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  1. what was his alcohol level? Any other facts besides he was arrested? ..... a bit trigger happy with judgement.
  2. Well connected as in? The funniest reenactment i saw I saw the guy stopped at the toilet to take a dump.....
  3. I didn’t know what the bell was for rang it once bought 10 dtinks at the beer garden area... never rang it again
  4. A fair chunk of change.... USA After demonstrating that you have complied with the two-year employment of a minimum 10 workers and maintained your minimum $1 million invested, you can qualify for permanent green card status. If you invest in a high unemployment area of the United States, the amount required to qualify may be only $500,000 U.S.
  5. Make sure the relationship is so.id before you build. I built new and relationship went sideways. She still lives here and I’ve learned to ignore what I want to. Suggest renting. The house wasn’t expensive and if I had to walk away I could...
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