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BANGKOK 20 February 2019 16:29

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  1. Me too and mine is still a gentleman rising for my lady every time
  2. again Thai people show how dubble moral the are Thai people do this every day and night and on the same street I see it everyday from my balcony and yes some foreigners do it too mostly Russians drive badly as Thai and if I remember correctly this is the Russian there live nearby and they behave as morons and work too but that is another story
  3. Thailand has become to corrupt in my opinion and it will continue I never use taxi no meter But to all farangs be careful when you complaining to them they like to fight Good luck out there
  4. So that meeting last week in Pattaya City Hall he not learn anything or he was not there they are just scumbags this mafia taxi
  5. And that's meaby why police could confirm the head was cut off of a boat So meny tv in here only think of conspiracy or make fun of stories as this This is the most clear case of suicide we had read for a very long time and still some people don't believe this Probably same people there don't believe we have been on the moon or 9/11 was a conspiracy from the government Wake up Sherlock Holmes
  6. They were all on the railway line bypass rd looking for drunk drivers! They should do it on beach road mostly all Thais sit drinking and driving home drunk so just because few police make a check point it is not going to change anything if they not do it on the right spot
  7. Again a new story about so bad uber taxi he did nothing wrong here she did All people there complaining about him are probably taxi no meter drivers
  8. Why the road was not open for traffic but meny Thai people just want take short cuts and this time without good luck
  9. This taxi no meter drivers will never learn to behave better because of corrupt police force and lack of government enforce the law jomtien family beach resort is a noisy and dangerous beach Police do absolutely nothing here
  10. A baseball bat in a motorbike it show how safe and nice people Thais are Keep calm
  11. You are spot on we never trust anyone too This scumbag deserve to get his d... Cut off Long sentence I hope he will get
  12. Why would she do yoga just before make suicide this not make sense hopefully CCTV work so this case can be solved RIP young lady
  13. I am married and life is simple and beautiful thank you
  14. No need for apologies here Chinese is wrong But Thailand is to scared to lose this first class quality tourist If that was a farang there had been no apologies for sure
  15. How meny Thai people can afford this luxury style??? And Thai don't need it Simple cooking Simple washing Simple life But fancy it is
  16. It is just low life scumbags there want make problem and stealing money from people there working I hope police will give them a lesson in monkey house for a while
  17. This is a lesson to all Thais Try stop drinking to you drunk and behave badly try stop beating people to death for something that could be fix without violent behavior
  18. Here in jomtien they only work sometimes and when work thai people not stop for red light thai people is so double moral
  19. And life goes on as same nothing changes PR stunt from the government as a only fantasy believe us
  20. And Thailand need politicians there not are corrupt and change Thailand to a better country for their own people
  21. Do you really don't care about copyright and fake cosmetics can be dangerous for people Allergies etc
  22. Sad story RIP young man To other people don't make suicide just because money problems I am sure he could had got money from his family to go back Italy
  23. I understand nobody wants to help him people are scared to get sick of what he have And to you poster why did you not helping him??? Why they staff in airport let him flying he could had infected other passengers
  24. They have no respect for life here so no sympathy from me
  25. Wake up Thailand Chinese there come Thailand alone without a tour company is here for illegal working mostly betting company
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