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  1. heard this from a friend working at a government school too (today) sounds like they're trying to offload sinovac asap sinovac is in the thai news every morning for being more dangerous and expensive, so it's far more likely to be used on people under 60 with no underlying health issues
  2. is there anywhere else to get it? bkk too far and that website is out of stock
  3. yep, this is the sad truth sinovac was probably made before they decided to spread the virus
  4. yes it is, but there's a loophole where they change the rate on the bill to 5 baht and extra 4 baht is classed as a 'maintenance fee' i've yet to see an apartment reduce it's electric rates since the law changed
  5. thanks the keto might suit me better as all my meals are cooked in restaurants so can't calorie count never managed to do the fasting thing, found it to be the most difficult diet of them all
  6. can you recommend a diet for someone who walks about 0.5 kilometers a day for exercise?
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