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  1. Thanks - I just hit the 60-65 bracket and that tipped me into the huge increase. Sounds an interesting offering.
  2. Nah they've been going on for decades this is pure politicking as usual from the silly libs.
  3. Are there age increases? I mean brackets of 5 years like the other insurers? that's what kills many policies last year I was 27k less than they want for premium this year.
  4. Some girl called me "Pompui" the other day (a travesty of justice, obviously) should I sue?
  5. Khun Lan what is your explanation sir? "I wanted to win the local election and so I thought STEALING the phone would help me. After all I want to be seen as a REAL POLITICIAN" But Khun Lan don't you think people will think Thais will think you are hiding something? "You have heard of the 'Theory of Everything'? well, we have a "Story for Everything" and it works!
  6. Wow 40% jump! Looking for alternative as that is absurd.
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