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  1. I am a USA citizen who went to immigration today, to extend my marriage visa with my wife in Phuket. Yesterday I saw an officer who insinuated that he will accept the income affidavit from the USA embassy, and only asked for the first and last pages of my bank book in addition to the income affidavit. The next day (today) I returned with everything ready, but I happened to be called to a different officer in the back, closer to the boss. She looked at the income affidavit for a minute and then told me to make a copy of every page of my bank book. When I returned she told me she cannot accept the income affidavit because it proves nothing. Even if I showed that 480,000 THB+ came into my bank from overseas (12 months x 40,000) in the past 12 months, it seems this would NOT be accepted. The only proof she could accept, she said, would be 400,000 THB in the bank for 2-3 months. As a solution she told me that from now, I need to keep the 400,000 THB my Thai bank. Then come back on the day that my marriage visa expires, in order to ask immigration for a 2 month extension (using my year application paperwork). I can then finally apply for the year visa again in 3 months, with the appropriate documents from my bank. Usually it takes me all of 1.5 days to do my annual visa. This year it looks like it will be taking about 4 days of running around and waiting in lines and doing paperwork! What a terribly concerning, inconsistent, inconvenient and confusing situation for everyone!
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