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  1. I did the above this August with a very similar travel history to yours(2 years back to back tourist, 1 month break total) Might be lucky but no issues whatsoever at Suvarnabhumi. They did not even ask for my return ticket or cash.
  2. There are some 'hair salons' in Saigon where you won't see any scissors or hair dryers but fun is guaranteed.
  3. Get new passport and a Setv. As far as I am aware the consulates have no access to your travel history they can only check your passport for clues. So getting the visa should be easy. At the airport on arrival they will see your history but with a setv and return ticket, enough cash your chances are pretty good at Suvarnabhumi.
  4. Even if Mum can raise the cash I wouldn't book the flight in case he gets arrested for the alleged theft. There is a possibility that the police only wants to talk with him as a witness but even that could delay his departure and possibly loose his ticket out of the country.
  5. He may have some assets. House land etc. I guess. Or an inheritance down the line. It is not unusual for a Thai to own a few rais of land and a house...
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