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  1. I didn't like it and sold my condo.
  2. "heard that Thais spend huge amounts of money" oh yea? lol
  3. You mean like the Dems and their phoney impeachment? I think Biden will win because of Covid and it's effect on the economy - but, it's only 70/30, we will know soon enough.
  4. Whatever, it's good to see... no shots of Walking Street at night though.
  5. Me too... I don't like him and think Biden's a 'nicer' human but I loathe the self-righteous pc libs even more than I dislike Trump. I think Biden will win but it will be closer than the pc clowns lead us to believe.
  6. Use an agent as many of us do. I just drop it off and sign docs and a new one comes back. They know all the ways to get it done - for prices check with a few.
  7. BobBKK


    Apart from these 'ordinary citizens' I am told the vast majority of yellow clad humans are being paid for attendance and other are from government institutions and are told to be there (or else).
  8. what?????????????????? "Everything in Thailand is improving for Thais. Of course there are backslashes, but Thais are optimistic. " what are you on? Thais are depressed, protesting, losing jobs, sick, no work and are OPTIMISTIC? *******!
  9. You mean they will dig up the streets when there are pipes already there because there is a 'legal' issue? ***********!
  10. He took her home to play Bingo? I bet he ***** her then she passed away and he's thinking 'whoops'. What does the autopsy say? sex or no sex?
  11. Ya and most are under 'maintenance' when it suits the Police.
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