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  1. 555 All responses from expats riding old polyester from back home, w/some bitching a strong TBH is going to spread some wings. I've been told, and seen ex-pats in Pattaya being territorial and resentful of a forced situation. Most are marginalized from their orgin. . Very territorial <deleted> - yet don't own a speck of dirt ... not even in Pattaya. LOL ! And of course they're opinionated bitching about lifestyle conditions so far from home and outside their control. Come at me !
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    I'm currently watching the Wimbledon final: Federer broke Djokos serve twice, so it'll be a set-a-piece shortly. My first UNI QLO experience was in Pattaya. I ventured to both T-21 and Central Plaza locals. I loved the quality of the mechanize, yet nothing fit me. I asked around for a Federer or Nishakori sweatband. N/A. Despite the millions they play tennis players to promote the brand, tennis attire is not available at these stores. Last night, I haphazardly ventured into their store in Orlando ( Disney Springs ) . I wasn't aware this Japanese brand had a U.S. presence. I made out with a few items. I then rn into info they doubled their U.S. presence two fold last year. Orlando, my native LA, NYC and Colorado. As I was curious; I went to Customer Service and requested info on all their locations. Pattaya wasn't on the list, even though you and I know better. A Pattaya diss ? Anyways .... I'm fine finding items that finally fit.
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