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  1. People are people. If they're lazy then they also were before they found a timesaving technology. Alternatively, tech can make you more productive and happier if you use your extra time well.
  2. Clive, I'm just wondering, are you both part of a crime syndicate who burned your prints off with acid. Maybe you forgot? Have a great week ahead
  3. Surely your comment would only be relevant here if you talk about your refund? I don't care about your phone app.
  4. Its constant breakdowns are truly an embarrassment for Thailand. It does make me wonder if there's in fact some deliberate effort being made to ensure that long stayers are physically monitored face to face at least 2 or 3 times a year. No system surely can truthfully be prone to constant breakage over several years of operation?
  5. I commented on another forum about farang wearing masks under their nose in Hua Hin. Far more farang than Thai when I watched. The knuckledraggers in that forum told me I should be minding my own business. And there you have it.
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