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  1. 13 hours ago, Falcon said:

    I take it that you’ve just arrived in Thailand @kevin612? Or was it meant as a joke? If It was an intent to make a serious comment about ‘the robber is probably arrested’, you really should learn the way of Thailand and the police actions. The police will do very little, if anything to even try to find this criminal as it would mean that they have to get up and do some police work to find him/her. However, now that it’s been made public aware and on social media, maybe, just maybe, they might look in to it.

    Same in the UK - police have no time or given the resources to address petty crime - they just do the admin for insurance claims.

  2. 5 hours ago, GeorgeCross said:

    tell that to the 300 people queueing up at the airport

    This might have more to do with too many A380's & 747's all landing at the same time of day - same issue with IAH, Houston around 4pm.

    I would of though some routes - especially direct from the USA, Australia, EU & UK - could be considered for passing through Thai immigration checks at major airports of departure.

  3. 7 hours ago, shackleton said:

    well we all know what happens here 

    when the price of oil drops it takes ages for the punter to get the benefit 

    talking the UK here last week it was reported Tesco and other big supermarket chains were dropping the price of a litre by 3 pence this week

    lets see what happens now wont take long for a increase at the pumps


    Exactly all petrol/diesel retailers are quick to raise prices & much slower to lower them when crude oil prices fluctuate. 


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  4. 9 hours ago, sotsira said:



    I keep reading how tourist numbers are down and it's so 

    quiet in all the tourist destinations around Thailand.


    Now the airport is overrun with long queues due to so many 

    arrivals, IO's will need to do overtime and increase their output

    by 30%.


    So which is it?

    It is all fake news every one playing a numbers game across the board - same in most busy airports. If you land at IAH in Houston around 4pm its the same scene at immigration made worse by multiple AirBus 380 all landing one after the other, bad enough with just 747s. Timing is all important to beat the queues.

  5. 21 hours ago, PJPom said:

    Not really surprised, this is the verdict that I expected. In mitigation, if that is possible, he stayed at the scene and fully admitted his guilt, made substantial financial reparations and seemed to be genuinely sorry.

    This is Thailand and of course we all expect the wealthy to walk away with none or minor punishment but in this case I think justice might have been satisfied.

    But not banned from driving - ????

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  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stryker


    Made in Canada for US Army.................at US$2.9m must be a basic version or pre-owned.


    The unit cost to purchase the initial Stryker ICVs (without add-ons, including the slat armor) was US$3 million in April 2002.[93] By May 2003, the regular production cost per vehicle was US$1.42 million.[94] In February 2012, the cost had risen to US$4.9 million.[4]


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