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  1. Thanks for the clarification. 4 lenses easy to misunderstand like 4 candles. Anyway I was a computer technician in the 90's and it is frightening where technology has got to in the 20 + years since then. I can take a picture on my phone and have it on the net in seconds without wires, usb connections etc, or any cr ap like that.
  2. Rear camera: 48MP + 8MP + 2MP Front camera: 13MP For a phone in this price range to have a macro ability is very good, it also has a wide view capability. I find the graphics and clarity on screen excellent, better than my old Huawei. Less than 5000 baht.
  3. My phone has 4 cameras for chrissakes, just bought it yesterday.
  4. Over one thousand quid for phone, are you mad?
  5. Don't bother urself with it, who cares, the guy is obviously an idiot, who has more money than sense.
  6. So little regard for life in this country. Across the road from me last night a man (50'ish) died in his rice paddy with his metal buffalo. Face down in the mud after a brain hemorrhage.
  7. Oxygen, perhaps it's wasted on you.
  8. waiting for a Xiaomi Redime Note 8 from Lazada, ordered yesterday. 4GB Ram, 64GB memory, 4000 mAH battery, 4 cameras all for 4753 baht . And it makes phone calls too! 4000 milliamps is more than enough battery life for normal use , more than a day between charging. At less than a hundred quid u wouldn't even want to bother changing battery, just buy another phone when it's knackered.
  9. That's the second picture of police carrying assault rifles in a matter of days. What's wrong with their handguns?
  10. What I really dislike about these places is how they have a screen with gaps in it, so that from far away you can't see in ,but from inside they can see out. These are the supervisor hutches that they have behind the regular counter.
  11. So does this explain why a smartphone that did cost 9000 Philipino pesos is available in Thailand for 4,500 baht? 1 peso equals 0.63 baht
  12. No, it is not simple. I have nitrogen in my tyres, and to stop the garage people putting oxygen in I had to have decals put on the valves to inform them of this situation. They look nice and it doesn't upset me one bit. Next when I have the local cleaning people come and clean my bike I have to emphasise more than once that I do not want oil sprayed onto my chain, I put quality Yamaha chain lube on, and leave it overnight so that it doesn't drip and spray all over the rims when in use and make them dirty.
  13. Why not just rent a bike for yourself for 3 - 4 months. All the bother of owning a bike, and if it gets damaged or whatnot.
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