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  1. There was an article here on TV. Picture of drivers license on phone not acceptable Must have original. The article went on to say police are no longer allowed to keep your drivers license. Passport was asked to show once in 3 years had IDP at that time. Thai drivers license also has passport information on it. US you can get at additional cost your passport details on license size card. It’s only valid for use in North America. If stopped should e acceptable
  2. And if anyone mentions the untrue POME about OZ in the line might put a wrench in the works (delay) until some knowledgeable person submits it for review... could be long wait.. Who do they think started the break it brexit thing... But look at it on the bright side you have fine company in line with us American. Messing with y’all OZ folks..
  3. Exactly first couple questions I’ll give feedback... 50 more nah a lot of inquiries...
  4. Are your plans to keep for a long time and it’s feasible in budget buy new
  5. Ok count me in on mental health issues... Quad Bypass at 39 uninsurable.. still looking for coverage that won’t cost a small mint
  6. It was on the forum this past week... and probably both airports. I’ve flown in from China to both airports.. BKK extremely long wait.. it was like 3 hrs on New Year’s Eve year before last at BKK.. and bagage got damaged ... went to do the claim all the staff having a good ew Years.. the airline I used miles from China it was business class (no first) only 3 or 4 of us. One of the flight deck came out and smoked a cigarette and I wa well not flying this one again..even if only like $10
  7. I live in the NE village 6,000 is very fair as long as the Mama is getting most of it. My .... uhhh wife two nephews and niece have been living at our house along with Mama and Papa. Anyway i was going to go on a tangent but deleted it.. Takk with your wife and maybe Grandma is giving some to the children. Best if you could have them do some minimal chore daily to show as a reward.... For me that’s home me and siblings were brought up. Teaches the children a bit. But it’s not an easy one to put in place and understand why... This is what I pay and its a ok. Her sister clean house everyday 7 days a week 5,000. Her older sister take care of 10 cows 24/7 5,000. Mama 10,000 a month she cleans and does other RTHK ha always busy and looks out for me. Papa nothing what ever he can get off Mama and the children have a much get odds. the brother send money 3,000 every month for the two boys he and his wife live in BKK and work moto taxi and not sure what his wife does but she’s works ( not the children Mom). She a bit older than him and he’s like 28... have you visited the village yet.... and yes a number of 20 something males sit around on the dole,.. but there also plenty that work...
  8. I’m fairly sure a few in HK will be looking where to go if extradition is made law.
  9. There’s a shuttle type bus you can catch at airport ask at the information counter. Or if staying at a hotel ask if they have service. No motorbike service I know of or seen
  10. Military Veterans you put your asses on line for your country... Yes your special and should be honored. I don’t think any of us have all the information to judge either way... Let’s see how it plays out. Strange thing today ... Market was packed and women using woman and Men’s toilets... seriously I was huh? Enjoy your day...
  11. This was.from 2012 Land Traffic Act Section 22 (1000B) [Meaning of traffic light: Green: the driver may drive the vehicle through Yellow: the driver shall prepare to stop the vehicle behind the stop line. If the driver has passed the stop line when the traffic light turns yellow, he may go through. Red: the driver shall stop the vehicle behind the stop line. Green Arrow: the driver shall drive according to the direction of the green arrow, but shall be careful to give way to crossing pedestrians or other vehicles. Blinking Red: the driver shall stop at the stop line and, when it is seen safe, may proceed with care. Blinking Yellow: the driver shall reduce the speed of the vehicle and proceed through the roadway carefully.]
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