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  1. Trump is a sorry excuse for a president, I hope everyone has had enough of this spoiled brat when its time to vote.
  2. Pleased to see its not only the little guys who have bad days. HAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. The problem is almost as many people could see the lies and voted remain and many others didn’t vote who would have likely done if they had known their vote was needed. People keep spouting on about democracy, if you want true democracy then opt for a new vote based on the facts now that some of the realities of what would happen are known. In 2016 nothing was known about what will happen. People voted only based on untruths. Although now that some truths are known about the consequences of brexit it sounds like leavers are worried a second vote would result in remain. The first vote was not democratic it was bs based on unknowns - a very important decision taken as lightly and as casual as a flip of the coin.
  4. Hmmm, there’s nothing more erotic than the stench of cigar breath odor.. ..I bet your wife also tell you that your ahan-sum-man as well right!
  5. As long as I'm allowed back to live with my Thai wife when I want to I have no issues with it. Although I fear that as a British tax payer even now whilst living abroad, never taken anything out and only 'put into the system', I fear things might get much tougher if I want to take my wife to my home country to stay longer than 6 months thats if she doesn't have a degree and doesn't speak excellent English or have 65k GBP to support herself and if she has a pre existing health condition.. Whats your view on it?
  6. This is a very sad and shocking story. So sorry to see it. Its a reminder of the dangers of travelling in a third world country where everything seems fine, until its suddenly isn't. This could have happened to any one of us being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Hoping the girls have a full recovery.
  7. Violence has no place in a civilized society. However one of the main differences between the rise of Hitlers Far Right Nationalism in the 1930's leading to the terrible events of World War 2 is that today there is a confrontational opposing force to prevent history repeating as such. Government should prevent all of this although they don't always do the right thing do they.
  8. Always a 199thb logitech with cable --they last me about 1-2 years usually. I now have a drawer full of them so I once purchased a soldering iron with intent to fix them but I have never had time.
  9. Always insist on an electric hob at home it can literally save your life -- gas cookers are very dangerous in a home.
  10. I want to cancel my work permit and I found the link to the form to submit in an older ThaiVisa thread but the link no longer works. Is there a standard form to send into the Labor Department to cancel the work permit and do I need to send my work permit book or can I keep hold of that? Also, if I started work again or registered a new business in future could I simply apply again at any time in the future for a new work permit? Im on Non O visa so my visa isnt an issue. Thanks in advance for any information.
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