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  1. But that's not true. You are not taking away their money making buffalo. With the farang on her side she will be able to support the family even more. Also as other mentioned sin sod is usually just for show and after the ceremony it is returned. An example: Had a wedding a few months ago in my village. Both groom and bride are Thai. The bride is 18, stunningly beautiful, no previous marriage, no kids. The sin sod was 3 bahts of gold and 150000 baht cash. The groom's parents are well of, the bride's not so much. The groom's parents bought the gold and put the cash on show. After the ceremony the newly wed couple got the gold and 50 thousand cash for themselves and 100 thousand was returned. Nothing for the bride's family.
  2. Well I am quite the opposite. I did move into my fiancee's village, share their house with her mum and I'm content with village life. When it came to sin sod she wanted 200 thousand. I said you don't have to work as long you are with me, I give you every month 10 thousand (a good monthly salary in isan) I buy the all the food and pay the bills + plus the occasional holidays to neighbouring countries, your mother gets free food and no bills to pay so I will not give her a single baht for sin sod - take it or leave it. She and her mum sad ok. Sin sod is a scam if the girl is near 30 and over and if they have kids even worse. They have no value. A Thai man would never pay sin sod for a woman in that age. Don't be fooled with this cultural nonsense. Sin sod happens among Thais if the girl is young, no kids, no previous husbands - otherwise they should consider themselves lucky that someone willing to take them.
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