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  1. If you keep doing the same soon or later end up to depression. After while your regular mode will be alcohol time (when you are drunk) and sober time will be unpleasant. Why you think people become alcoholic ?!!! That would be the reason.
  2. My brother in law offered me a piece of land in small town, Pennsylvania. I did not need to pay for it, for free. I did not take it, because of the same problem you mentioned about Maine. Depression would be even worse than snow at higher age.
  3. I calculated mine, if I start my SS at 62 it will be the same as 67 or 70 till meet 79. Then I lose after 79. I decided to start at 62.
  4. I was wondering if any one already experienced high yield US AMEX savings accounts on line.
  5. My guess is the vaccine will relax that section of brain which sends signals of “ONLY ME” to decision control section.
  6. But I’m sure they are fine with stray dogs. No problem at all. Not easy to understand the logic behide it.
  7. Educating people is the 1st thing that needs to be done, otherwise motorcycle lane will be just another useless idea since we will see cars driving in motorcycle’s lane and motorcycles in car’s. There is another solution that could save millions of buht, anti “ego” vaccine.
  8. Sorry Mr, but the 1st priority is available cash for living in this land. Immigration is one of reasons that you need to keep reasonable cash amount handy.
  9. Neighborhood is on party every night, one after another. Who can get some asleep ? No one. No one complains either since all do the same thing. Dogs join parties every night by singing, barking and running around. Never ending story !!!
  10. To apply for CR in CNX you need to fill a form. The form has 2 boxes that need to be marked: 1- For buying cars/motorcycle 2- For car/motorcycle driver’s license.
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