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  1. Hahaha Little presumptive minimally judgemental aren't you, maybe I was none of the above and merely a little mau!
  2. the average price I was quoted in Pattaya IRC IZ-SS 110/80-14 1400THB 140/70-14 1700THB =======3100
  3. Thanks for the info, I tried (minimally) to get some info on this subject but as you mention it seems to be only a Phillipines thing! Just as an aside, I have never been happy with the "Shocks" on my moviestar and possibly erroneously had an idea that wider based tyres may help with the impact on any little bump in the road that shakes my ageing wrists to pieces
  4. 20125 Baht including delivery within 2 days for the two tyres
  5. Thank you for your comments. I decided to stay with the "Standard" sizes but only because i could not get any info on fitting bigger tyres After "talking " to 3 companies in Pattaya I went with this pair from Lazada Aspira Sportivo tire 110 / 80-14 + 140 / 70-14 (Front 110 / 80-14), (Rear 140 / 70-14)
  6. Can anyone recomend a good place please and also any info on replacing back tyre which is 140/70 -14 MC with a larger tyre, is it practcal or even sensible? Thanks
  7. just a thought did you turn off any "adblocker " on the immi site?
  8. I was informed that Chrome was OK but it didnt work for me. After phoneing the nice lady at Immigration I ws told to try Intenet explorer or MS edge and it worked first time , maybe helpful to you to know!
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