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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. May I ask how many entries you had in recent times? I'm glad it worked out for you in the end.
  2. I was scrutinized the last time coming through BKK with a SETV (my second in a row). I was asked if I was working and then asked if I had a GF there. I replied no the two questions. The Girlfriend question, should i've replied yes or no? I did have a 4 month rental contract in BKK in my bag, but I never brought it up. I figured it would work to my disadvantage having a rental contract since it doesn't really imply travelling. Any thoughts on this?
  3. Hi guys, Planning to do a SETV from my home country - stay for 3 months - and then travel the Philippines for 1 month, and do a new SETV for Thailand, before heading back to my home country. Any news about making a SETV in Manila? I did Ho Chi Minh City last year and it was totally hassle free. And a great city I might add.
  4. Hi, I found this package (pic) very affordable: https://m.ais.co.th/ontop-package-myais Is it just for me to buy a sim, top up 1800 and buy it? ? Any tax? Can't find a #Code to dial - anyone knows? (in case that link doesn't work) Are there any other packages that are immediately more affordable than the above one?
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