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  1. Yes we will getting married and make a non o visa in Europe but now we enjoy our holiday together
  2. Thanks Right now we just go holiday around Asia later go Europe
  3. But show them money My income letter My bank book My contract of apartment And just say my credit card was in apartment and we have my gf credit card Money was not a problem but they want fill detention center up everyday so number look great It can happen to everyone now
  4. Here are my story I have come to Thailand over 15 years never problem I always have my visa straight 2years ago I arrived at Suvarnabhum airport for meet a new lady ( my gf) now I ofcores had tourists visa and go lao Vientiane for make new visa I did it 2times so now it is 1 year after that I did 2times visa run to Cambodia 1 year and 4 months and I want go home Europe but my gf lose our baby (4months pregnant) so I fly to lao and return few days after no problem we want to get married so we fly lao for make non o visa but I need a tourist visa first they said but here is my problem I need go home next month anyway because business so we decided to just spend some nice holiday in lao for returning to Don muang airport Here the problem start I get put in a office and told I can't come in Thailand because to long time in Thailand I said why that's a problem I always keep my visa straight they ask me I have money and ofcores I show 25.000 baht in cash and my income letter and my contact for my apartment and said my credit card I left at my apartment I knew something was wrong but I had not do anything wrong I quickly said to my gf go back apartment and I will contact her she said no I stay Immigration don't want let me in and want send me back to lao for make tourists visa I said why why can I not just buy a ticket home now but no they put me in a cell in airport and force me to sign papers in thai if not they will put me in jail so I sign and again forced to buy ticket to lao with Air Asia I ask for my passport but don't get it before I landed in lao today and here come the surprise I get stamps where it says I don't have money and it was a land border not airport I will add some pictures so your guy's can see I not lie but with that stam I can't go embassy Thailand and get any visa now they lie and fucck me up big time why..... Because I have a Thai gf???? Now my gf and me decided to sell everything and go live in Laos or Philippines soon she coming to lao with my medicine and my credit card here immigration is friendly and just cancelled my exit from Laos so I just can stay one the first entry and said they know Thailand is bad and send meny back also people with fake passport Be careful now Thailand will do everything for kick us farangs out...
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