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  1. That was what my son in Australia told me. He did not refer to Kudus, just Indonesia in general. How do you know your source of information is better?
  2. I've never really worried about being bald. Here, Thai women are much more focused on the state of my wallet than the look of my scalp. I take 5 mg of Finasteride for BPH. It does affect my libido, I am not as horny as often. Having said that, if I want to give my GF a good time, 50 mg of Sidegra works for us both.
  3. Exactly. However, the wailing Greek chorus wants to fit everyone to their Procrustean bed of preconceptions.
  4. I'd suggest about the same amount for brain surgery.
  5. It's a matter of individual choice, I am unable to get medical insurance due to my age and pre-existing conditions. I can import enough money from Australia to cover an extended hospital stay, if necessary. I have a passbook of 500,000 baht set aside for medical emergencies. I look after myself, exercise, limit my alcohol consumption, and have regular health checks. I'm supposed to give up my happy life here? Go back to a prison colony, just because some posters on this thread want everyone to have mandatory health insurance? Take a long walk off a short pier, I'm out of patience wit
  6. They are budget cars, not really designed for longevity. That's why they are cheap secondhand. There's also quite a few posts about the poor standard of servicing one gets at the dealerships. Buy cheap and nasty, that's what one gets.
  7. No no, he should stand under a cold shower and rip up banknotes. I hear that's what yachting people do.
  8. I will take any jab except Sinovac. Two reasons: The dubious value of Sinovac, and the reluctance of health authorities worldwide to approve it. Taking up a vaccine produced by the same country that unleashed this pandemic on the world, and tried to cover it up, is rewarding bad behavior.
  9. 350 healthy people got COVID after Sinovac, and DIED. That does not indicate to me Sinovac is effective.
  10. Why? I am classed as non-resident in Australia for tax purposes, I pay a higher tax rate than if I was in Australia. You're saying I should get nothing back for the extra taxes I pay?
  11. I really don't think that is achievable, it hasn't been even in countries such as Australia and New Zealand, where despite total lockdown cases keep popping up. Best path forward is complete vaccination. That is not achievable either, given the presence of anti-vaxxers. Having said that, such people can maintain their beliefs at a cost, which may include inability to travel, or discrimination in employment.
  12. I think we all know why the vaccines were not ordered from outside Thailand. Someone wanted to line their pockets with local production. The Thai government got complacent when it was viewing the rate of infection here against what was happening in other countries. Allowing travel during Songkhran kick-started the numbers. Permit me to doubt the military leaders here would even understand the concept of mutation, they think in fixed patterns.
  13. Beheading the messenger is still practiced here? No wonder Thais tell foreigners what they think they want to hear. Doesn't matter anyway, there is no evidence Prayut and his colleagues are listening to the science.
  14. Best course in Chiang Rai is Santiburi, 1600 baht for golf, cart and caddie, excluding caddie tip. Happy City and Waterford Valley are also good courses, 1000 and 900 baht respectively.
  15. Spoken like a person who has zero understanding of the game and the employment it provides. Golf is replete with the history of people who have become very rich, from humble beginnings, thanks to the game. Perhaps it has escaped your notice golf courses are green spaces with trees and grass, converting carbon dioxide into oxygen any time the sun is shining. It's called photosynthesis, which is more creative than the analysis you've posted. Please post a credible link that proves golf courses have an effect on climate. Ecology yes, perhaps we should give up farming as well because tha
  16. The agent is telling you BS. I have a Vios with Chiang Mai plates, been doing the roadworthy test, insurance and registration in Phan ( Chiang Rai province ) for the last two years.
  17. Did I misread your post? What could be worse than disc problems?
  18. Is your back in spasm, locked up? the back does that in order to protect from further damage, usually osteoarthritis is the cause. I would suggest starting with physiotherapy, osteotherapy is drastic and if it is addressing the wrong cause, can be dangerous. Immediate steps would be diclofenac or ibuprofen ( take with food ) plus very gentle massage with Deep Heat ( active ingredients methyl salicylate, menthol, eucalyptus ) or similar. If that eases the symptoms, more of the same. If you get no relief, you may have disc problems and need X'rays.
  19. It's possible, as other posters have noted, that you are unaware of your own odor. Repeated exposure to a smell paralyses the olfactory nerve. I'd only take it personally if she was spraying me with durian juice.
  20. That's because the politicians, in their rush to find a cheap solution, did not realize most large Australian hotels have a centralized air conditioning system, which actually helps virus spread. There have been no cases of transmission at Hope Springs, where each cabin has dedicated air conditioning.
  21. Tint won't work, one would have to use aluminium foil to be effective. Just hop into any deep-tinted car that's been standing in the sun if you want proof. I run my aircons at 26 C, and am very comfortable. My Thai GF complains it is too cold. Perhaps the OP should consider acclimatizing to Thailand.
  22. I was renting a condo in Chiang Mai until March 2020. My landlord had three apartments there, two of which have been empty for 4-5 years. The apartment I left has been empty ever since. My condo in Chiang Rai has plenty of apartments for rent, 6500 baht/month for a fully-furnished unit with aircon, WiFi and kitchen is the best any landlord can get. OP, save your money. With COVID, the customer base is almost non-existent.
  23. I understand some front line health workers in Indonesia who have been vaccinated with Sinovac are now dying from COVID infection.
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