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  1. The depth perception.. I stood up to look at it because I had no idea what was supposed to be accomplished. They made me sit down immediately.. and like yiu took me 2 try’s.. .. Fortunately I had to go to another office for the 5 year. 2 Year was at local DLT and had minimal staff that spoke English. It took 3-4 trips for Temp 2 year .. then sent to Udon Thani less 40 minutes.. they have perception test.. Best of luck ... ..
  2. I don’t mind we live in a small village near Kumphawapi.. so a trip to Udon Thani for 90 day reporting and a quick trip to the import food shop....
  3. Apologies if in wrong section .. please move if needed. I sent a email to FBU Manila to apply for US Social Security. They’ve replied with time and date for phone interview 6 weeks out. US Citizen 67 years not applied prior. Living in NE Thailand 5+ years - Is that standard length of time for an appointment? - What does the interview consist of ? - What should I prepare fir the interview Thanks
  4. The foreigner (Farangs) should think of others if he doesn’t care about himself. If you like living in Thailand then show it.. Apologize to all the folks trying their best to get through these very difficult times... He is wrong..
  5. Was on the way to Udon Thani airport the turn into airport stopped shown picture rear tires in the line when light changed. I was driving and our Thai wives cousin going to drive car back home..he doesn’t English gotout and talking to police .. then officer told me go to table pay. the whole time the officer never spoke English until i got to the pay table.. he said your fine was 500 now 1,000 then he said next time tell your friend keep mouth shut.. anyway I had a beer with lunch and didn’t want to push my luck..
  6. Hey everyone has to eat.. lol. Some months back they had road block checking DL, Registration.... my registration was a month past.. my fault. Officer tells wall across 4 lane rarely busy and pay 500 baht at the table and received receipt. I said Thank you have a nice day .. see ya. I’m walking back 4 lane to car .. get half and turned and went back to table. The officer who took and gave receipt said questions. I take back the have a nice day and I hope to never see you again,.. he rolled his eyes and pointed to go.. must o
  7. Congratulations to your wife. A Great accomplishment.
  8. Most Caddies in SE Asia are covered head to toe.... Does covered in long pants and long sleeve keep you cool..
  9. It’s not currently a rules infraction. Most people who wear similar trying not to get Tan/sunburned. Check out Cink tan line .... that’s not gray hair on top.. Cap line...
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