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  1. Built my own "physically" 3 times over, piece of cake, about 8k baht m2 double block walls with air gap, cpac tile roof, can go even cheaper with steel roof and insulation. Look at Crossys website www.coolthaihouse.com Currentlyknocking up a single block house for my workers, completed price will be about 65k baht, steel roof, rendered painted tiles etc, just two bedrooms and a front room, 25m2 Breakdown of spend so far Concrete 240 steng with Ganzum ( waterproofer) we dont want rising damp 11,400 Steel 14100 Galvanised Blocks 3100 ( so far, which is way more than in the photo) Door frames 900 each 1800 Sand Cement stone 1650 Upvc windows 2, 4200 baht Ongoing will take new photo tomorrow
  2. Anything mentioning Marvel or superheroes , utter tripe
  3. Try Ex Machina Carol American Beauty The Hairdressers Husband A Good Year
  4. 19 pages of nonsense and still nothing clear. Fortunately Ive never done a TM30/Tm28/2726/5/4/3/2/1 and just renewed my Marriage extension.
  5. same for me vpn works fine
  6. What would've been a nice gesture to former buyers of their vehicles would have been to offer them to those people first. Instead first I heard about it was that they were all sold.
  7. YES the old model, the new one is totally different and its that thats on offer, Craptiva is NOT all Chevvrolets vehicles in Thailand
  8. What a load of old tosh, many have gotten Captivas at 500k +7% vat, also the servicing and parts will still be available for years to come, GREAT WALL is nothing to do with Chevrolet in any way except buying their plant facility, they will not be servicing manufacturing anything to do with Chevrolet so why you mention that Ive no idea. Prices for some models already revealed ie High Country 2wd auto Colorado reduced from 998k to 775k +Vat7% =820k, warranty 3 years 100k km, ISUZU is NOT the same truck and hasn't been for at least 4 years, totally different engines interiors/body panels, you've got just about everything you said wrong.
  9. No plans at all to close them this part is not sold off at all, opening more service centres I read a while back.
  10. https://mgronline.com/motoring/detail/9630000017095 Use google to translate to English
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