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  1. I don't think i will need a SAE. It says on the website that i add an additional £10 for delivery back to me. I think typing up my address should be sufficient enough. But thank you all for the responses. Edited: My bad, it doesn't say on the website. They messaged me privately on facebook messenger and by email. Facebook Messenger Quote: "You can write a brief note explaining what you wish to do and what you enclose in the envelope to us, providing also your contact details in case we need to get in touch and your return address to post back the document. You need to send to us - a brief note - original document with the apostille from the FCO attached to the back - one copy of the above (both sides) - fee of £10 (assuming only one document to be legalised, we charge £10 per document) - £10 return postage (cash of £20 can be enclosed) We send it back by international tracking but it may take some 5 days to reach you. " Email Quote: You can send the document to Royal Thai Embassy in UK and 10 pounds in cash for Legalization and 10 pounds to send document back to the address in UK only. If you can't do that and still need us to do that for you, sorry we can't send out the document from UK to Thailand because it not our responsible for the document if it lost by post
  2. Hey Guffman, my guess would be that my employer would like to check if my documents are legit. I understand the reason since many fakes can be purchased from almost anywhere these days and the employer doesn't want to hire anyone with any fake documents. Keeping it professional but the idea of getting the stamps is not in my opinion. Especially since i have 2/3 steps completed and the 3rd step is basically a thai certified stamp which is not possible to get in Thailand but okay to get from Thai Embassy in London.
  3. SAE? What's that? Do i apply for that in Thailand or UK? Also, the only reason 2/3 steps are completed is because i had to do these for other reasons last year in 2018 and then i arrived in to Thailand this year 2019. But yeah it seems like no other option is available other than sending my document back to the UK. Do i need to fill in any special forms with my document posted or a type up a note? Thank you for the response.
  4. What solutions are available for someone like me who is already living in Thailand and has already legalized their documents by the FCO and notarized by a solicitor in England but doesn't have a stamp from the Royal Thai Embassy in London? I'm hoping i don't need to send my documents back to the Royal Thai of Embassy in London... Is it possible to get this stamp from RTE in London in Bangkok by any chance? Old age is starting to kick in and i don't have the energy to jump through these new hoops
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