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  1. Why did you ask then !!! 2hrs gap. We are very busy here with posts.
  2. Absolute idiots, even if there is no center divider still they ride on the wrong side.
  3. Erdogan is worry for next election. Recently he is trying to find ways to get more votes for his troubled party and next election.
  4. You may want to have a look, I'm not sure how recent the information could be. https://www.seat61.com/Thailand.htm
  5. I needed to stay at my gf house when I came back to Thailand in March. My gf was asked by CW IO for her house book and she had to call her daughter to send her a copy of it. They kept a printout of the house book and a copy of her blue card. 3 years ago we did the same thing at CW without any house book copy.
  6. You and your gf need to go to immigration and she will report a farang (you) living with her at her condo. but she has to be registered at that address as a resident. My guess is the lease on her name only won't work. she needs to show blue book or yellow book or what ever that shows she is a resident of the address.
  7. as far as I know all "Express" type have cargo for motorcycles. Post office do it by green book copy, but more pricy than train + about 250 B for wrapping if I recall it correctly. I prefer train rather than post office, but soon I'm going to send my motorcycle by PO since I live far away in North of Bangkok. Too far from the train station (I have a luggage too).
  8. saturated !!!! You like it or you love it, does not matter. They are not healthy to be consumed regularly.
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