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  1. weather forecasts don't show any change for tomorrow
  2. Looking for a last minute holiday near the beach for a few nights, and the Chonburi area is the closest to drive to She isn't an ex-bar girl so doesn't want to be around them constantly, so not sure about Pattaya She's suggested Bang Saen but from reading here it will just be full of drunk somchais. I've suggested Jomtien but not sure if it will be full of Russians. Are there any other options? we're currently thinking of spending 2 nights in each. We just want somewhere close to a beach (doesn't need to be nice) and with a holiday feel, but away from scumbags...
  3. that would be homophobic in this day and age
  4. where is the list of 18 measures? 2 of the 3 measures mentioned in the article are for Thai citizens only
  5. yes i've heard, but Thailand hardly embraces it and allows it to spread like the West does..
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