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  1. Blacks commit more crimes and so get targeted more. All the data says that. Suggesting Blacks, generally, are the victims is nonsense.
  2. My sympathies are not with the large landlords but Mrs. Smith down the road who has a small house left to her by her mum and she needs the 600 quid it brings in to help her invalid son. Not all landlords are unscrupulous owners of tower blocks.
  3. I have never voted Conservative all my life. Not even once, but thanks for the stereotyping. I have known many small landlords, decent people, who just want a little extra income and delinquent tenants have cheated them out of thousands. I, myself, rented a couple house and one just laughed in my face and stayed for free until I went through the system to get them evicted. Why do you think that's alright?
  4. They should not be - ergo no outrage. People selected by MERIT not skin colour, gender or any other bias. Why should boardrooms be filled with a mix? if that were the case why not rappers? NFL? Soccer? is Opera racist because there are more Italians? its absurd.
  5. Tenants agreed the rent before they took possession. Don't agree? then don't rent the place.
  6. And what about the small Landlords and the tenants who don't pay? this is crucifying them. I used to be a landlord in England and some of the tenants were just scum who ran up huge debts then disappeared. I understand the government wanting to help those who have lost jobs but subsiding their rents is the better way. The world is too soft on losers.
  7. WHO are pathetic this train left the station months ago.
  8. And Blacks kill more people than white and more crime committed by Blacks? I don't care what colour their skin treat everyone equally. Identifying by colour or gender or sexual preference is just WRONG.
  9. Black Lives Matter is identity politics how about ALL Lives Matter?
  10. Pathetic identity politics and racism. Choose the best person regardless of race, gender or creed. Whatever happened to the fight for EQUALITY?
  11. This is VERY sounds advice! get 3/4 days drink free and drink just at weekends. Drink LOTS of water and take Tumeric for the liver. I would add to the list don't have Spirits in the house - I only drink those when i go to a out. Never before 6pm. Very best wishes.
  12. No one supports that terrible killing. The riots are nothing to do with that and blacks kill more people than whites but not the point. Identity politics is causing it.
  13. All of this is the fault of the pc liberals who seek division by identity. We are all humans, black, white or yellow and identify a group, race or gender causes division. A united humanity will heal a divided one will kill.
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