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  1. I have better things to do thanks, even during a lockdown.
  2. Are you living under a rock? There are many many more deaths with covid-19 than flu.
  3. I’m sure the families of those who have died will disagree
  4. I was out last Sunday and we visited a favorite little dining place, usually packed with Thais for the delicious food this time it was empty. It seems many Thais have tightened the purse strings at the moment. TAT is on another planet.
  5. There may be a clue in your statement as to why you maybe always tired...? "to buy some beer..."
  6. You wouldn’t get away with that in Aldis or Lidl’s in Blighty, your groceries would be launched off the end of the conveyor belt faster than a rocket whilst you scurry to pick your broken eggs up from the floor yourself and whilst everyone in the queue looks at you with disdain and disgust.. ..And yes that is one of the reasons I moved to Thailand.
  7. It’s people like you who should pay the extortionate 3 baht for the bags so that the rest of us responsible people who have memories longer than a gold fish don’t have to wait for people like you holding up the queue.
  8. It’s like anything else in Thailand, all foreigners are segregated as having far fewer human rights Than what Thais have, yet those from affluent countries are expected to pay more for everything. trust amazing Thailand’s fake smile
  9. I see, although I was responding to the OP who asked about incoming flights to Thailand to deliver from UK. I see you continued the thread with your own questions. In your case the only option is to send DHL, TNT etc until the airmail and EMS re-start. Im waiting to send letters out also.
  10. Only until they can buy from elsewhere or produce domestically
  11. Theres no need for bleach that could potentially blind a dog, water alone would turn the dogs away. The dogs are just doing what is natural and protecting their turf, its the owner who needs to be responsible.
  12. Goto parcel2go.com enter your details and get a discounted quote. or try other uk discounted postal sites also.
  13. the old ones can be rinsed those shoes are in better nick than my childhood kickabouts
  14. the best laid plans and all that.. The poor bloke lost his beloved wife and was left alone in old age. Hope he finds some solace. For the pittance of that hospital bill this story is not worth lighting up the pixels on the laptop for.
  15. Call Fedex again and request a 10kg promotional box. It will cost about 5,000 baht to send to Uk.
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