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  1. I just got an annual notice sndit has a help center.. maybe it’ll be helpful.. I’ve not used themin 3-4 years only because I didn’t need to or I found aneasier way,, https://www.paypal.com/us/smarthelp/home?utm_source=epsilon&utm_campaign=A_OW_EM_AH_HR_NI_NI_202010_79739_Scenario_1_Approved_Targeting_HighRisk_5_US_en_US&utm_medium=email
  2. OP what were you trying to accomplish originally? You say after we got extension ... is we in general or in this case 2...
  3. TV last night showed man allegedly robbing a bank... had a real problem getting over the counter .. he kept falling.. hilarious
  4. Will they have a re-enactment road trip to Japan... ring back some Kobe steaks back as evidence... case closed evidence was eaten..
  5. Kobe steak must be $500+ a kilo... looks like someone wanted to make an example to others....
  6. Twice within 1 year my US bank account was frozen because a reporting agency notified Bank I was deceased. I lived in China at the time and luckily the next day i was traveling to US on business trip. It took two two days to sort out. Went to bank showed passport, two drivers valid license US and China. The accounts manager had to call and get released. He started getting angry on the call because they wouldn’t unlock even though I was standing their with a lot of evidence it was me. Resulted I had to go to Social Security office and get a letter s
  7. Look into local Golf Societies in your area... good savings ...
  8. Probably true ... lived there 10 years... There was a citizen up roar on building a chemical plant near city messages were sent to advise friends etc, the fix shut down WeChat for a couple days.. finally it was decided to put chemical plant further out just Incase..
  9. I don’t know about how well or not 5G works. An article I read on the forum talked about to get 5G you must have a plan that supports it... which sounds like a possible up tick in internet.. 4G works for me .. would like to wean off of it all and find a cool spot on beach with ,, dreaming who would do all the honey dos that she don’t..
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