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  1. I stopped visiting tourist areas as soon as I found out about the TM30
  2. any mention of alcohol being served in restaurants? there is no reason to go to them until this is allowed again, and it's causing problems between me and my partner too, as she wants to start eating out again
  3. serious question and slightly off topic, can anyone recommend any nice cigarettes in thailand? I took up smoking when they introduced the alcohol ban. The menthol (green L&Ms) make me feel sick and i'm currently on the rolling tobacco with no filters which I find too strong, but dont give me the sick feeling
  4. the hygiene in government schools is worse than chinese wet markets
  5. why are they even teaching online? the only reason online teaching came into place was because the term at the time was still planned to finish end of February 2021 now the term has been adjusted, all the missed weeks of teaching can now be caught up on, yet schools are still insisting on going ahead with online. doesn't make any sense.
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