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  1. Just wondering how you are able to make the comparison without experience.
  2. Keep It Simple Stupid. Open can. Pour into cup. Microwave for 1 minute 10 seconds.
  3. I think you are right. However, if it is done a month earlier, doesn't that push the existing 800,000 baht seasoning requirement back one month as well?
  4. Perhaps you are mistaking other appendages for a tie. Try asking Stormy Daniels.
  5. Must be fairly widespread. 4.05 pm, 25 km south of Chiang Rai, Phan district.
  6. Just had one - a couple of wobbles sideways - about 25 km south of Chiang Rai. 4.05 pm.
  7. Saw a pickup today proceeding down the road like a crab - sideways. Don't know what was wrong with it. Rear wheels were tracking differently to the front. At least rental cars are roadworthy - maybe. See quite a few vehicles driven by Thais that are not.
  8. Not at all, as a President. Just saying his experience with TV reality shows and makeup artists gives him an edge in that area. Reagan, Kennedy, Carter and Obama all used TV effectively. They say Kennedy's win over Nixon was partly due to Nixon's five o'clock shadow on TV, which compared poorly with Kennedy's looks.
  9. I believe it was Gore Vidal who said all a person had to do to be President was look good on TV. Trump certainly conforms to that observation. Bernie Sanders less so, unfortunately.
  10. As I understand it, the new rules start when your current extension expires. So if your extension expired in February, your next extension would require you to retain 800,000 baht on deposit for three months after renewal. And 400,000 after that. On the other hand, when my extension expires November 3, I only have to have 800,000 baht on deposit from August 3. Before that, nothing required to be on deposit. On that basis, one is disadvantaged by a February expiry. Quite happy to be corrected on this, IF my understanding is erroneous.
  11. I'm on the 3BB 599 baht plan in Chiang Mai. Slows down quite dramatically sometimes, mostly in the evening, presumably due to consumer load. I've heard Truemove has an identical plan for 399 baht. Has anyone tried it?
  12. Crow Flies. Pronounce it as a Thai would. I fear the OP is going native.
  13. Bangkok Bank ALWAYS copies my passport and gets me to sign the copy when I make a withdrawal. Kasikorn just look at the passport, then look at me ( occasionally ). Go figure.
  14. There's a handy explanation for that. Too much testosterone.
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