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  1. Thanks I have entered my details there now but still only have the BKK hospital options. I will wait rather than travel to a hot spot for now. The new version with /expatriates on the end of the URL you gave me is under development today but hopefully this is the one where Provincial hospitals will be added eventually
  2. Please add Kanchanaburi to no foreigners as per my post thanks.
  3. I guarantee if I did it for one family many would ask the same. I was inundated when I moved here with offers to teach privately and by each successive school principal. It is well reported that a few people have been sent home for illegaly working without pay (volunteeering). Yes you could get away with it 99% of the time but to risk being in the 1% for me is not worth the risk. Even if I got the OK from the local IO, that could change in a heartbeat. Not worth it. I volunteered for 5 years in Cambodia before I came here, no special visa requirements, as you say many j
  4. Absolutely correct. It's a daily annoyance for me when I get bored that I could happily be volunteering a few days a week at the local school. Just yesterday I was asked to tutor a friends 2 children for which they wanted to pay me. I explained as I have done many times since arriving at my village that on a retirement visa it's not possible. I would do it in a heartbeat and FOC but still not allowed. In my opinion it is not worth the risk of some local with a grudge reporting you for 'working', for free or otherwise.
  5. Province: Kanchanaburi, Sangkhla Buri district Date: 11/6/21 Location (name of hospital or other) Thong Pha Phum district hospital (registered there 4 years) Are you over 60/chronically ill? (Yes/No) Yes 66/Diabetic type 2, pre high BP and Angioplasty (3 stents) How did you register? Tried many times Vaccination received (yes/no) No If yes, Type of vaccine : If no, Reason not vaccinated: Not registered I have been unable to register using any medium for months. Could not get Mor Prom to work. Have visited the local clinic and the above hospital
  6. I live 40 minutes from Sangkhla Buri town in Sangkhla Buri District. Its about 3 hours South to the main city of Kanchanaburi. I have been trying to register for months. First attempt was when the poo yai told everyone who wanted a vaccine to go to the local clinic to register. My wife and her 2 brothers did so. I was told 'Thai only'. This was a few months ago. About a week ago this was repeated, wife asked about me, still Thai only. I tried Mor Prom when it was announced, no pink ID so not possible (and many complain it was useless anyway)
  7. Posted this yesterday, but I still think it's funny and appropriate
  8. My sympathies lie with the workers in the alledged 900+ vaccination centres. They face many months of working piecemeal, one day queued out, next day twiddling their thumbs waiting for stock. Not the most efficient mass vaccination programme. I wonder how many of the centres are actually delivering on any one day. At a guess I'd say 50% of the time.
  9. Looks like they fixed the error using the date from the builtin calendar start date (1970) and now have a much more useful 'RELOAD' option. I registered but am not in ChonBuri or Bangkok so am expecting (555) the list of venues and available vaccines to change over time. A very long time.
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