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  1. It's "today's" news. Tomorrow, has no meaning and worthless. Nobody even remember what they said yesterday.
  2. The chart was only valid at the date was published, worthless the day after. Just like other everyday things.
  3. I didn't know that it was possible to do so, was the sign toward bank employees because I can not open an account for someone else !!!
  4. Defrost your fridge for at least half a day. Then clean inside and plug it in.
  5. You can get some information over the web. Personally I rather to go with "viral vector" type, a virus that is modified genetically rather than messing my immune system by synthetic RNA that nobody knows what the result will be in long term (since there is no record of long term test).
  6. But of course no side effect in short time. We will see what could happen in long term. I'm not really a fan of RNA type. I prefer Astra Zeneca that perhaps will be available in Thailand by Thai lab.
  7. Is it possible to apply for last years ? or it's already too late for past years ?
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