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  1. Gotcha. You didn't catch my plagiarism, Oblomov.
  2. IMHO if one could get Denzel Washington to put on white makeup and wear blue contacts, he'd be ideal for the role. He has the right screen presence of quiet menace. Personally, my favourite Jack Reacher is "Bad Luck and Trouble" because of the associations with former colleagues and their character development.
  3. My GF is all the viagra I need.
  4. My advice would be don't get on or in a vehicle and drive it if you have been drinking. And work on your negotiation skills, because I reckon I could have got it down to less than 10,000 baht. Breath testing is based on the equilibrium between alcohol in the blood, and alcohol in the lungs. One can lower the breath reading by hyperventilating. However, always hyperventilate when standing, as if it is done while sitting in the car, and then standing up, there's a chance of passing out, which would tend to prove the police point.
  5. I have to admire your capacity for alcohol, or was that boom-boom every time?
  6. It's the crunching on the mattress = we need sound effects.
  7. Pretty good, Dzugashvili. He clasps his butt with crooked hands, Close to the loo in lonely lands, Ringed by preparation H, he stands. The febrile Issan spices roil, He alone feels Nature's call, Like liquid fire, his rectum boils.
  8. Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher has all the credibility of Lee Marvin in drag. What a travesty.
  9. Perhaps you are overthinking the situation. I am separated from my GF one week in three, as I like some space. Being together 24/7 would be too stifling for me. We do talk on LINE, but occasionally miss an evening, no big deal. A better measure may be what happens when you get back together again. I get a very enthusiastic welcome, if you catch my drift.
  10. Good point. A self-fulfilling prophecy. Every time I look at the pricing of flights between Bangkok and Chiang Mai, I wonder why Thai even bothers, as their fares are so uncompetitive on their home turf.
  11. Why don't you use the balance enquiry number listed by AIS to find out? AFAIK all providers in Thailand give a number to call for the outstanding credit.
  12. Thanks, but too far away.I prefer to stay connected to Australia. I guess Cambodia or the Philippines is my default option if Thailand gets too difficult. If I was really wealthy, instead of having modest means, I wouldn't stay in one place. I'd move every 2 - 3 months from continent to continent for the optimum living conditions.
  13. Some are spooked by loud noises too. The neighbour in my GF's village blazes away with a shotgun during thunderstorms for the same reason.
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