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  1. Shopping online, usually the price is too good to be true. Always buy “COD” and receive goods as quick as possible since the seller is waiting for “cash”.
  2. Buy a Hakko 981 from Lazada. It is about B800. They are good. I bought mine from Akihabara, Tokyo. I have to use a step down transformer, the one on Lazada is 220V 20-130W
  3. I guess if your address is an US address, you can not direct deposit to your Thailand account. Then you need to do it the way you mentioned and if you don’t need to transfer every month (using 800,000) then you can transfer whenever you need money and keep the fund in US banks.
  4. I need to be in LA about 40 days before my extension expiration date. Can I renew my extension 45 days before expiration date (Phetchaburi province) ? I have already done that in CM and BKK (45 days before), but this is my 1st extension in Phetchaburi province.
  5. I thought retirement extension requires 800,000 = $27000 unless has gone up in last few days and I’m not aware of that. Retirement extension is the best option (out/in without any problem) for someone at your age if the fund is available. there is no 100% guaranty for entering the country by other visas.
  6. Old leak or new leak by your contractor, it does not matter. If there is a leak from your unit, you are the one who is responsible for it. It does not matter when happened or who caused it, IF It is from your plumbing.
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