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  1. Before I went to New Zealand, I lived here 9 years and not left the country, however 8 years ago, I was questioned at Auckland airport over the same issue. My good friend has just returned back from Dunedin NZ. and he has had the same problem. I asked Flight Centre why they have this problem, and the reply was that Quantas staff at NZ airports are contractors only and are not fully aware of the visa rules. I have been back 5 times now, using Thai airways as well, never had a problem. Flight Center was talking to Quantas while I was present in their office, they refused to talk to me. I also had thousands of kiwi dollars on me, so i met all the criteria needed.
  2. I have just had 2 months holiday in New Zealand, on the 1st march this year, Flight Centre a farely big travel agent in Auckland refused to sell me a one way ticket to Thailand. After explaining that I had a retirement Visa, followed by a re entry permit to return by the 8th October this year, however they contacted their visa agents that confirmed it was ok to do this. They also said to contact Quantas office to be sure. Quantas said a one was not allowed. After hours of discussion, Flight Centre said the best option was to buy a cheap flight to Cambodia for $120 NZD. going on the 30th this month. I took that option, I had no problems with entry, my onward ticket was never asked for etc, I now have a ticket to Cambodia which will end up up in file 13 (the rubbish bin) unless I can give it away
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