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  1. Bar girls are not for me for the long haul but you sound like you had plenty of experience with that.
  2. Just shown this article to my wife. She doesn't care and she won't stop eating this <deleted>. To be honest I think they are pretty similar to hyenas. They can digest anything including semi rotten meat or fish. They actually like it rotten.
  3. It depends on your location. In rural Isaan where most families keep buffaloes and farming rice a pond would actually increase the value of the land due to the very long and harsh dry seasons and unreliable government water supply. Around Pattaya, Phuket or Bangkok it could depreciate the value.
  4. It is perfectly fine to recline your seat outside meal times, doing it slowly and politely. Lot of self righteous pr#cks travelling these days. Same happened to me once. Arab guy behind me started to kick my seat from behind . Told him to 'koff and once I stood up he stopped . Unfortunately this works only if you are bigger than him.
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