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  1. Hopefully your parents live a long time and enjoy life. Concerning POA our Father passed away and fortunately our (5 children) youngest sister took care of everything (she lives in same city the rest other states/countries) sold house etc by POA. He resided in Florida which at that time required two witnessess. POA had to be certified (may not be the correct word) by US Embassy. Had to make two trips from NE to Bangkok. Second trip was because two witnesses were required. Technically the attorney should have allowed for the Consulate Officer to be
  2. For all of you stick outside Thai I hope you can find a smoother way back if you choose. No need to crack anyones nut as to why it they got caught out... I was fortunate was supposed to go to Singapore Airshow last minute the business I was visiting at show cancelled.. so I consider myself lucky...
  3. Last notice was in August 2019 from 10 mil to 5 mil to 1 mil baht effective August 2020. It wasn’t a sudden announcement...
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