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  1. I simply despair at the utterly pathetic neediness of absurd calculations like this. But of course it gives media outlets like you wonderful clickbait (it's utterly unbelievable, yet given headline prominence by a supposedly trustworthy webnews outlet: "we didn't say it, we're only reporting it (oh, in our daily major headlines)" Can't you just make your headline stories stuff we need to see, and not jokes? Why give such a totally absurd tale prominence in your 'headline stories'? Her, I guess you're desperate too....
  2. Some people don't want to give their financial position to random third parties.
  3. If you want your address written in English and not Thai, very good luck you. I have no bank/utility/government docs sent to me that show my address in English. I go to a translation service, get the doc translated and stamped as a true translation.
  4. Haha. Lacking in taste. Quite apropos as it also applies to people complaining about 'all Thai food'.
  5. Both of you clearly don't know your taste buds start to fail as you age. Just dump a load of salt on and stop moaning. Foreigners who know nothing. Right....
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