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  1. Kor 22, a document issued by the Amphur when u have a thai marriage, all in Thai, stamped signed and several sheets of paper. I believe it is more significant to Irritating than your home country marriage certificate despite being translated and certified by the MFA.
  2. I went to immigrating today to do my 90 day report and incredibly the gates were shut, totally closed. Discovered sometime later that it was Mukka bakka day or whatever, a national holiday. Wot a plonker , I have <deleted> calendars everwhere in the houses, even the calendar on my phone has it specified. Does Thailand have more national and government holidays than any other country in the world................... it must have!
  3. I was given a red card by immigration that listed all the requirements for a support thai wife extension - it would fill a sheet of A4 paper.
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