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  1. Isn't the title of this thread wrong? Absolute latest from Immigration on Insurance... (based on marriage ext) fixed
  2. While they are soft on morons like this it will carry on. Hang him. Ps manslaughter??? how's that then? what a farce this country is.
  3. It's so utterly distressing for her and so unfair I just hope she's ok. You are right they are backward here and fixed it to stay that way.
  4. Much of the world do not view it as a crime. Give this poor lass a break it's NOT a crime resulting in jail in any decent society. Poor girl.
  5. Non-O retirement is not a Non O-A (as you know) and does not require the insurance I had that confirmed in writing by my visa company.
  6. I don't think that's true as no campaigning allowed for ages and the EC changing the rules is not a fair election. More people voted for the other parties than the Army Party and they even banned one party. 24% of the vote does not constitute a mandate when 76% voted against them.
  7. Your opinion is not based on the facts but your constant liberal pc politics everyday, on every subject. Anyway this has been reported and IF you are right (and you are not) then it will come out in the report. This is about Brexit and politics and that is all. We do not want the UK turning into another USA full of muck raking and scandal.
  8. He did not personally allocate that money. He was mayor! some minion would have been tasked with scrutinising and allocating funds.
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