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  1. seriously? that is interesting. i know quite few people who work alone, or from home, and make lots of money, much more than some companies and businesses with tens of workers. thailand wants to have those kind of people, because they are big earners who can pay a lot of taxes.
  2. this even cheaper : https://www.hipflat.com/listings/bangkok-condo-blvogexp
  3. because than the bank will have to write the loss in his books. if banks in thailand would list the real value of all their bad loans assets, they will be worth much less. so the banks prefer to keep the property for sale for years at a higher price, this way it shows higher value in the books.
  4. even better bargains will be found a year from now, after a whole year with 0 tourists and 20-30 devaluation of the baht (35-38 baht to USD)
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