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  1. They just can't tell the truth about anything, brakes failed, what no microsleep, $hit maintenance if any will just be one of many factors, driver stupidity is probably number one though. As for the "praise" it's the blind, deaf dumb and stupid leading the same.
  2. How many Thais does it take to inject one person? Where's the social distancing?
  3. It's really very simple it's about MONEY nothing more, ie greed! Good time to build a house 1. when it's not snowing concrete doesn't like freezing temps, 2. or monsoon concrete doesn't like extra water added, anything else is BS.
  4. Marry the horse it will be cheaper!
  5. And you only have to look at any Thai army generals medals for further proof, or any civil servant in Thailand. Most heroic nation ever I reckon.
  6. Attached. I've taken it out of the envelope for you.
  7. My Father had this, there was nothing they could do to help him.
  8. Beliefs are just that, have no scientific meaning at all, you can literally believe anything and palm it off as fact, the dead person believed Buddha would save them is what many think.
  9. Those things often never get maintained after being built, get full of weeds etc and then motorbikes use them to drive both ways down the road.
  10. I would also add surge protection over under voltage - lightning protection.
  11. Well the Thai way isn't working either as the birth rate has dropped and is of concern in another thread.
  12. Only today had this idiot, no signal, no warning ,spots the food and off he goes, doesn't check his mirrors has no brake lights either by the looks of things, needn't bother with a helmet his head is empty. soundfree.mp4 soundfree.mp4
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