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  1. I recall you switching to David Sheild from HCI. I checked them out at the time and their premum (for me) was higher than my HCI policy, with roughly the same cover so I stayed with HCI. I have been with HCI now for 5 years and as I am 65 early next year will not risk changing for reasons you state. I can not recommend or otherwise as I luckily have never had to make a claim, but what I can say is their customer service and admin is excellent. I get a renewal pack 2 to 3 weeks before it expires, and have emailed them with a few changes which are responded to instantly and changes made seamlessly. They take payment automatically from my UK credit card and tell me when they do so. I already know I will be covered for life, and that an increase of roughly 50% will kick in on my 66th birthday. At least I can plan for that. Last June I realised I was going to be in the USA on holiday over the renewal date (July) and I checked with them by email that the renewal would go through ok, and could they quote me/add cover for my 2 weeks in USA (USA is excluded in the main policy). To my surprise they pointed to a clause in my policy that allows for cover for vacation time once a year up to 30 days in USA (excluding the travel-type cover like lost baggage, delays etc). This however has no bearing on their potential response if I ever have to make a claim. This is just for info and not a sales pitch I have no affiliation other than a customer.
  2. My policy is with HCI, covers me for up to £350k costs me £1200 per annum. I am 64 but am 65 soon so (if they give me a policy) the cheapest Thai cover is is over £2340 per annum, around 90k Baht.
  3. She is very likely to get away with it for a while. I see a girl in our village who has been getting away with exactly the same deception for at least the 2 years i've lived here.
  4. http://www.amsterdamairport.info/departures.html I used to use that airport every 2 weeks for years never had a problem, but there are several others with missing departure boards in which case I just google the departures/arrivals boards. Handy for unanounced gate changes if you are in a departure gate with no screen.
  5. I have a UK expat insurance policy in its 5th year now. It covers me for 13 million Baht for inpatient but nothing for outpatient. My premium is about 50% of the 'recommended' Thai policies being pushed on us. Is it possible to buy a policy (in Thailand or elswhere), solely to cover outpatient costs? If I ask my insurer to amend they will likely amend it, but at a wholly disproportionate cost.
  6. Thanks for the info, I will check the link. I am with Health Care International (HCI) I can't recommend or otherwise as I have luckily never had to claim. Been with them 5 years and at 65 soon, better staying with them than changing in my opinion. Not sure if they would honour it, but they say if there is no claim based on my pre-existing conditions in the first 3 years of cover, they put a moritorium in place and would 'consider' covering them.
  7. Indeed, lots to be clarified, as usual. The web page with the list of companies also has the form to be used for existing insurers. Who knows! All I know is i'd be well pee'd off if I had to pay double for a much worse policy. Also I have been with my insurers over 5 years and am 65 soon, so at the cut off for acceptance from some companies. An existing policy has advantages, I hope.
  8. Thanks for this, I wsa hoping someone would do this This confirms that everage premium for these policies, for me is about 90K Baht for very low, inadequate cover. My current UK International policy covers me for 13 million Baht , for half the premium. If this ever gets applied to extensions of stay I will need to ask them to add out patient cover and hope my insurance company will sign the certification form.
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