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  1. Since posting Ive received private PM's thank you - I will see any good hospital for diagnosis, then seek lower cost treatments once I understand the correct diagnosis.
  2. Apologies in advance for gatecrashing the topic although it is related. Any advice in getting a correct diagnosis? I live a clean life, no drink, no smoking, no drugs other than medical prescriptions and good diet. Im mid 40's but Im having symptoms of low T and high E for past 6 months and getting worse... Any advice in getting a correct diagnosis of any underlying condition affecting T and E levels and treatment at affordable prices and would this be covered on medical insurance? Any advice appreciated.
  3. I have had various symptoms on and off the past 12 months or longer although recently things escalated. I don't drink or smoke and I eat a really well balanced diet, no sugar, low fat and I have clean lifestyle (maybe need a bit more exersize that's all) etc although I've put a lot of weight on and Im experiencing other low mood, irritability symptoms. I'm in my 40's and I have a history of a kidney issues and I suspected adrenal gland issues. I went for a private T hormone blood test and it was on the low side so I want to find a good Endocrinologist in Bangkok preferable close to the Onnut/Srinakarindra side of Bangkok although I am prepared to travel a little further if need be. The nearest large name hospital to me is Samitivej Srinakarindra I am wondering if I should go here or not. I have some medical insurance but not sure if this is covered or not so I am expecting to pay my own way. I saw this old post from 2013, I'm just wondering if the same advice applies or if I should seek the closest doctor at Samitivej.. I have a feeling i'm going to need to source ongoing treatment also and I know that meds can be costly at the large hospitals. Any advice/experiences would be appreciated.
  4. Ok so Im sure many of you will be amused by this although it is a legitimate question if you wouldn't mind helping I would appreciate that greatly.. I currently run my own business and I plan to be able to 'get older' without worrying about the need to work for a living however I always thought that If I were to retire from the business any time (any age after 45 years old) I would maybe look at doing something else to fill time and maybe look at teaching English as a possibility. However one snag is that I never completed my degree back in the UK many years ago. Not that I needed one to get to be where I am today although I was reading that a Bachelors degree (or equivalent) is necessary to teach in Thailand and after reading about all the recent crack downs on the legitimacy of teachers in Thailand I was wondering whether to complete my degree with a long distance learning open university degree whilst I still have the opportunity to do so. What would your thoughts be on this? I was also thinking If I were to apply for other work in Thailand rather than continue to operate my own business would I also be better prepared by having a degree and would it really be necessary considering I've operated several successful businesses (keeping in mind that to complete the degree is time consuming and costly and if not necessary would be a pointless exercise). Any thoughts would be appreciated thank you.
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