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  1. slow drivers should be punished, they are the ones causing most of the accidents
  2. Impossible with a booze ban in place, I had to cancel my holiday when I found out
  3. carrying out similar moves is what got them to no.4
  4. would be nice if someone could try it it's nearly a full day's trip for me, plus the mental pain of going inside the office; both dealing with the officer and seeing someone you might know better to pay 2000 baht
  5. Until they make it legal with THC included allowing you to get completely stoned than these articles are nothing to get excited about. What use is it using stems in food <deleted>. I guess there’s always the CBD oil market which is also nonsense but makes money. I don’t like the stuff personally. Over-the -counter Oxy with a box of beer would be the dream..
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