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  1. Heartless humans and hope the dog is ok. May the people in the truck get their's soon and I wish them bad luck.
  2. So they could not have stamped your passport 'denied entry'? if they had how could anyone get you a new visa?
  3. I am very sorry for your experience but a tourist visa? after 11 years? surely you expect it to end one day? you are not a tourist? I do understand that you are under 50 and that is why I waited many years before I retired here @50 coming in once or twice a year for a couple of weeks as a TOURIST. Lose your passport get an O visa and put 800k in the bank.
  4. May is a disaster trying to pass Cameron's stupid mess to conclusion... at any cost. WHY can't the British people be allowed to vote on her deal? Give us a 2nd VOTE.
  5. THAT is an absolute disgrace but I'm sort of sorry Ben didn't go in and be arrested then sue those pompous morons for wrongful arrest. I don't agree with some of Ben's comments but he's probably one of the greatest debaters in the world today. LET HIM SPEAK.
  6. I'm probably an 'in control' drinker in that I never drink before 6pm and have days when no drink at all but I do enjoy 2 or 3 glasses of wine in the evening. Benders are reserved for nights out in bars maybe once or twice a month. I have a friend who drinks when he wakes up at 11am and continues until 3am every day. Someone mentioned on here can you be in control when you don't drink? and do you drink daytimes? I would think that was a good way to classify an alcoholic. I'm probably borderline an might be called a 'functioning alcoholic' maybe. I do know if i suddenly have no drink at all my sleep is very disturbed - nightmares and all. I'm sure there are millions like me. In control but borderline.
  7. ANY call to violence should be banned. Simple.
  8. Free speech is free speech. Liberal nutters being offended at the least little thing and attacking others should be stopped. Debate, argue but no violence please.
  9. Such a shame when middle age guys have to prove themselves on BIG powerful bikes. It's a death wish of sorts and in this case proved so to be. I'm nervous on a Honda Wave let alone a Ducati. RiP especially to the two Thais on their Wave.
  10. He tries to do something right and some idiot complains to the EC? pathetic!
  11. You have no understanding of risk management or contingency planning. The world is full of terrorist attacks or hadn't you noticed? of course they should PLAN for it.
  12. Never heard of the 'agent' scam. I have 800k in Bangkok Bank for 10 years and just leave it there as a 'sunk cost'. I know of many Americans who did NOT have the 65k and laughed at the system that allowed them to 'swear' they had it - that's all I'm sayin'.
  13. To be honest if you don't have 800k you probably should not be here. Can't blame Thailand for trying to stop people who don't really have the 65k but 'swear' they do to get a letter.
  14. NZ PM keeps saying things are 'unexpected' time to change PM! Risk management is part and parcel of any effective government - stop saying 'this was unexpected' and do your job.
  15. When others do it? 'populism' when they do it? 'helping the people' they are the biggest hypocrites alive
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