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  1. I hate drugs but marijuana should be legalized it is just a plant not so dangerous as chemical drugs yaba, ice, cocaine etc
  2. There are thousands other gambling site's run by Thai and Chinese It is so easy to find them online Give me a job and good salary and I will find one for you everyday
  3. Henrik Andersen

    The night they raided the '56' in Bangkok

    Do you never see Thai people dancing??? that can only mean you never go out Thai people love dancing but they don't need a dance floor And please close it down for five years so other pubs can see the need prober license and follow the rules
  4. Why you hired him in the first place??? Do you really think you can trust a drug addicted man??? When people are addicted to drugs they only make trouble
  5. What a nonsense comment Thailand has more than beerbars But meaby you just a grumpy man there hate everything including the junta Junta is not more bad than red shirt But this guy get his nemesis Instead karma
  6. If he telling the truth I hope it will go viral and hurt Thailand image so tourists stop comes to Thailand to meny bad things happen here now
  7. I am sure he prefer death sentence Life in Thai prison is good lesson for him but I have no sympathy for him
  8. Henrik Andersen

    Homeless man beaten for refusing cigarette

    scumbag of Thai people try bum a cigarette from a poor homeless man Why not try be respectful and help him with some food instead I have no respect for this lowlife of a family
  9. Henrik Andersen

    December drug bust leads to 3 new captures

    Very nice hopefully this will be a year where Thailand bust record high Congratulations
  10. Any why you come to that conclusion??? Do you really think he works with this one man there go airport meny times before and stealing others people suitcases Or are you simply just jealous because this man has more than you
  11. This not helping Thailand Every day and night burning in jomtien
  12. You spot on this kind of job is only for Thai people
  13. He is not a police officer so he can't stop the traffic residents there need go out just have to wait for traffic is gone to come out this is just another example of me first generation
  14. That is wrong thinking That place would be the least safe place Just because you have a police booth that not mean any police officer in there Here in jomtien we have 3 booths but evening only one officer in side looking his mobile