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  1. Were they real Nike? If so send them an email and explain what happened and they should replace free of charge. Bought Converse in US for my son in a week the sole came off. Wrote them they sent a new pair and didn’t want the others back
  2. Did I misread something? I thought they’ve been married 30 years. My Thai wife of 30+ years wants to divorce me. For about 10 years now, She’d probably be mid to late 40s..... OP can you clarify how old your wife is?
  3. According to the US Embassy Immigration said the Income Affadavit will be valid for 6 months from issue date. I’m only relaying what I’ve read and was told at the Embassy. Just read through the entire article and it suggests different types of Visa for those with Thai family / supporting a Thai family. Also anyone living here full time 1998 and prior requirements stay the same as when got their first visa / or extensions. Article suggests going to your local immigration office and see what is offered and Best suits you. We have a wealth of visa/extension to stay on TV. Hopefully for those who want to stay can find a suitable fit.
  4. It’s not all that bad I’ve filled it out but first gathered all the information. Sometimes loading the passport picture can be problematic. As far as the DNA testing sometimes the officer feels it necessary. I was at US Embassy Guangzhou a Chinese lady mid twenties with a newborn. The father wasn’t there and the officer asked where is he? In Germany she said but doesn’t know where. She was immediately told have to get a DNA test. Was told by an officer the reason the US is sometimes overly strict is because once your in they don’t track foreignors like China. I was there because my wife was denied a visa 2 times and would’ve been 3 if I didn’t make go and discuss with Consulate The Officer thought the invitation letter was fake.... no I wrote it. She got her visa i found a little puzling the OP saying US doesn’t give monetary support. If he’s taking the child to US for medical treatment it’s not going to be cheap. To get any kind of aid it’s going to take time, Hopefully it works out and the child gets healthy
  5. Have no idea in Thailand. California voluntary man slaughter (Crime of Passion). A good lawyer probation possibly 3 years in jail at least that’s what I read from a California law firm web a few minutes ago. Not knowing how hard the person kicked the child it’s difficult to have an opinion. If the person kicked hard nough to hurt the child And it were my child at 4 years old I’d loose it and who knows what would happen..... there should be laws to keep people from overindulging at a night stand? There probably aren’t but should be
  6. Exactly. The airline was wrong to buckle to a customer knowingly trying to circumvent the airlines rules. It leads to other customers trying to do the same. I don’t like the rule but if I choose to fly on budget airline I go by their rules.
  7. Guessing the pictures have to do with shocks..... bad shocks will make handling difficult. Had a 49 Chevy once paid $300 in 1975 great truck ran and ran and ran 6 cylinder
  8. That’s almost a daily here in the village ....
  9. No matter if foreigner or not it’s ridiculous to damage something for no reason. Wife’s nephew about 9 years old 1/2 spray painted her Exhaust white ..... nothing done about it. Told the wife tell him if he does that to my moto I will won’t go easy....
  10. In the bigger cities they may be able to ban sales but in the villages they’ll be selling ..... I’m hoping to avoid songkran the in-laws if it’s 6 day holiday they turn it into a 8 day drunk fest all day everyday. Just hate to deal with it someone over indulges and arguing / fighting starts out. After Songkran I’ve gone to the shop that sells ( villages bigger shop) beer ,whisky, soda etc. and told here’s your bill. What? I always pay at time of purchase. The owner says papa bought beer etc..... I’ve nothing against drinking / having fun in fact if I’m in the mood i can hang with the best of them. But I know when to stop....
  11. I asked the US Embassy concerning Income Affadavit being valid 6 months. See below
  12. Easy partner (from John Wayne or Roy Rogers western?) I’d be careful to not rock the boat unless you’re 100% it stays anonymous if not it could cause extra headaches....
  13. Works good. Coming back from BKK to Northeast normally 8 hour drive. Papa knew the way he was my co-pilot. Left my house at midnight to US Embassy in/out 30 minutes headed back north. I drove all the way. Drove through an area I didn’t recognize when driving down. So turned on the phone not going the right direction. Show papa and he insists DONG bi (wrong spelling) I kept my cool after driving back and forth through the same town 3 times. Everytime he had me stop so he could ask someone it was like a ping pong ball. Back and forth. Finally i I gave him the zip it sign used the gps until I knew where we were. 8 hours going 14-1/2 hrs coming back. Arrived back home at midnight the same time we left the day before. I was tired and wasnt a good idea for him to have any input. He kept his mouth shut. He’s learned to tell when I’m fuming mad,
  14. Now this one is real expensive.... Under CVC 22454, California law requires you remain stopped as long as the red lights on the school bus are flashing. If you fail to stop, you may be fined up to $1,000 and your driving privilege could be suspended for 1 year.
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