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  1. A very long shot but I have some 100 year old books that need some TLC and professional restoring... you never know there might be a retired rare book restorer in CM who might like to give them a go?
  2. Yes it is true - I loathe the Tories just as much as I loathe Labour - hence I'm in Thailand - cheers!
  3. They will get substantial votes as the one policy party that they are. BTW I could not care less... if they have their own Police, Army, Air Force and all the other things they will need as 'independent' let them go but it will never happen. They will bleat, and cry and whine that 'independance' doesn't really mean any of that it means they'll keep all the goodies that Britain provides but like 'The Great Pretender" will pretend they are independant. The problem is the UK will probably let them!
  4. Mark Thatcher was CEO of the Conservative Party? learn something new everyday! snigger, snigger
  5. Thank you for the enlightenment but we need it to travel after our Covid jabs.
  6. You mean in the UK a Party CEO can be married to the PM without anyone thinking about a conflict of interest? "oh I never told my husband"? really???
  7. Can't stand him but a vaccine passport is, actually, the only way to go so we can get our lives back.
  8. Both Tories and Labour and just about everyone can see this for what it is - a whitewash. NS is clear on everything that helps her and 'cannot recall' anything that might harm her. They were advised they would LOSE yet carried on to pelt an innocent man and paid him 500,000. But she got what she wanted didn't she... his job. Worst of all the convenor is an SNP stooge and her friends have withheld evidence. She wont take responsibility for this clown show yet claims she is 'ethical'. Read Andrew Neils piece?
  9. A social media friend of mine said she did better than Trump, and another social media friend said Putin could not take that questioning. I am not responsible for my social media friends I just quote them to make my political points! On a more serious note the people who are supposed to scrutinize work FOR the government. She wanted power it's plain and simple and stabbed her innocent friend in the back (but she's searched her soul about it LOL).
  10. You TVF members are too cynical - there is NO sex in Pattaya clubs! it is a family city, warm, friendly and cuddly
  11. you married a virgin then? who cares how many have been on the bus as long as the journey's good
  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you - the deflect about Johnson is OFF TOPIC and a cheap practise that happens too much on here. She broke the Ministerial Code, fought to take the top job and lied about meetings. I watched it, I saw it and how anyone can come to any other conclusion is beyond me.
  13. She was appalling. It is obvious she is covering up and 'forgetting' information. She did not address why her team handed diary pages which were blank. She wanted the TOP JOB and she let that cloud her judgement. Samond was found innocent and she is... after all a politician married to the SNP CEO. I watched hours of it and she squirmed and lied. Her team tried to crucify Salmond and then she covered it up.
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