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  1. For a country that has never been at war why the big budget? Ah sorry friend now dead have to get watch somehow
  2. Has the air of the Cambodian elections about it, if I can't win then I'll get the court to lock you all up
  3. The army should be sent back to their barracks and taught how to obey orders, not just run around making wild remarks about something they no nothing about, this has already been proved by the present leaders of the country who know absolutely F##k all about running a country
  4. Mine transfer wise transfers show as FTT in my passbook and International Transfer on my Bangkok Bank statement, so where's the problem??
  5. Just go to all the bars in Pattaya, as a friend and owner who I asked which part of bar is non smoking he told me you can smoke anywhere here I told him about the regulation, he just said who going to enforce it. Maybe if the owners of the buildings, bars, condos etc. were fined 100,000thb then maybe their attitude would change. Me I've heard of a bar in Soi Diana that is non-smoking looks like it's going to get my business
  6. Obviously you have not or cannot read the regulations 5METRES and yes.
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