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  1. Thanks. I'll give them a call if no-one has any actual models they can point me at. Hey, you've made 666 posts. You little devil, you.
  2. Hi all, My Onkyo has finally given up the ghost and so I need a replacement. My budget is definitely under 20,000 baht and I need something that will drive my floorstanding Klipsch speakers, so say 80 to 120 watts RMS per channel. I've checked online with Power Buy, Lazada, Shopee and so on but the quoted specs never give enough information. I believe the internet radio app has to be included in the receiver's firmware? Thanks for any help!
  3. That is precisely how I feel now immigration have tightened up so much, who believes they will relax again. You need to be almost rich to leave and return again. I have good Thai health insurance, I own a house here, I show my monthly income like a good boy. Immigration see all this wren I renew my retirement visa every year. Why can't I just come and go without MORE financial restrictions?
  4. Same here. MG3 for four years. No complaints at all.
  5. Hi Oliver, I've bought the Hatari unit, it's been delivered today. I bought online direct from Hatari at the same price as on Lazada, etc. but with an extra filter (worth 800 Baht). As soon as I completed the order the page changed to 'out of stock'! The plasma mode looks interesting as I have the suspicion that my problem stems from the dust/dander load on the furnishings in my house. I can spend the day/early evening outside with no symptoms, but problems start when I'm indoors of an evening/night. I'm looking at the dog! :) I only started being allergic in my late fi
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