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  1. You must not live in a small rural village like I do, Hua Hin is like a trip to Vegas for me
  2. After being a good boy for the last 8 months and not going anywhere out of Kanchanaburi Province, I plan to visiit Hua Hin next week for about a week for a holiday. Will travel by minvan. On arrival is there any current need to report anywhere or can I just go straight to my hotel? Any one have accurate up to date picture? I looked at TAT and it seems good to go but many provinces not updating their summary. Thanks
  3. I am sure you are correct, they wouldn't marry us either, another trip to Bangkok was needed. I am in an area with very few farang, no precedent for many things, I feel like a pioneer many times here I think I have the only office still insisting on a TM30 after a break in another province.
  4. That is quite possibly the next step though even the local village chief seems to think farang can not get a yellow book.
  5. Yep tried that at the local amphur a while ago. 'yellow book not for farang, migrant workers only'. I am close to the Myanmar border and when I am in the amphur with the wife we see lots of agents with stacks of yellow books. Not for me though.
  6. While corruption does annoy me, in Thailand it irritates me more having to go to the UK embassy and paying £50 (2000 Baht) for a residence certificate as my local IO and amphur refuse to issue them. Even if they did, they are not accepted at the local DLT who insist on an embassy one anyway. I'd be happy to pay a few hundred (yes illegal) baht to avoid what for me is an expensive trip to Bangkok. 300 Baht is a bargain compared to an 8 hour each-way drive and an overnight hotel, just for an A4 sheet of paper. Some might call this corruption.
  7. Having been quite lucky so far in not needing the services of Thailand Immigration I now have a UK passport issue. I had a trip home planned for May 21 to the UK and made an appointment at the Glasgow UK passport office for a one day service. This trip has been cancelled. While my passport does not expire til August 2021, it has only a few pages left, and with no travel plans, won't be an issue. However my annual extension based on retirement is due end November 2020 and so if I don't renew my passport before then, Immigration can not give me a full year, the new extension expiry m
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