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  1. The depression caused by at least 40 years difference in age (plus more). No treatment for this kind. I’m sorry for OP, but this could be a lesson to some others. Age difference is something that anyone needs to consider before marriage (especially farang men). it usually begins very beautiful, but ends ugly.
  2. No problem as long as you keep at least 400,000 in your Thai bank account all year long/ 800,000 2 months before renewal.
  3. Europe needs Iran’s regime threat (just no nuclear) in the Region for selling more weapons. Also Iran is a great market itself for Europe (just like France that is thirsty for Syria) since Iranian corrupted regim makes unfair deals with other countries without considering own people (journalists will be prosecuted if reveal the deals, working against God) Easy money by selling oil and easy deals with Europe as long as the authorities receive their own share under table. Russians and Chinese like it as well. Europe and US democrats had an agreement over the plan till Trump became president. No wonder they hate Trump.
  4. “ALWAYS foreigners...never Thai,s.........“ This is type of stupid farang style job, not a Thai style. Thai don’t paint walls by can spray epacially such stupid subject. Stupid Thai do own way stupid things.
  5. Make up your mind, 2 or many ?!!!! once you are denied you will be a black sheep.
  6. These are all guesses. Why don’t you call the bike owner and ask him about ?!!!!!
  7. It’s not only about those who are riding bicycle, it is about the same kind of farang on motorcycles, cars and pick up trucks, but mostly bicycles and scooters. But of course Songthaews haunting them with livens to kill. Chiang Mai is an amusing city.
  8. Perhaps you need to check those Chinese tires “trade wear” rating. If it’s over 500, it could become unstable with a truck suspensions. They migh work better on a sport utility, but not on a pick up truck.
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