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  1. YOU do not need to imagine it - this is the reality now. it has nothing to do with the home country. what mattars is the residence country (where you live) and the income source country. money laundry indeed is not the right word - more an issue of tax evasion , assuming that the virtual activity is not criminal (no fraud, porn, drugs, ext.). so it all depands, as i mentioned, on the amounts involved. if the business will be very good and you will start to generate big amounts, all parties involved will want to know where and if you pay taxes - the banks, the governm
  2. The main question here is how much money you will earn from that work. if the amount is not substantial, say 20-30K USD a year, you can stash it in a bank account outside thailand and spend it later. however, if the amount gets bigger, say 200K USD a year, your bank account might ask you to prove that you paid taxes on this amount, or ask you where are you based so they can report the account to that country. than you might have a problem to get your money out of the bank. This problem might also happan if you saved a substatial amount in that foreign bank (for
  3. They forgot to mention to final steps: 9. take two steps back and turn around 180 degrees 10. step forward and get out of the hospital
  4. NO COUNTRY restrict travellers from thailand, as thailand is considered a safe country, corona wise. but do your best to avoid travel to dubai. it is red zone.
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