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  1. there are many.. ..because there are reports of sudden deaths and partial paralysis after the china vaccine was administered. https://www.biospace.com/article/death-disability-among-side-effects-of-chinese-covid-19-vaccines-leaked-documents-reveal/
  2. As others have said, even if you buy insurance you are not necessarily covered. In fact I hope you never need to claim because the small print is usually excessive and exempts you. also if you are unfortunate enough to endure a medical problem in the future, you will from Theron deemed to have a pre existing condition and you're then tied in to your one and only existing insurer. Private health insurance is nothing but a scam and I buy it but it’s next to worthless for most people. Ps - British pay the national insurance premium so the NHS is not Free
  3. The guy not wearing a mask didn’t kill his wife too did he? Shucks I must have missed that part of the article! ..he must be a real news worthy crook then based on your criteria?
  4. I agree this guy is douche although for this story to make the National news to me is just sad on behalf of this news channel. It’s just a way to try to blame the westerners again. Is there no other more worthy news about real crooks? How about news story’s about where the virus originated from? Pathetic.
  5. The authorities in other countries say there is very little if no chance of transmission in the outdoor fresh air. A walk along the beech without a mask might do everyone's mental health some good. Shaming on national TV and fining them might have the opposite effect. Lets mention what this is REALLY about, which is 'BLAMING' the foreigner again for ones own incompetency.
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