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  1. Main branch, opens FX accounts and is huge. ALL Bangkok Bank branches take one week to get statements over a year.
  2. Big branch in main shopping center. I'm waiting for a bank statement - they only go back 6 months ANOTHER frustrating thing as it takes a week and costs 200THB.
  3. That's what we are trying to find. I have bought in over 25m and all had "for purchase of condos' but that was between 2009 and 2012 and they say I cannot use those now. I have all the correct docs for that amount. As I stated I got a lump sum last year of 2m and they say that might not be possible too.
  4. SAME SAME Yingluck but change it to look 'good' - hypocrites
  5. Damn caught out! actually I watched 3 or 4 as the Thai girlie I was with wanted to see them. I agree the young love them.
  6. The bank are saying "may not be able to issue the letter" which is a strict requirement. Years ago it was lax and banks often turned a blind eye but since Prayut everything's changed. BTW The bank also said you cannot use old transfers more than a year old. I have tons of transfers "for purchase of condo" from 2009 to 2012 but Im told I cannot use those.
  7. The 2m is in my account. As I said it was sent as part of my pension (lump sum) no reason would have been given.
  8. I agree if you own your home 45k seems fine for the elderly. For someone like me who likes to go 'out', travel and generally misbehave with girlies then nearer 100k is de rigueur.
  9. Bangkok Bank FX guy. But he seemed to indicate that the 'Chinese' never put 'buy condo' on their forms as it's a big issue in China and definitely not allowed - yet they buy and buy. It seems the 'for purchase of condo' is a bit of a myth but liked by banks as it avoids any issues. I have yet to see anyone give a ref to where this requirement is stipulated. I will find out soon and report back. Seems madness, if money has clearly come in from overseas, to stop someone buying a legal (farang quota) condo.
  10. Sentenced: bail bond appeal more bail another bond another appeal more BS
  11. And he took USA to war and got 1000s killed over what??? Say what you want about petulant Trump but he hasn't done that!
  12. Really? look through all the troll posts on here? the altered photos? cartoons? you don't call that hate? and if others did the same to AOC? Sanders? Biden? it would be allowed?
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