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  1. 1 hour ago, andygrr said:

    No major problem as long as left and right are the same size. But consider this what size spare would you carry. If you needed to fit the spare and run for any distance you would be compromised. 

    Put the larger tyre on the drive wheels, many modern cars are front wheel drive. In many cases the "spare wheel" is a much smaller tyre only to used in an emergercy aand with restrictions on use.

  2. Sort out property and the money side first, don't go to court, you will lose. Take both copies of your marriage certificates to the Ampure and the divorce is done in an instant. The biggest amount it cost was the taxi to the Ampure!

  3. Talking to my regular taxi driver he was telling me that if it wasn't for us expats he would be out of a job. The local bars and cafes round here also rely on expat trade as few tourist hotels in the area and the ones that are here only have chinese who don't patronise any of the local businesses.

  4. I live in Pattaya, There's no Chinese that's true but also there's no massive queue of tour buses, no streams of idiots walking across Beach Road, you can get into a 7/11 and Family Mart! All the previous was paid for (at a discount) in China. None of the bars, restaurants (not on the tour list) have noticed any non seasonal downturn. The millionaire Indians don't spend anything anyway so who's left to put money over the counter?

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