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  1. I see where the OP is coming from. In any 'dispute' the odds are stacked in favour of the Thai I have no doubt. I don't live in fear but am more careful than I would be back home regards sticking my head above the parapet. If a neighbour or someone has it in for you and makes false accusations against you, there is indeed a chance of it escalating. Unlikely but I am sure this thread will show a few examples, such as being accused of 'working' on a retirement extension. It's not just foreigners in the farang sense, as neighbouring migrant workers also have th
  2. Good point, but the policy highlighted looks like a straightforward annual policy, not specifically to cover re-entry requirements but give comprehensive cover with no exclusions for pre-existing conditions as well as acceptable if Iwas to leave and use it to re-enter. 3.5 million baht per year cover would hopefully be adequate for most claims.
  3. Now I am confused as to what I should do. I have a good UK policy BUT it has no cover for pre-existing conditions (diabetes, stents) and no cover for COVID due to these conditions. I am 65 and pay around 53k Baht, but next year when I am 66 they have already told me it will go up by maybe 50%. This top PCH policy, if I read it correctly, would possibly cover everything and at 92k Baht could be a more attractive option for that reason.
  4. I am with you on this, I am going nowhere until travelling returns to some sense of normality. Could be rather a long time though. I can wait, I have infinite patience.
  5. I have read posts in the past that claim the opposite - i.e. knowing the language is something you may wish you hadn't when you hear Thais talking, possibly about you, assuming you can't understand. Anyone come accross this? In my few years in China when out and about shopping with my (Chinese) wife, she would often tell me traders immediately assuming she was a guide, would instigate a double price for the foreigner and a kickback for her. Needless to say they lost any sale after she spit venom at them.
  6. Interesting question OP I was an 'A' student in lanuages in high school where I studied French and Russian for 5 years. I can still almost get by in French but never got to use Russian in the real world, although I can still read and write a little, still I remember the alphabet. Forward 30 years and I ended up in a job in Wuhan, PRC thinking, Mandarin? No problem. Wrong! After 2 years my speaking was still way to basic to be useful, and after a week there I met my wife who pretty much did all the talking for me, so I ended up putting in less effort. My colleagues and I
  7. The last time I got a van from Mo Chit to Hua Hin it was around 240 Baht on the scheduled van, which ran every hour but I'd check that is still the case. I'd reckon a taxi or a van to pick you up at the airport could be booked online then you'd avoid surprises. Taxi around 3500 Baht, not sure about the van.
  8. Taxi to Mo Chit for a van or bus to Hua Hin though I am not sure what time they stop operating. Personally I'd relax one night in a hotel on arrival then make my way in the morning.
  9. My wife is just happy we live 300 Km from Bangkok, and have no need to go there anytime soon.
  10. 7 sessions of acupuncture 5 years ago did the trick for me, no pain since, RAM in Chiang Mai and Bumrungrad in Bangkok did MRI 6 months apart that showed 'inconclusive' damage at L4 L5 same as op. Didn't stop one of them recommending a scary spine fusion operation which hapilly I didn't go for. I was seriously debilitated for a year, couldnt walk more than 50 metres. Good luck OP
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