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  1. So is when the schools reconvene a national or provincial decision? I ask as the wife is convinced Monday will see the return of students in the village high school on June 1, according to the poo yai's tannoy anouncements. (I would note her English and in particular, dates is not good). Two days ago we did see many uniformed schoolkids on a trip to the city? I guess we willl see on Monday morning as many have to pass our house on the way to school.
  2. As it has been 8 weeks or so since the last post in this thread, I am wondering if anyone has found a policy with decent cover and fair premium?
  3. My biggest worry about what will happen after the 31st July is the likely enforcement of strict requirements for entry for all non-Thai. I specifically mean medical certificates and insurance. At 65 with a good UK insurance policy albeit with some pre-existing conditions, I could very likely be uninsurable as far as the Thai insurance requirements go, which would mean if i left, it could be very difficult to get back in. I was supposed to be on a holiday in the UK now but that didn't happen. I now have a one year voucher for a BA flight that I may never take. It could be along time before I can return for a holiday - and be sure of getting back in.
  4. I drove 3 hours to Kanchanaburi city from home yesterday, first time in a few months. From my village to Kan and back I passed through 6 unmanned checkpoints. At Makro and BigC temp check and signed name. QR code seemed the less used option going by those waiting. On returning to the villlage got stopped at a check point asked where we had come from, temperature taken and waved on. No check on the way out as we left very early and it too was unmanned. I think it will come where the QR code will be used at the village entry. Easy too as there is only one road in and out unless you are drivig a tractor.
  5. At least something is moving at last. I will give it a few more weeks before applying but I have 3 queries. 1) Am I correct in saying VFS let you keep your old passport till the new one arrives? 2) Is there such a thing as an instant passport photo booth/service in or near Trendy Building? 3) It looks like its changed from 2 trips (one to drop off, second to collect) to one if you pay for a courier for the return new one, or is that only for visa applications? Thanks
  6. Looks like I am in the minority here, but I have never had any interest in football ever. When we were about 10 my brother and I were dragged along by my football-mad dad to the home team St Mirren playing someone in orange. No idea who they were. It was cold as were the pies, rainy and miserable. My uncle and cousins and dad used to go every week I am pretty sure now we were a big disappointment to him. My cousins greedily ate our pies and quaffed back the disgusting bovril. He would take a ball every time we went out in the car and he'd kick it about with my sister, shaking his head at our lack of interest. Roll forward 30 years and I had a boss who followed Glasgow Rangers, and he was often asked to hospitality sporting events, not always football though, which we both went to. He never asked me to football though as he knew I couldn't care less. However he was stuck once and rather than go alone he asked me - it was a European team, big game. The food and drink was amazing and taxi home provided, but I had to try hard to seem to enjoy the game for his sake. I also had to pretend to recognise the players as they were rolled in after the match to bask in their limelight. I had no clue who they were and declined a few autographs much to the surprise of the room. As I had behaved not too badly he asked me to another one, can't remember who was playing this time. This one had free champagne flowing a little too freely and at the pre-match dinner my true feelings about football and footballers came spewing out at the table, bearing in mind the whole table of mostly strangers were ardent fans of the Scottish side. My boss was so embarrassed and at one point leaned in and whispered ' if you don't shut up I am going to stab you with my fork'. Last game I ever seen.
  7. Sorry but I think you are correct, and think also that we have Tony Blair to thank for this one.
  8. Helpful post. From what's been said I should have no real issues driving from Kanchanaburi to Sukhumvit BKK, do some business then drive home same day avoiding an overnight stay? I have no problem going back home to self quarantine on return but would not want to have to do 14 days in Bangkok.
  9. You beat me too it. Paper especially is a waste of time it will just gather dust in every location, or be collected to gather dust eleswhere, It would require an army of data input operators to do anything with it and take a very long time. Even the QR code logging millions a day would be an onerous task for any back end system to keep up. If the milions of QR checkin/out is true, it should in theory have sent out a few alerts by now. No news of that either. Anyway, who is marking up the data of positive users to allow a match? I would love to do a database query to see just how many cartoon characters live in Bangkok.
  10. Having been quite lucky so far in not needing the services of Thailand Immigration I now have a UK passport issue. I had a trip home planned for May 21 to the UK and made an appointment at the Glasgow UK passport office for a one day service. This trip has been cancelled. While my passport does not expire til August 2021, it has only a few pages left, and with no travel plans, won't be an issue. However my annual extension based on retirement is due end November 2020 and so if I don't renew my passport before then, Immigration can not give me a full year, the new extension expiry matching the passport expiry, so I will get 9 months and move permanently my renewal date to every August. It seems now my options are as follows, both have the uncertainty of when things will be normal. 1 When VFS Global re-opens renew in Bangkok before my extension is due. 2 Rebook a flight home/passport office to return before the extension is due. I live far from Bangkok so option 1 is not my favourite. Option 2 is my preferred choice but again it depends on normality returning. From an infection point of view, I see both as risky. If I accept a 9 month extension it gives me till June 2020 to renew the passport, but again no one can forecast anything now. Is there another option? Is this something an agency could do? Only ever used an agent for marriage, which went OK but in this case i'd prefer not to post my passport anywhere. Any suggestions or other options? Thanks
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