which are inhibiting the spread of the virus. One could equally well ask why COVID-19 affected half the Iranian Parliament, and even put the Prime Minister of the UK out of action, whereas apparently not a single member of the Chinese political and military leadership has contracted coronavirus.
  6. I seem to remember Yasser Arafat was a Nobel Peace Prize winner.
  7. A response to my enquiry seems to be missing. I wouldn't call 102 deaths as against nearly 100,000 in the USA achieving nothing.
  8. The ban on swimming pools was always one of the more stupid regulations. One of the safest places to be, but Thai scientific education being what it is, not realized. Any pool with a measurable Free Available Chlorine ( FAC ) is a death sentence to bacteria. Basic physical chemistry says the chemical reaction between a gas or liquid and a solid becomes more efficient as the physical size of the solid decreases. The average bacterium is 1000 - 2000 nanometers in diameter. Coronavirus is 125 nanometers. IDIOTS.
  9. You seem to have omitted Australia in your response, the usual attempt at misdirection and obfuscation. I'm not telling you what to do, I was just inquiring if you are still an arrogant and inconsiderate a##ehole who doesn't care if he infects others.
  10. As usual, you continue to publish falsehoods. Testing a bit more than the USA, a lot less than Russia. Do you persist with adhering to your total selfishness in not wearing a mask?
  11. Stock it with yabbies from Australia, it will skyrocket in value.
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