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  1. As I said, I called Bangkok to find out if there was a $500 limit on the option to have a check immediately deposited as was told yes. So it is not a policy that varies with different branches - at least with the Bangkok Bank. You seem to have quite a bit of knowledge so I was a bit surprised you were not aware of this. It appears now based on what Ubonjoe posted, that any and all foreign checks will have to be sent for collection until further notice. As with a number of issues that could be important, it is best to get current information directly from the source as information you may get on forums could be incorrect and/or outdated.
  2. So why didn't you post a $1200 check could not be credited immediately since it is over $500 and it has to be sent for collection?
  3. I recently tried depositing a US government check at Bangkok Bank and wanted immediate deposit but they wouldn't do it because the check was for more than $500. I know I deposited checks for immediate deposit in the past for amounts well above $500 so they changed their policy which was confirmed when I called their home office. It took about 40 days before the check cleared so just hope the exchange rate doesn't take a major dive if you have it sent to be cleared.
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