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  1. Suggest indoor tiddlywinks, an exciting and challenging game for the over 90s!
  2. think they have nice white jackets at some places now , tie up round the back?
  3. Institution as an "annual event" or institution as "asylum" please do try to be clear.
  4. I bet theyll be more prosecuted for beating their wives when the Wife mentions it to them though
  5. Good luck with that, First has mostly disappeared these days as non economical for airlines to include it, why do you think i was slumming it down in Business?
  6. Not as much fun watching though especially when you tell the staff to throw that switch one mor e time!
  7. Youre welcome to sit on the same plane and i can have some sent back to you
  8. Electroconvulsive therapy calmed mine down...........250000 volts, shes a lot quieter than she used to be but has suffered some hair loss as a result.
  9. And all the figure hugging porkers at the front, highest ranks = porkiest.
  10. Funny story but I used Turkish Airlines coming out last week, Business Class and the twits forgot to serve me a breakfast then kept removing my drinks that were 3/4 full , 3 bloody times, I had to tell them in the end, when its empty you take it. Food in their new Lounges and the lounge itself at Istanbul is very nice though, just onboard staff were <deleted>. English summers..............much like English winters and maybe a few degrees warmer, dull cloudy and the biggest reason I left the UK, when I can finally kill off my 92 year old Mother my annual trips will cease, this time I'm going to hacksaw through the brake pipes on her car....yes she still drives!
  11. When Im back obviously........can you send me a food parcel? or should I start a go fund me?
  12. I am back and its bloody freezing cold, could see my breath yesterday morning at 8 am. Return in October to land of Insanity.
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