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  1. Khun Lan what is your explanation sir?

    "I wanted to win the local election and so I thought STEALING the phone would help me. After all I want to be seen as a REAL POLITICIAN"


    But Khun Lan don't you think people will think Thais will think you are hiding something?


    "You have heard of the 'Theory of Everything'?  well, we have a "Story for Everything" and it works! 

  2. 1 hour ago, Yinn said:


    Thankyou Amnesty.


    protest because Prayut lacks a mandate from the people since he did not run for election. Also, he is the sole PM candidate nominated by Phalang Pracharat, which failed to win a majority of seats in the March election and thereby has little in the way of legitimacy to form a government. 






    Amnesty say about USA? Police worse than Thai police.


    Good grief!  I agree with you Yinn

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  3. On 7/14/2020 at 4:50 PM, pontious said:

    Do you mean the Thai one or the international one based in France.? They are very different.

    AA Insurance arranged it and prices for both the same 57k to 93k. Now with Pacific Cross 45k.

  4. The facts are:  regardless if he was speeding he fled the scene, blamed it on his driver, hid the fact that he was drunk and refused to meet Police and fled the country.


    What would happen if he was a worker in 7/11?  a farmer?  he used his resources to RUN and HIDE. Red Bull can say whatever they like as to his connections to their company but their MONEY paid for his Ferrari, for his flights out of Thailand and keep him in luxury for years.  Anyone on here arguing the opposite is a fool.

  5. 9 minutes ago, Logosone said:

    No, it's very simple. BLM claim blacks are shot 2 times in proportion to their population segment. They say "blacks are only 13% of the population but when you look at shootings they are more than twice that proportion of shooting victims."


    However, BLM neglect to mention that blacks commit 53% of homicides and 60% of robberies, and since police are therefore more likely to encounter an armed dangerous black criminal by a factor of 4 shootings will be higher. However they are not four times the 13% population figure, as one would expect, since blacks, with 13% of the population commit 53% of homicides and 60% of robberies.


    So the central BLM claim that blacks are shot in greater numbers in proportion to their population is not true, if you look at all the facts.


    So there is no real issue that Blacks are shot in crazy numbers. None. At. All. Unless you mean blacks shot by blacks, which of course BLM do not highlight.


    The only reason BLM gained traction is because some stupid girl made a phone video which showed only the portion of George Floyd being subdued. It did not show that Floyd paid with a fake dollar bill, resisted police and refused to hand back an item gained by fraud, it did not show that Floyd had previous convictions and was a criminal.


    That video showed something most people were outraged by, a killing of a subdued man. That is why BLM gained traction. Mobile phones. Not because there is any issue.



    Lots of sense here and honesty. It might not sound 'nice' but blacks do the most crime, kill the most people and also whine the most. Having said that it is obvious that kneeling on someone for 8 minutes, no matter what a scumbag they may be, is OTT and, obviously, dangerous as in Floyds case. NOW it's being made into a huge drama for political purposes. I agree with MLK - be colour blind.

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